Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 475

Waving that as the thunder fights, he behind all people all fired into these securities, the population of security had the absolute superiority, their 50 people, the thunder fought here to have 20 people. Thunder Zhan has not gotten rid, but makes these people who he brings get rid. Everybody thinks this security was wins, after was five minutes, that 50 securities lay down on the ground completely, shivering that security Captain was taking the hand of motor keeping. Obviously he by own motor electricity but actually. Where told me Zeng Ruo to be at? Otherwise I see one male hits one.” The thunder fights very wild saying. At this time the entire third people hide distant, terrifying looks at the thunder to fight their this group of people, nobody knows that who the thunder fights them is, their unexpectedly dares under the broad daylight to rush in Zeng's Group, moreover got rid to injure these many people. The thunder fights directly enters three, has pulled out a man directly: Told me, where was Zeng Ruo at?” That man had been scared, when he has seen such scene, these people completely are the bandits. Where is at?” Thunder Zhan gives a loud shout, that man frightens the face whiten immediately. I in this.” At this moment, three elevator mouths presented a beautiful female, the female is noble, mature, is divulging the noble makings from top to bottom. Zeng Ruo is divulging the makings of mature woman from top to bottom. Thunder Zhan sees Zeng Ruo time, the whole person was shocked, these female Boss and female rich women in his impression are fat and fat, but Zeng Ruo makings and he imagines complete different. Holy! Perfect. Thunder Zhan suddenly only with thinking of these two words described Zeng Ruo. He is grasped Zeng Ruo, but sees Zeng Ruo time, he really does not know how should begin.

He thinks himself, if grasps Zeng Ruo, that is blaspheming. Boss.” The thunder fights that person to see Thunder Zhan god, has pushed him hurriedly. Ah! Thunder Zhan sobered. Who you are, why can injure our people and securities?” A Zeng Ruo delicate eyebrows wrinkle, puzzled looks to Thunder Zhan, she first time sees such person, leading the person to come to start. Moreover mentioned by name to see her, a moment ago she in the building, the onstage has called her, said that some people caused trouble, afterward some people telephoned, said that in the company had many people to be injured. When under her to three, saw that building all insurance lie down on the ground safely, everywhere is. But opposite that 20 people, have not been injured. This showed that opposite party is not an average person. You are very attractive, I had a liking for you.” Suppressed half-day Thunder Zhan to say such a few words, his vision tight was staring at Zeng Ruo, he knows that he was really at this moment excited. Anything!” Zeng Ruo looks at Thunder Zhan surprisedly, she really does not understand that this person, oneself does not know him, he led the person to project on his company directly, then saw the first few words that one spoke were to have a liking for oneself. I liked you, followed me, you were I like on first woman, you should be worth rejoicing.” Thunder Zhan looks at Zeng Ruo to say. You are sick, I do not know you.” Zeng Ruo like is looked idiot looks Thunder Zhan said. My name was Thunder Zhan, starting today you were my woman.” Saying that Thunder Zhan rules by force very: In other words, you now were the wife of Lei.” Your brain has the issue, when I became your woman.” Zeng Ruo wants to curse at people at this time, her first time sees such mindless person, she acknowledged Xia Tian has sufficed mindless, is this person unexpectedly is more mindless than Xia Tian.

You called Zeng Ruo, your present status and status also reluctantly can, when my wife of Lei.” Thunder Zhan as if has not heard the Zeng Ruo words to be ordinary. „Can you understand the logical expression, I do not know you, didn't you want to be infatuated in there?” Zeng Ruo looks at the thunder to fight very earnest saying, she could not bear this person, his words probably were want to paste on him are the same. I, no matter you are any idea, in brief I had a liking for you to suffice, other after can the second marriage, slowly understood.” The thunder fought as if has recognized Zeng Ruo to be common, his unexpectedly also directly said after marriage. Thunder Zhan the words let the surrounding person also all is a confusedness of face, they really cannot master, actually this person from which comes, is Mars. unexpectedly opens mouth must marry Zeng's Group manager Zeng Ruo, added Zeng Ruo to be able reluctantly, when their daughters-in-law of Lei, said resembles their Lei is national No. 1 figure is the same. Who Zeng Ruo is, capable woman who Jiang Hai City is worthy of the reputation, development speed of present Zeng's Group under her leadership fast. But this Thunder Zhan unexpectedly said that Zeng Ruo can become the daughter-in-law of his family reluctantly. This simply is huge joke. They thought Thunder Zhanfeng. When did I promise you to marry? Do I know you?” Zeng Ruo deeps frown, she was angry, she felt that in front of own the person is the neurosis. Snort, my Thunder Zhan the person of having a liking, cannot reject.” Thunder Zhanleng snort said. Standing that that 20 people of his side unemotionally there, their standing posture is straight. You, too do not reason with, we reported to the police.” A customer manager walked from Zeng Ruo behind, discontented looked that said to Thunder Zhan. Em? Although I do not like hitting the woman, but you is a male.” Thunder Zhan the vision took a fast look around saying of that customer manager coldly, afterward his person stand forth, a foot held directly on the belly of that customer manager.

That customer manager knocks down directly. Hong Zong!” Zeng Ruo person holds that customer manager hurriedly. How you can hit person casually.” Zeng Ruo angry looked that said to Thunder Zhan. I do not like being contradicted by others.” Thunder Zhan looks at Zeng Ruo to say. I contradict now you, you hit me.” Saying that Zeng Ruo threatens, she was angry, this person completely is a lunatic. You have not gotten married, wait to get married, if contradicts I, I same will hit you.” The thunder fights saying gratefully. You.” Zeng Ruo air/Qi has stamped a foot on the ground maliciously. The police came. At this moment, some downstairs people shout, the police of nearby local police station came directly, their people are not many, is about 20 people, after is the police of head sees the ground lies down these securities, directly has put out the (spear|gun). Raises hand.” The managers of local police station shout. Snort, plays the (spear|gun) before me, do you also match?” Thunder Zhan looks to that local police station saying of manager coldly.