Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 473

Hears the words of longleg department head beauty, the department heads of medical department stares slightly, he has not thought that Fang Yanzhen will make a bet, moreover hits this gambling. Director Fang, you will not have awaked, no matter what, you are also a director, I one if will make you drink the water in swimming pool not to be perhaps good.” The directors of medical department do not think one will lose. Altogether three competitions, they have won one. In other words then these two they, so long as won one to be OK casually. Moreover for these years, their medical service department had not lost to the nursing department, he does not know which really Fang Yan the self-confidence from comes. „Does Director Shen, dare to bet?” Longleg beauty department head Fang Yan self-confident looks that Director Shen of medical department said. Ok, Director, he definitely does not dare, he is afraid of losing.” Xia Tian said. Bets on the gambling, who fears anyone, I am afraid you not to dare to drink.” The director and side Yan of that medical department was the old enemy, their one was nursing is one is the medical department, the goods and equipment that usually needed were almost two Fang Qiang being heavily engaged. Began on the difference. In the institute enters a number of new medical equipment and equipment, both sides on will hand over a fire. Finally majority take nursing is loses for the result, because others are the medical department, studies is the doctor and medical skill, nursing is majority is if takes care of the patient, studies the class of doctor and medical skill truly are few. However little does not represent not to have. Others medical service department attended class, is the scene operates, their nursing department attended class, all thinks according to the chart. Everybody listened.” Fang Yan took the microphone of management directly: Today's competition and my Director Shen added a gambling to make, is whose team lost, he must drink water in one scoop of swimming pool, when the time comes everybody looks together, I was Director Shen, if who did not drink, everybody had the right to uphold the justice.” Snort!” Shen Director cold snort of medical department, had not spoken. Good.” Surrounding person all unceasing applause, the common failing of China person watches the fun does not dislike the matter to be big. Good, since two directors such have the interest, that competition continues, the present score is 1 : 0, the medical department temporarily is in the lead.” The directors noticed that both sides agreed this gambling approximately, naturally did not have what opinion.

After all today here most has speech right is Fang Yan and Director Shen. Below starts the second competition, two kilometers relay race, so long as arrives at the forehead, can connect at any time.” The directors were explaining the second contest rule. This basin length is 100 meters, altogether five people, this competion is stamina, under normal conditions is person, is turning, because everybody can use the best explosive force like this. Everyone connected with two to complete. Snort! Dies of exhaustion them not to be impossible to win my team.” Shen Director cold snort said. The team of both sides is two women, three men. The after whistling sound of competition sounds, the first group of personnel of both sides launched, is the female students, their number orders are two female students are 1st and 2nd, then three male students are 3rd, 4 th and 5 th. Connection time also can only be No. 1 connection 2nd, No. 2 connection 3rd, cannot separate the position connection. After two female students launch, speed is quick. However is that female student speed of nursing department must obviously quickly, she swims arrives at the opposite shore the time, starts directly to the migration, but the female student of medical department, after a while arrives at the opposite shore. At this moment, opposite party unexpectedly ran up to the opposite to start to connect with directly. Another female student also launched, starts to pursue directly to the first female student. Opposite party unexpectedly is 100 meters connects with. Female student stamina that just launched naturally be better than that female student of nursing department, therefore she overtook the disparity, they simultaneously to shore. The second female student of nursing department connects with launch. unexpectedly of medical department connected with.

What are they doing? How 100 meters start to connect with.” Longleg department head beauty puzzled asking. Director, that two female student stamina of medical department are poor, however their three male student stamina is very good, a person of school swimming team, therefore they the following these meter numbers will let that several man tours.” Leading of nursing department answered. Hateful.” Longleg department head beauty has gotten hold of the fist. Xia Tian said in her ear a moment ago that he will swim since childhood, will not lose, she has believed that is the present situation is not wonderful. Really that several male times of medical department have not worried to connect with. However their speeds may compared with the nursing department quickly. When nursing is the fourth person connects with, the opposite party dropped nursing is 500 meters. Snort, this game directly eliminates you, when Fang Yan, I must have a look but actually you drink the water in swimming pool am any expression.” Director Shen saying of coldly, they have led 500 meters now, he thinks that this is wins. The fourth person swims, nursing was here swam 800 meters, but the medical service was 1400 meters. Differs 600 meters disparity. Moreover the opposite party has also exchanged the last person, is Expert of that school swimming team. Quickest, on, you lost finally.” Director Shen contemptuously looks at Fang Yan. Competition had not ended, look.” Fang Yan believes Xia Tian, because on Xia Tian these scabs told her, Xia Tian absolutely was not an arrogant person. Puff! Xia Tian entered the water. By, Director, he has not worn the swimming mirror.” Leading of nursing department said hurriedly.

Anything!” Longleg department head beauty looks hurriedly to the water, but she actually saw more inconceivable one. All people were all shocked. After Xia Tian enters the water , under water unexpectedly is sneaks, moreover he is lying low, the eye opens, in the situation of not having worn the swimming mirror has opened both eyes, in all people why when has doubts he not to understand. His body turns, probably is the fish is the same. Moved directly. Quite quick!” All people have been shocked, they had not noticed how Xia Tian acts, but his unexpectedly to the end. Hateful, he so is how quick.” Director Shen also stands up, looks to the water. Xia Tian fast chase turn. 900 meters, one kilometer, 1100 meters, 1200 meters. But medical department the person of that school swimming team, swam 1700 meters, but also remaining 300 meters he won. ! At this moment, Xia Tian has turned around, his speed doubled instantaneously. 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, two kilometers. When Xia Tian exceeds the water surface, medical department the talented people of that school swimming team swim to 1800 meters, in other words, he swam 100 meters time, Xia Tian swam 800 meters.