Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 476

Thunder Zhan the vision changes the manager of that local police station, his vision is very cold, making the person see that felt one as if fell into the ice hole to be the same, these people of his side also directly stood in front of him. The manager of that local police station also a little hoodwinked, he first time saw such situation, some unexpectedly people does not fear the (spear|gun). His these police some had not brought the (spear|gun) to come out, what in the hand takes is the night stick, all people all are look at the thunder that the entire gods alert to fight their this group of people. Raises hand.” The managers of local police station said again. I, if doesn't lift is also what kind of?” Thunder Zhan shoves open the two sides people to ask to that police inspector directly. You, if in nearness, I wanted to open fire.” The managers of local police station deep frown. Your to open fire, you opened fire I to guarantee that your family dies.” The thunder fights opens the mouth to threaten to say directly, moreover is the naked threat, he opens mouth threatens, this made all people start to suspect. This person is not neurosis has very high background. From his side the physiques and physical qualities of these people, he absolutely likely is not a neurosis. Then he dares so in a moment to show that he behind has the absolute influence. On the manager forehead of that local police station also is the sweat, in his control also is the perspiration, looks that Thunder Zhan walks step by step toward him, he feels the weight of rifle in own hand like Mount Tai. He has been these many year managers, first time feels such big fear. Halts, otherwise my to open fire.” By manager police shout loudly. The thunder fights installs to go suddenly excessively, the vision stared that person of one stubbornly, that person was fought suddenly this by the thunder one frightens heavily, the (spear|gun) fell directly on the ground. to open fire, all of you can to open fire, hit to my head, you can have a look to crack a joke, I who I said can guarantee that the bullet is puncturing my head at that moment, you must die, your family member cannot be inescapable.” Thunder Zhan the vision took a fast look around has presented all people.

His vision ice-cold likely is a wild wolf, making the person be afraid from top to bottom. When Thunder Zhan arrives at the front of that police inspector. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people, manager unexpectedly of local police station had been hit, hits Thunder Zhan of person, Thunder Zhan the palm of the hand almost the managers of local police station knocks down. Violence. These people on the scene first time noticed that some people dare to hit the police, moreover is taking the police of (spear|gun), police unexpectedly did not have one to dare to open fire. You are the assault.” The managers of local police station looked said angrily to Thunder Zhan. No, I am teaching you to cultivate the behavior.” Thunder Zhan said that is a palm of the hand. ! His palm of the hand gets down, the manager corners of the mouth of local police station have flowed out the blood. „Are you doing? His such person your not to open fire.” Zeng Ruo felt that these police were really too useless, unexpectedly looks that own manager was hit does not have one to dare to go forward and dare to open fire. to open fire? In China nobody dares to my to open fire.” Thunder Zhan turned the head to look at Zeng Ruo extremely arrogant saying. The managers of local police station have pressed alarm on the shoulder: Request assistance.” Called the person? He he, whom you asked to come are the same.” Thunder Zhan disdains looked at a manager of local police station to say.

He stands there is secure, the feeling of as if not having been afraid, the manager request assistance of local police station, that comes was the person in police station, but this thunder fought unexpectedly is a calm appearance. Zeng Ruo looked, this person absolutely was not an affable person, she has thought for quite a while, finally has not telephoned to Xia Tian, she does not want to set up a such enemy to Xia Tian. She can see, this Thunder Zhan really ruthless role. Dares to hit including the managers of local police station, how this possibly is small figure, even if Zeng Ruo these years have seen the great storms, have not seen Thunder Zhan such person, a person frightens this group of police gearing not to dare to move. These people in office hide distant, cracks a joke, does not dare to manage the police, how they possibly dare to move. Chief Zeng, you are all right.” Li Ying also comes to the office today, she now is the Zeng's Group secretary. I am all right!” Zeng Ruo light saying. Or I give my friend to telephone, he can certainly solve.” Li Ying sees such scene , is a little afraid. Do not hit, what you said is Xia Tian.” Zeng Ruo knows the person who Li Ying said definitely is Xia Tian, Li Ying does not know relations between Zeng Ruo and Xia Tian, therefore she will say that Zeng Ruo does not want to involve Xia Tian, therefore she had not hit. Em.” Li Ying nodded. I do not want to involve him.” Zeng Ruo said. Xia Tian?” Thunder Zhan the vision suddenly changes Li Ying, hears this name time, he just started to feel is a little familiar, afterward thinks that this is not entering that person in hospital his cousin. He saw Zeng Ruo forgetting proper business: You telephone, calling that Xia Tian to come.” Do not hit!” Zeng Ruo looked at Li Ying to say.

I said that makes you hit, otherwise I link you to carry off today together.” Thunder Zhan threatens to say. Big tone.” At this moment, downstairs walk 40-50 police, is person of money Captain of head, money Captain hears some people of request assistances, moreover is the Zeng's Group position, he had the person to come hurriedly, moreover before coming, he gave back to Xia Tian to make a phone call. He he, came one not to fear death.” The thunder fights saying with a smile of coldly. What situation did here have?” Qian Dui comes in discovered that everywhere falls on the person of ground, moreover nobody dares to come up to hold, arrives at this third time, looks at these security lying this way and that lying down there. Person who money Captain, these people came to here to cause trouble, have injured our, moreover also gave to hit the managers of local police station a moment ago.” Zeng Ruo saw the acquaintance to come, went forward to say hurriedly. You is a manager of local police station, in your hand also has the (spear|gun), unexpectedly can also be hit.” Money Captain discontented looked at a manager of that local police station to say. Small Captain dares such horizontal.” Thunder Zhan looked at Qian Dui saying of disdaining. No matter I am any position, now you have injured these many people, I have the right to arrest you, if you revolt, my to open fire.” Money Captain looked that said to Thunder Zhan, his muzzle has also aimed at Thunder Zhan. I most dislike others to take (spear|gun) to me, he was taking the (spear|gun) a moment ago to me, I have hit him, moreover I ensure he will come off sentry duty tomorrow, you?” Thunder Zhan disdains looked that said to money Captain. Moves me to have a look.” Money Captain calm saying, his behind police all have also taken up the (spear|gun).