Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 474

Too fierce. The opposite party just started, but has led 600 meters, moreover what last going on stage is Expert of school swimming team, but Xia Tian unexpectedly won. Moreover his swimming posture probably was a fish is the same. The swimming does not have any difficulty regarding Xia Tian, he had dived on the society in childhood, at that time that pondlet of his family was quite big, moreover he can Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, the body coordination be good. He can achieve any seems very highly difficult movement. Won!” Longleg department head beauty excited saying. These supporter all warm applauses of following nursing department, they won. Second was nursing has won, was really a splendid competition.” The directors also thought Xia Tian a moment ago tour really shocked. Lost, their unexpectedly lost.” Department head whole face inconceivable saying of medical department. He has a dream cannot think that six superior unexpectedly were overtaken, this was also too terrifying, occupied completely superior them a moment ago, now unexpectedly lost. The present score was 1 : 1 puts down. In other words their this stood on the same starting line. Snort, this third round cannot certainly lose.” Shen Director cold snort, has issued the dead order to person. How is it? Confident?” Longleg department head beauty looked that asked to Xia Tian. What confidence?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to longleg department head beauty. Naturally won.” Longleg department head beauty said. „, This matter I have not cared, I am thinking to eat anything tonight.” Xia Tian the brow has tightened a moment ago, longleg beauty department head Fang Yan also thinks that he thought has the difficulty. But his unexpectedly is thinking to eat anything in the evening.

This game of you lost.” Director Shen said loudly. You also said a moment ago.” Longleg department head beauty responded. A moment ago was the accident, but this time was not absolutely accidental, for this competition, I found an obturation Kungfu person specially, was the No. 4 player, the time that he stopped air sufficiently eliminated you.” Director Shen excited saying, for today's competition, these people are he specially chooses. The medical service is there all people all specially excited. Meanwhile in hospital. Big brother, don't we need to entertain the cousin really?” Naturally does not use, he is my cousin, I entertain his words, he will think me actually with his outlet.” Li Yuan light saying, he received cousin's news a moment ago, his cousin arrived at Jiang Hai City. Person who he arrives at the Jiang Hai City first matter to bring his ate meal. Person who then he is bringing his went to Zeng's Group. Li Yuan previous time saw on the ship Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian stand, Xia Tian is not good to look, but Zeng Ruo is absolutely good to look, so long as goes to Zeng's Group, that absolutely can find Zeng Ruo. Found Zeng Ruo also to find Xia Tian. At this time cousin are eating meal in an ordinary restaurant. His time has brought 20 people, uniform Expert. Li Yuan cousin is Captain of southwest military region, the name is Thunder Zhan, Lei has very high status in the southwest military region, person who has Lei from the commander to the soldier , the person temperament most major characteristics of Lei are irritable, powerful. Thunder Zhan after hearing Li Yuan was hit directly must come, but at that time exercise, therefore he postpones, Li Yuan mixed with him in childhood. Li Yuan hit he how possibly. He also listened to Li Yuan saying that the opposite party was very fierce, therefore this time has brought 20 people, uniform Expert, these people in the southwest military region were the military officers.

„Did everybody eat to the full?” Thunder Zhan looked at these person of one to ask. Ate to the full.” All people also said. Good, since ate to the full, we must start to work.” Thunder Zhan waved to them, all people all went out of the small restaurant. They have hit several rental cars directly to Zeng's Group. Present Zeng's Group is the Xia Group subordinate company, personnel were more than before, the company has also moved to the new position. Sir, you look for anyone.” Onstage personnel very polite asking. I look for Zeng Ruo.” The thunder fights saying of coldly. Looks for Chief Zeng, do you have the appointment?” The onstage personnel asked. No, which told me him to be on the line.” Thunder Zhan said. Sorry, not having the appointment unable to see Chief Zeng.” The onstage personnel answered. I give you an opportunity, three seconds, which told me Zeng Ruo, otherwise I hit.” Thunder Zhan looks that the female service personnel in onstage said. Security!” The female service personnel called the security directly. One! More than ten securities ran over directly. Snort!” Thunder Zhan behind that several people turn head instantaneously, fires into that several securities directly. Two! Bang! Bang! Bang!

All securities fall to the ground directly, could not stand, was only one round, Thunder Zhan the person safely did upside-down these insurance. Three! Thunder Zhan said that waves to have the person to walk toward the staircase directly directly. This building altogether on five buildings, he did not believe unable to find Zeng Ruo. That onstage personnel shouted security to come up hurriedly the support, suddenly put in order insurance of building to send out safely, what no matter in building was downstairs, which to was individual position flushes away. Moreover the onstage personnel reported to the police. The thunder fights the manner to be very wild, what they walk is the staircase, regardless of they see anyone, so long as male, starts, when they arrive at second, has overthrown more than 20 people. Entered the second office district to look, had not found Zeng Ruo, but the second inside man was all knocked down. Second, no, gives on me third.” Thunder Zhan waves, his these people under approach third walking together. At this time the first staircase to second altogether but actually more than 40 people, completely is a man, they do not hit the woman, but they saw male asked that these male strengths of spirit are also hard, rather was hit did not say where Zeng Ruo is. When the thunder fights they arrive at third, the security of entire building all gathered there, altogether 50 people, in security Captain are also taking the motor. I warned you, stood in same place do not move, waits for the police to come, otherwise the motor in my hand did not have the long eye.” Security Captain said the motor in oneself hand intentionally, to deter them. Snort! Plays this set with me.” Thunder Zhanleng snort, had waved to behind person afterward, his behind these people have fired into the positions of these security personnel directly. The war is ready to be set off. The entire three people hide by far.