Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 472

If Xia Tian sees the size of her stature with the eye, she does not believe absolutely, therefore she such will be angry, she guessed that Xia Tian definitely has made any illegal action to her, otherwise was impossible to be so clear her measurement. Your good intention regards the evil intent, I save you, you were taken away by pervert.” Xia Tian depressed saying. You save me, I should thank you, but you, if makes the illegal action to me, you did not have what difference with these smelly rascal.” Mr. beauty vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian to say. She truly thanked Xia Tian to save her, yesterday she was sad, exited to drink, if were not Xia Tian, what she has not dared to imagine oneself present to turn into, thought of here, her mood was also more moderate. Good, this time let off you.” Mr. beauty said. Teacher Sir, why you must drink that many liquor yesterday, moreover drink, is dangerous.” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to Mr. beauty. „Before me , the boyfriend sends in the invitation to wedding that he has married to me.” Mr. beauty answered. Volume.” Xia Tian stares slightly, this chapter was understood, no wonder Mr. beauty took a person to drink, originally received the stimulation. Walks, we should go to the school.” Mr. beauty said that today is nursing is the time of competition, the department head had told her before, today needs Xia Tian to represent their classroom competition. Xia Tian and Mr. beauty went to the school directly. Goes to the school time, he saw beauty department head Fang Yan. How you come, your mobile number to me.” beauty department head Fang Yan discontented saying. Xia Tian has given department head beauty the mobile number. This is the swim suit that I give you to prepare, I know that you definitely have not brought, quickly follows me, the competition must start, today is 300 meters crawl, does not have the issue.” Department head beauty has not waited for Xia Tian to reply that pulls up Xia Tian to walk toward the natatorium.

Today is nursing is the competition of medical department. Altogether five, many sons and daughters, 300 meters crawl. Arrives in the natatorium, in the Xia Tian view almost is the bikini, the population of watching reaches as high as over a thousand people, majority is the female students of nursing department, the people of medical department only came less than 100 people. The female students of nursing department all wear the uniform bikini. Today altogether compares three, the first 300 meters crawl, three games of two victories \; Second is two kilometers relay race, achievement that first completes \; Third practices to stop air, is five people, putting together time longest achievement.” Longleg beauty department head Fang Yanwei Xia Tian was explaining the rule of competition: These three, so long as we have won two, we won.” Xia Tian vision completely by front bikini big attracting, if ten bikini beauty stand in the front is called beautiful, that 100 can be said as the grand feasts, but about thousand were the beautiful luxurious grand feasts. Hey, do you have to listen to me to speak.” Department head beauty discontented saying. „? What did you say a moment ago?” Xia Tian has been paying attention to nearby these bikini beauty, has not heard department head beauty to say anything. Hateful, your unexpectedly anything has not heard.” Department head beauty just about to gets angry. Director, the first game lost, the department heads of medical department are ridiculing us in that.” Leading of nursing department go forward to say. 300 meters crawl is three games of two victories, Xia Tian to this time, the opposite party has won three games, therefore the remaining two games do not need compared with. „The nursing department, your mother artillery sends to do, you have a look at them, my person to the end, they also in water.” The department heads of medical department laugh were saying. Hateful, every year loses to them, this person lost really in a big way.” Department head beauty angry saying.

Fang Yan, you are bringing team of one group of women, could not find several nice people I to forgive, I thought after you, do not report these to compete, reported in any case is also sets the base.” Saying that the department heads of medical department taunted. This competition is the competition in Jianghai University, but generally is the department that approaches the first ratio, therefore each time nursing is the first competitors who runs into is the medical department. Since Fang Yan has arrived at Jianghai University to be the department heads of nursing department, she has not won the medical department. Because the male students of nursing department were too few, altogether adds dozens individuals, in dozens individuals selects the person to be in the short person to select big. But others medical service is inside has over a thousand male students, picks up several outstandingly, is not difficult. You left were too wild, you who two, said won probably were the same.” Department head beauty discontented saying. Xia Tian has changed the swim suit, what longleg beauty department head Fang Yan gives him to prepare is that type of whole body swim suit, such swim suit can block from his scabs. Two? Cracks a joke, competes with you also uses compared with third?” The department heads of medical department said. The victory of this competition relates to the transfer fund of this department. Each fund that is in can transfer is limited, the department head must result in plans carefully is sufficient, moreover almost does not dare to give is in increases any project, will otherwise exceed expenditures. However the competition of school to reward these comprehensive ability strong departments. For example, nursing is the competition of medical department, who has won, who can attain a transfer fund, this compared with the fund can for this be the use. For these years the medical service was inside study facility is getting better and better, moreover their exercise facilities were also most advanced.

But nursing is in almost does not have what study facility, the stuffed dummy is also cheapest, moreover takes several people who buys simultaneously to use one, this point is the worry of department head beauty. Hey, opposite that head, what to do if today's competition we have won?” Xia Tian looked that said to the department heads of medical department. Who you are, share that here some you spoke? You are not coordinated with me.” The department heads of medical department disdain looked at Xia Tian one to say. Opposite that head, do you will make a bet?” Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, but continues to say. Makes a bet not with you, but is your department heads.” The department heads of medical department have not paid attention to Xia Tian. „Do you want to do?” Department head beauty asked. Xia Tian spoke several words in the ear of department head beauty in a low voice. Director Shen, I makes a bet with you, if we who lost today, how that does drink up here one scoop of water?” Department head beauty after Xia Tian nodded looked that to the department heads of medical department said. _________________________________________________________________________________________________