Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 477

Money Captain very much has the reputation in the police station, as soon as he opens the mouth all people to lift gun, has aimed at Thunder Zhan. Thunder Zhan noticed that such scene also slightly stares, he has not thought that this small Captain unexpectedly has such leadership, he therefore curious sized up money Captain, afterward has put out a credential from own pocket. He threw the credential directly to money Captain, money Captain had not looked that held in the pocket directly, who no matter he now the opposite party is, the opposite party has been against the law, he must grasp. Em?” Thunder Zhan sees a money Captain movement brow wrinkle: Being concerned about face.” I said that raises hand.” Money Captain looks that Thunder Zhan said. I give you credential to look that gives your face, has not thought that your unexpectedly is not concerned about face, dares not to look, he he, good, I told you, I was the person of Lei, the present position is captain Captain, your to open fire tries, what my behind these person of government positions were lowest was a company commander.” The thunder fights coldly looks that money Captain said. Hears Thunder Zhan the words, surroundings all people have all held breath cold air, no wonder he dares so wild, so secure, originally his unexpectedly is Captain, moreover comes with him also is the cadre of company commander above rank. The back of that police inspector is the cold sweat, he rejoiced that he did not have to open fire a moment ago, if to open fire had hit such plague god a moment ago, that matter was big. The Zeng Ruo complexion changed, since the ancient times, people not with standard dou-measure, this person is not only the officer, but also is Captain, but also listens to his meaning, he is also not ordinary Captain, she felt that now her destiny must have the great change. She does not know really one take anything to revolt against a such person. I am police, so long as you have violated the law, regardless of you are any position, even if the mayor I also same grasps.” Money Captain looks that Thunder Zhan said. Is good police, to open fire, to open fire makes me have a look, you can select one to hit casually.” Thunder Zhan said that moved toward money Captain directly, his present expression with a moment ago hit the expression of that police inspector to be exactly the same. All people think that money Captain must meet with a disaster, this person easily will certainly not let off money Captain. Bang!

At this moment a gunshot transmits, all people all dumbfounded looked to money Captain, they have not thought that money Captain unexpectedly dared to open fire , the opposite party was Captain. A money Captain (spear|gun) hit on Thunder Zhan the foot. The thunder fought that several people instantaneously Thunder Zhanwei in the middle. All people listened, from now on, who they move call anyone me, the first (spear|gun) hit the foot, the second (spear|gun) thigh, the third (spear|gun) hit the head.” Money Captain very strong saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” At this moment Thunder Zhan has laughed suddenly, his foot has been hit, but his unexpectedly has not shrieked with pain, but is laughing looks at money Captain: Interesting, was too interesting, unexpectedly dares to my to open fire.” Boss, we wrap up for you.” This small wound also with wrap.” That Thunder Zhan has shoved open own subordinate, is dragging the injured foot, has arrived at money Captain front: Your boy plants, but you will pay the price for your (spear|gun).” I did not fear.” Money Captain light saying. „The army that exercises the nearby moves to me, changes the live ammunition.” Thunder Zhan was saying to behind person. His behind person starts to telephone directly. Jiang Hai City this position is very special, it close to two big war zones, southeast military region and southwest military region. Your several have unloaded their (spear|gun) to me.” Thunder Zhan continues to say to behind person. His words just said that these people directly have fired into money Captain in their team, all people all wrestled all of a sudden in the same place, the so chaotic scene, money Captain and his person did not dare to open fire.

In not the to open fire situation, although is 50 people to 20 people, but Thunder Zhan the person had the superiority completely. Thunder Zhan settles on a neutral, rushed directly, fights with the fists on the arm of money Captain, money Captain pistol falls directly on the ground, the thunder war takes up the pistol. Bang! Bang! Has fired two (spear|gun)s on two feet of money Captain directly. The person who along with these two gunshots, these fought all anchored. Who moves me to kill him, you can give a try I am cracking a joke.” The thunder fights coldly looks at the surrounding these people, bleeding that although his foot keeping, but he has not cared. The (spear|gun) in his hand was money Captain a moment ago that in hand. Money Captain has hit his foot, he was direct to open fire to hit two feet of money Captain. to open fire, has killed me, some people will revenge for me.” Money Captain has not shrieked with pain, but is a face smiling face looks at Thunder Zhan, these police have supported the body of money Captain hurriedly. Revenges? I never feared that anybody asks me to revenge.” Thunder Zhan the muzzle aimed at money Captain to continue saying: „Weren't you a moment ago very good B?” I now same cow B.” Money Captain has not dreaded (spear|gun) in Thunder Zhan the hand slightly. He completely is the appearance that does not fear death, even it can be said that courts death, money Captain has now thought through, he knows that this matter definitely has not ended, he will live will also be having lots of troubles, but he died, these troublesome all not, moreover he knows that Xia Tian will certainly revenge for him. You probably are appearance of courting death, I do not satisfy you.” The thunder fights light saying.

Captain, calling Flying Tigers to support?” Police asked. Does not use, that person came.” Money Captain shows a faint smile, he knows that he gave that moment that Xia Tian telephoned, Xia Tian definitely embarked, calculated the time, now should be also similar. That person? Did you telephone to Xia Tian?” Zeng Ruo heard money Captain saying that person time asked hurriedly. Em.” Money Captain nodded. Yeah.” Zeng Ruo helpless shaking the head, she is afraid to Xia Tian takes away troublesome, but has not thought that money Captain hit. Is that Xia Tian, it seems like he status in your mind high.” Thunder Zhan heard Xia Tian this name once again, this injures his cousin person. He came, I hope that you can also maintain this appearance.” Money Captain light saying. Whose is reason can how?” Thunder Zhan said such one with the standard spoken Chinese. Xia Tian!” Li Ying from others mouth heard Xia Tian this name time thinks very strangely, she does not know actually Xia Tian is what existence, now police station that Captain unexpectedly also says him is so fierce. How cannot, but will kill you.” At this moment the stairway presented a person, sees this person time, all people also shout. Xia Tian!”