Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 470

Xia Tian afterward finally understands that Yin Nie said hit a half dead meaning him. Yin Nie unexpectedly must force him to use this hidden essence and blood the strength, he is making Xia Tian try to release this strength, but failed finally, once Xia Tian Berserk got up completely to turn into a lunatic. Does not have the means to control. Finally Yin Nie simply gave up, told Xia Tian not to use tomorrow he. Let Xia Tian go to cultivation. Xia Tian first time sees such powerful Master, three months must face the war of life and death, his unexpectedly was practiced by oneself. Finally after Xia Tian restored the strength, has taken a bath. Now is around 10 : 00 pm, he was a little also hungry, therefore plans to exit to eat a thing. He wound was now good to be many, that two wounds that the fire dragon dagger wound arrives at have also scarred, the words that but these scar want to make need to spend for a long time. Xia Tian this time goes out has not forgotten the belt wallet absolutely, the fire always lets the person to he delivers the card the time directly to him delivers a wallet, what wallet inside puts is several thousand nowadays and a card. Boss, gives me to come 20 skewered mutton, two big kidneys and two bottles of beer.” Food that Xia Tian most likes is the roadside booth of greater part of the night. Although he clearly knows that this type of thing is unclean, who comes out to eat the thing cleanly. Xia Tian remembers before him, has watched a program, inside Professor said according to the science statistics, if the watermelon will place in the refrigerator to destroy inside Vitamin A. B. C. D. E. F. G wait / etc.. Xia Tian had smiled at that time, who ate the watermelon for inside Vitamin anything. These experts do not have any life general knowledge simply. The Xia Tian capacity for food is very big, he has selected afterward some oyster sea scallops and so on thing, some seafood slightly fry in addition, this is the characteristics of Jiang Hai City roadside booth. Some people had said that oyster and kidney type of thing are the keep it up station of man, the beauty shop of woman.

What did not understand them to say like the Xia Tian such chaste person was any meaning. After having eaten the thing, Xia Tian planned after taking a stroll goes home, but he just went out few steps, saw a familiar person. His beauty leading. Is that almost sits in that of ground he shoots. At this time that beauty female leading was drinks probably, some people held her to board, but she was revolting there. I have not drunk many, I do not know you, I go home.” The body of Mr. beauty soon could not halt. I deliver you, such late you have also been able to remember where your family is at? I send you to my family.” A dreadful man holds Mr. beauty to go to his car(riage). I do not know you, I go home.” Mr. beauty keeps pushes that dreadful man, but the dreadful man is actually entirely still, she drank, did not have what strength. That dreadful man opens his vehicle door directly, wants to advance in the car(riage) Mr. beauty, her more and more did not even sober. Halts, lets loose that little girl, making me come.” Xia Tian is very rich the sense of justice has stood. „The brat that which comes, makes way to me, have not gone bad Sir my good deed.” That dreadful male very discontented saying. Xia Tian!” That Mr. beauty saw after Xia Tian, on thorough lost realizes. I give you three integers, quickly leave.” Xia Tian sees already Mr. beauty who loses the consciousness helpless shaking the head, if were not today passed by this by chance, she may probably end, does not know why really she drank these many liquor. Certainly received anything to stimulate. Brat, you live are really impatient.” That dreadful man has fished out a cutting tool with a spring device from waist directly, said that punctures directly to the waist of Xia Tian. Super must kill the technique invincibly!

Dying without a heir foot. The Xia Tian direct foot kicks in that dreadful man the place of pants crotch, he knows that this male this whole life could not do the misdemeanor in this aspect. The mouth of that man turned into O, in the both legs Gansu, knelt on the ground. Xia Tian bypasses him, grasped already thorough corona past Mr. beauty directly. Yeah, this time you owe me a favour.” Xia Tian hugged her to go to guesthouse to want a room directly, the person in guesthouse saw Xia Tian was hugging Mr. beauty was faints, therefore they were very vigilant, after letting Xia Tian has registered the ID card, but must stand under the monitoring according to the clear Xia Tian appearance. Regarding this point Xia Tian not any resistance. He knows that the person in guesthouse such does is because is afraid Xia Tian to get drunk Mr. beauty, then brings to do the dreadful deal to here. Xia Tian Mr. beauty the keep flat on bed, gave her to pour one cup of lukewarm water, making her drink, afterward she bit by bit has rested. Xia Tian lie down on sofa rests. Next morning, Xia Tian awoke with a start by the weeping sound. How? How?” Xia Tian puzzled looks at Mr. beauty. Your smelly rascal, I am your teacher, your unexpectedly handles the matter of this mean and shameless lower reaches to me.” Mr. beauty saw Xia Tian keeps is crying. Teacher, I made anything to you, I have rested on the sofa.” Xia Tian depressed saying. You deceived people, you had a look, under me bled.” Mr. beauty lifts the quilt to complain tearfully. Xia Tian saw Mr. beauty lower part that piece of blood of outflow, thorough was speechless: Teacher Sir, which type you have a look at your clothes and pants is incomplete, you are having a look carefully, full Chuang who whose coal dust can fall, this was your big maternal aunt comes obviously.” At this time Mr. beauty the bed sheet under body has all soaked, Xia Tian knows that this were must certainly compensate others guesthouse money.

Volume!” Mr. beauty heard the Xia Tian words to stare slightly, has stopped the weeping sound: Right, probably was my big maternal aunt comes.” Thinks of here, she started to smile directly. This was right, I such man of great integrity was how possible to take advantage of somebody.” A Xia Tian just imposing appearance, but yesterday evening, the process of matter was actually not this. Yesterday evening Xia Tian carried on a beauty to battle. Traces.” Does not want.” Then is big, words that does not trace, is lucky.” Also right, does not want, is not competent the matter that takes advantage of somebody's precarious position.” All right, she does not know in any case that traces, have you forgotten its elasticity?” The young Caucasian and young black person in Xia Tian brain are fighting, finally Mr. beauty stood up from failure presses Xia Tian directly below, her upper body pounding maliciously on the face of Xia Tian. „Can I ask you to help?” Mr. beauty looks awkwardly to Xia Tian. -----------------------------------------------------