Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 471

What matter?” Xia Tian most likes works for the woman, especially beauty, he thinks that his warm bed technology is good. Can go to buy a Aunt Bao for me the turban?” Mr. beauty awkward saying, she thinks that makes the man buy the maternal aunt turban is a very awkward matter. Volume!” Xia Tian was also shocked, making his grown man buy the maternal aunt turban truly is awkward a very matter, Xia Tian does not know after supermarket, how should tell others. I know very difficult office, but you looked how my this appearance goes out, happen to you exit, I take a bath.” Mr. beauty naturally knows that the maternal aunt came not to be suitable to take a bath, but now her lower part is the blood, must result in washes. Good.” Xia Tian saw that the clothes of Mr. beauty cannot put on, he has to exit. Thanks, little brother.” Mr. beauty shows a faint smile to Xia Tian. Xia Tian went out of the room, walks toward downstairs, after walking has met, Xia Tian saw a small supermarket. Boss, comes one bag of maternal aunt turbans.” After Xia Tian goes, does not lift direct said. The one who sits is receiving the silver place is a shibajiu-year-old young female student, by Xia Tian was such shouted a little hoodwinked. Xia Tian gains ground slowly, his Boss is got old, but has not thought that opposite party unexpectedly is a shibajiu-year-old young miss, this made him all of a sudden more awkward, face direct red to neck root. By spirit that Xia Tian this type is not concerned about face, unexpectedly will be embarrassed. Sir, which type of sign you want.” The young misses open the mouth to ask. Which type of sign, I do not know that which most expensive, which you take.” Xia Tian does not know that which sign wants, which his knows that this type of thing also divides any sign. Good, my this takes away to you.” That young miss opens the mouth saying that said in her running, took several packages to Xia Tian expensively: I do not know that you want any model, I think that you definitely do not know, gives each model took one.” Thanked.” Xia Tian made a payment exited, that young miss knows Xia Tian to be embarrassed, looked for one to him specially black packed in bags. After Xia Tian left the small supermarket, entered a nearby market, he must buy one new clothes for Mr. beauty. The thing of this market is not cheap.

Xia Tian entered an underwear shop directly. Although he is very embarrassed, but he also knows that internal pants of Mr. beauty could not put on, above is the blood, therefore he , was thick the facial skin to walk, Xia Tian was the only male customer in this inner clothes clothing shop, possibly was also the morning reason. In the morning the customer in shop are not many, therefore the female shop employee walked to ask directly: Sir, do you buy for girlfriend?” Em!” Nod of Xia Tian makes an effort. What you like, can look, then said that measurement, I go to look to you.” The female shop employee said. These two sets, must be biggest.” Xia Tian light saying. „Is volume, biggest? 38 ideas female shop employee stares slightly: Sir, you determined you said doesn't move the hard disk?” Is the upper body! 38 ideas.” Saying that Xia Tian confirmed that he believed his eyesight. That female shop employee looked own upper body, was then saying to Xia Tian: Gentleman you gesticulates probably, I feared that you bought mistakenly.” Xia Tian nodded, both hands grasp directly to the upper body of that female shop employee. „Do you want to do?” That female shop employee anxious asking. You do not make me gesticulate.” Xia Tian awkward answered. You gesticulated you to be good.” That female shop employee then understands that Xia Tian intention, she also thinks that Xia Tian must occupy her to be cheap. „, So is probably big.” Xia Tian has gesticulated on own body. Volume!” Sees Xia Tian to gesticulate, that female shop employee nodded, she confirmed Xia Tian said should right, therefore gives Xia Tian to look for the goods directly, 38 ideas, their this may not have any goods in stock. The market unifies the payment, after Xia Tian made a payment, walks the inner clothes belt, then gave Mr. beauty to buy clothes, afterward turned back the guesthouse.

Xia Tian opened the door with Fang Ka directly. Instantaneous beautiful infinite. Mr. beauty unexpectedly has not worn the clothes to stand in his front, her back is throwing over a bath towel, obviously just wants to scratch, finally Xia Tian came. Sorry, I forgot to knock on a door.” Xia Tian ran hurriedly the room. He saw a pair of peerless upper body, he determined that own this whole life has not seen such big peerless upper body absolutely. Mr. beauty there, after Xia Tian left the room, room inside heard one to yell. Ah! smelly rascal!” The back of Xia Tian has flowed out the cold sweat, he knows that now is the acting crazy time of opposite party, cannot go, when she sent the wind oneself to go in again is good. After two minutes, in the room cry stopped. Thump! Xia Tian has sounded the gate of room. Comes.” Inside has broadcast the enraged voice of Mr. beauty. Xia Tian opens the flash of door, directly high holding up in hand. Mr. beauty in the hand takes a big swab to prepare dozen of Xia Tian, sees the thing that in the Xia Tian hand holds up high: Good, calculates that you have a mind.” Saw that Mr. beauty puts down the big swab in oneself hand, Xia Tian relaxed. Exits!” Mr. beauty said.

Does?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to Mr. beauty. I must change the clothes, a bit faster exits.” Mr. beauty pushed out Xia Tian directly, but she such pushes, bound falls in bath towel on the ground. My anything has not seen.” The eye of Xia Tian opens the eyes in a big way, withdrew from the room directly. Ah! smelly rascal!” In the room has heard a cry once more. Xia Tian closes the door hurriedly. After five minutes, the door opens. You come to me.” Mr. beauty coldly looks at Xia Tian, she has exchanged Xia Tian for the new clothes that she buys, completely is most good-fitting. „.” Xia Tian nodded. Sits on the bed!” Mr. beauty looks at Xia Tian to say seriously. Xia Tian sat on the bed. Honest confession, what have you made to me?” Mr. beauty stares at Xia Tian to ask stubbornly. My anything has not done, you affirmed to inspect a moment ago, you is a maiden is right.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly. I know that I am a maiden, what I said was you touches my body other spots, or has been handling some dirty matters to my beautiful appearance.” Mr. beauty this person although usually seems careless, but the manner is very conservative. Undeserved, my anything has not done.” Xia Tian depressed saying. You added that your anything has not done, you have a look, all thing numbers that you buy are just right.” Mr. beauty bought the signs of these clothes to throw Xia Tian in the Xia Tian front directly.