Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 468

Xia Tian and longleg department head beauty went back to the school. …… That 501 Boss can level these many second generations of rich and official's second generations, the skill is not naturally small. Xia Tian does not have slight caring actually, entered 501 classrooms directly. Sees Xia Tian time, the student in classroom was peaceful immediately. Has saying that Xia Tian is the teacher who they most like, but their Boss, their eldest children must meet a new teacher today, therefore they have not cheered. Who is this classroom Boss?” After Xia Tian enters the room, shouted first few words. Hears Xia Tian sound all people to look that to sat in a classroom last row of female, she is 501 eldest children. …… Her words just said that her whole person was shocked. You are good, became the Boss.” Xia Tian appreciation looks to Huo Lajiao, the person biggest skill of fire is the leader ability which their skill, regardless to has that King strength. Master!” The leg of Huo Lajiao put down directly, has stood, tearful eyes tearful looks at Xia Tian. Stands that do not come, your upper body is too small, making you hold my words, I owed in a big way.” A Xia Tian face shuts out looked that said to Huo Lajiao. Master! Time all people who hears this name were shocked. Ban Boss unexpectedly is the apprentice of their new teacher. Her unexpectedly is his apprentice.” Longleg Mr. beauty also hoodwinked, she was one looked at the good play the appearance, but Xia Tian unexpectedly wins victory without firing a shot now.

At this time 501 classroom people admired Xia Tian. They think and other eldest children came, this teacher was not sacred, because their Boss Huo Lajiao are very fierce. But finally they know that originally their Boss unexpectedly are the apprentices of new teacher. Master, I want dead you, the grandfather said that you are very busy, does not make me look for you.” Huo Lajiao said that while walks toward Xia Tian. I also saw your grandfather a moment ago, I pass through you, if you dare to come to hug me, I told your grandfather.” Very Xia Tian shuts out looks at Huo Lajiao. …… The super teacher is the super teacher, unexpectedly dares such to speak to their eldest children. Master, you to my unfeeling.” Huo Lajiao face suffering from injustice saying. Sits down, I must attend class.” Xia Tian stands on the platform light saying. „.” Huo Lajiao board board entire sitting on the seat, other students is also very earnest sitting there. Kungfu! Xia Tian has written down these two characters on the blackboard. …… Today I come to speak Kungfu to you.” Xia Tian looks to the people under stage said that below did not have any sound immediately: My Kungfu, perhaps you will ask that I can fly up to the eaves and walls, invulnerable, I can tell you very much seriously, I cannot.” Outside longleg department head beauty is also very earnest is listening. I in childhood, my father taught me to study the etiquette, studied I Ching, studied the medical skill, studied the Chinese chess wait / etc., you were possibly playing with the friends in childhood noisily, however my childhood was these things is accompanying me.” Xia Tian looked at the people to continue saying: Perhaps you think that these things have not related with Kungfu, now I showed that looks to you.”

The Xia Tian right hand makes an effort to break off, he broke off directly his left arm. Ka! This has frightened all person one, they have not thought that their teacher unexpectedly come. Sets a broken bone, even if Kungfu is also a medical skill.” Xia Tian said that the right hand makes an effort to press. Ka! His arm has met. ! In classroom has heard a series of applause, everybody had been conquered by the Xia Tian procedure, his unexpectedly does the experiment with oneself. Kungfu is actually a person of one understanding to body, for example anything flies up to the eaves and walls, although I cannot achieve to fly up to the eaves and walls, but I unarmed crawl not to have any issue from outside window, this need does is the coordination of body, naturally, do not experiment, otherwise meeting deceased person.” Xia Tian answered. …… He the simple expiration and inspiration method will have given everybody, but he does not make these sit practices at home, that became the neurosis. What he makes everybody do is usually walks the expiration and inspiration, but when exercise expiration and inspiration. He requests everyone to get up to want early morning to run every morning, said that this is the expiration and inspiration best opportunity. Was good, today my class talks about this, here I reminded everybody one, wants to learn Kungfu to understand the acupuncture point of human body . Moreover the medical skill understood more was better to cultivation.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside. Teacher, we have not heard enough.” The person in classroom shouts hurriedly. You said completion that I said first again.” Xia Tian said that went out of 501.

Hey, you said really or false?” Longleg department head beauty asked. Majority of real, but part to let them exercises and attended class well.” Xia Tian mysterious smiles. Xia Tian on classroom a class, is the nursing elementary knowledge, he sits there is very bored. Latter getting angry old-fashioned person to he delivers the ID card and cell phone card the time, he seized the chance to sneak off. After he left the school, goes home directly. Yin Nie was waiting in his family. …… …… After Yin Nie received the fur, looked, after looking has met, his puzzled looks to Xia Tian: This thing you from which lane.” „A body of Island Country Ninja, I discovered that this flickers the body technique is your ghost Gu Pai Kungfu, moreover I also it and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step cultivation, discovered together both can fuse.” Xia Tian answered. Has not thought that this thing unexpectedly still has in this world.” Yin Nie surprised saying. This is Xia Tian first time saw that on the face of Yin Nie has the so big change.