Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 467

Heard the Qian Dui words, in the room all people are shocked. Including that longleg department head beauty, although Xia Tian right, but their such types look like are very scary, must result in explained well the police can understand, but now this police unexpectedly is useless they to explain. He only looked at Xia Tian one, walked, as if looked that understands is same. Can Xia Tian also brush the face? …… On his face wrote the bastard?” Money Captain looked that asked to that sales clerk. No, but.” That sales clerk also wants to say anything. …… Money Captain said does not return had the person to leave directly. He does not dare to go to manage Xia Tian other people's business. He also knows that Xia Tian will definitely not do the matter that these do things stealthily. Looks that the police such walked, the people in shop hoodwinked, that manager also hoodwinked, a few words have not said that police unexpectedly walked. Has a look, wise police.” Saying of Xia Tian appreciation. Hey, do you know?” Longleg department head beauty asked. Also calculates the understanding.” Xia Tian nodded. „After no wonder he looked at your one eyes, directly had the person to walk.” Longleg department head beauty nodded. Boy, you knows the police, I told you, our Boss fist elder brother all knew the person in H white two.” That manager said loudly.

Quite fierce, is quite fierce.” Xia Tian applauds while said. His sound is very tranquil, all people do not think that he is commending the opposite party. Boss came.” At this moment, outside security shouts. Ha Ha Ha Ha, our Boss came, this you ended, I told you this you to ask the police to be useless.” That manager laughs was saying that he thinks Boss came personally definitely is hears the rumor to come, having the person to tidy up them. …… That fist elder brother walked directly, his followed more than ten individuals, walked hurriedly. Boss, is they are causing trouble.” The manager runs to go forward to say directly. ! A that Boss palm of the hand has hit, hit directly on the face of that manager, these gave to be perplexed him, all people in shop hoodwinked, Boss made a mistake the person. Boss, you made a mistake the person, what you hit was I.” That manager is transferred several circles that their Boss palm of the hand hit same place. „The flatter fist, I heard that you now are very fierce, H white two all are the people of understanding, moreover stamping the feet entire Jiang Hai City rocks.” The fire old has not gone to see that fist elder brother, but is light saying. Fire is old, you have misunderstood, is the following person is innocent.” A fist elder brother start to talk expression is humble. Do not say these to me, we are the civilized people, today comes to have a few words.” Fire old light saying, fist elder brother, when heard him saying that one was the civilized person also slightly stares. …… Fire is old you to tell.” The fist elder brother said hurriedly.

Your here cell phone altogether how much money, I all wanted.” The hot king gave an oral account. Fire is old, you.” I said that I all wanted, calculates how much money.” Saying of fire old coldly. That fist elder brother noticed that the fire old appearance frightened the back to present the cold sweat: Comes the person, gives me to wrap all cell phones on.” How much money.” The fire old asked again. Does not ask for money, when these gave the fire to be old you.” The fist elder brother said hurriedly, cracks a joke, how he dares to collect the fire old money, in the past his big brother with the fire always mixed, he still in the street picks the cigarette butt to pull out. I said that we are the civilized people, I buy these cell phones today am because he said that our Boss are the thief, the swindler, cannot afford, I must have a look at our Boss to buy cannot afford your cell phones.” Fire old aggressive saying, fire always what person? That is legendary figure, he processes the way of matter to be completely different from Brother Xiaoma with Xu, he either does not do, must do must be strong. That manager and his wife's younger brother their whole body is the cold sweat, they looked, oneself offended should not the person of offending. Longleg department head beauty puzzled looks to Xia Tian, he can see this fire old definitely is big figure, but his unexpectedly said that Xia Tian is his Boss. „Is this gentleman?” The fist elder brother looks hurriedly to Xia Tian. …… The fist elder brother noticed that the fire old was angry, he knows that he must result in has offered, moreover must report the regular price, but this money he must send back from now on, he does not dare to spend the fire always to give his money. Finance, calculates how much money.” The fist elder brother said. The finance is calculating there, after ten minutes: Boss, altogether is 427,800.” Fire is old, 400,000.” Saying of fist elder brother face smiling face. Swipes the card, brushes 430,000, do not give change, we are not short of money.” The fire always said, turns the head to look to Xia Tian: Here gives me, which had a liking to take.”

„The fire is old, my card and ID card lost, you help me reissue.” The Xia Tian expression is very tranquil, but is having an order tone. In one hour delivers.” The fire always said. Good, that many thanks.” That 5 S that Xia Tian will see directly a moment ago took, afterward went out of this apple experience shop. Longleg department head beauty also followed, but she exited the first matter to stop by calling out Xia Tian: Hey, you is a second generation of rich.” „It is not!” Xia Tian shook the head. …… No wonder she must a that strict request class. If a that class places in other department, already nobody managed. Walks, returns to the school, when your card came back again to me the mobile number, you were also very long have not gone to one class, now goes back to give in a class a class.” Longleg department head beauty looks at Xia Tian to say. Actually I am only an ordinary student.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Right? That ordinary student cannot ask for leave.” Longleg department head beauty directly threatens to say. Good, since the organizations and people need me, I naturally must bravely step forward.” Xia Tian because of imposing appearance. Forgot to tell you, Ban an Boss came back.” Longleg department head beauty mysterious smiles.