Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 479

Be careful!” Several sounds shouted together. Dies!” Thunder Zhan the finger has taken away the trigger, his appearance is fierce, he has decided that he wants to open fire to kill Xia Tian. But when he takes away trigger, he felt suddenly own finger one cool, the trigger had not been buckled. Why I will feel that the finger is cool? Why amn't I able to take away the trigger?” The thunder fights the innermost feelings doubts asked itself, at this moment on the finger has transmitted a severe pain, his finger unexpectedly cut off. You were really more and more do not match to be a serviceman, the unexpectedly back sneak attacked.” Xia Tian vision coldly looks that Thunder Zhan said. All people have all been shocked, they only saw golden light flashes to dodge a moment ago, then Thunder Zhan the finger threw flies in the midair, the speed was too fast, all people have not seen clearly, actually Xia Tian cuts away the finger that the thunder fought with any weapon. Boss!” The thunder fought these people hurriedly to encircle him: Boss, we go to the hospital, the finger can also meet.” What Thunder Zhandiao is the index finger of right hand, this is the finger of to open fire, if not meet, Thunder Zhan abandoned. These people lift directly remove mines the war, takes up the ground the finger, must walk toward outside. „Did I ask you to leave?” Xia Tian light saying. „Are you how is it? Today you power and prestige has sufficed, we must save others.” Subordinate angry shouting of Thunder Zhan. You have injured these many people, comes to here to snatch the person blatantly, now goes ahead, do you think the possibility?” Xia Tian visits them to ask. We, if can walk?” These people all angry looks to Xia Tian, Thunder Zhan is their eldest children, is their Captain, they have received Thunder Zhan the kindness. Now Thunder Zhan the finger had shut off, they must deliver to the hospital the thunder war immediately.

You can escort away, but I will not make you such go out of this building, you can try, who steps that staircase, whose leg I break.” Xia Tian very tranquil saying, his voice is not loud, but these person actually really nobody dare to step that staircase. They have not feared, but is the worry, if makes, their eldest children could not rescue. We follow you, agrees to escort away, but you must send to the hospital our eldest children immediately.” This you said does not calculate.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. You are what kind, can be noisy the matter? He is Captain, Captain of southwest military region, moreover person of Lei, if you were noisily big matter, Lei will not let off your.” My enemy has, I have not cared about many several.” The Xia Tian enemy may be many, in Hidden Sect also had his enemy. Ok.” Zeng Ruo goes forward saying that she feared Xia Tian is noisy the matter. No matter what the opposite party is also Captain, if discards a finger of to open fire, that matter affirmed slightly not. Good, looks in my Sister Rou share, I can agree that he goes to the hospital, but must some police look, moreover you must be brought back to the police station to make the record.” Xia Tian looks that these people said. Good.” These people have recognized, so long as Xia Tian agree makes their eldest children go to the surgery, their anything recognized. Takes away to me them, all on the handcuffs, goes back later to make the record, the injured person sends to the hospital.” Money Captain order said that he is also injured, therefore he must enter the hospital with these people. Thunder Zhan at this time already pain could not speak, the bullet wound on his foot he can endure, but he was not clear, the finger so will be why painful. Actually the normal finger is cut off, although is very painful, but has not looked like the thunder to fight absolutely such painful, reason that he so will be painful because of the might of [gold/metal] blade, the [gold/metal] sword strap has the tearing function, in Tomb General that corpse cannot shoulder the [gold/metal] blade, say nothing of Thunder Zhan.

„Won't he have the matter?” Zeng Ruo looked that asked to Xia Tian. These people had carried off completely. Finger could not preserve, by finger that the [gold/metal] blade cuts off, only if I gets rid, otherwise nobody can join, when they arrived at the hospital, already late, even if were I am impossible to join.” Xia Tian can only meet at the scene, the tearing function that once after a period of time, [gold/metal] Dao has will rip open his bone cell and muscle, wants to join that finger is impossible. If they a bit faster do not disinfect, other fingers will also be spread. That person is not simple, he is Captain, moreover that Lei also is very probably fierce.” The Zeng Ruo reminder said. Has not related.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Li Ying looked at Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo, facial expression gloomy departure quietly. You must be careful, that group of people are not really affable.” Zeng Ruo felt one busily cannot add on, Xia Tian for she makes a such big trouble. Relax, all right.” The Xia Tian comfort said that simultaneously has put out a bracelet from pocket: This gives to you.” „, Good attractive bracelet.” The Zeng Ruo vision was all passed to the attraction by the bracelet, she knows one are worried again many also useless, Xia Tian has cut off that Thunder Zhan finger, Thunder Zhan is impossible easily lets off Xia Tian. Therefore she can do also looks at Xia Tian to have any need her place. Come, I put on to you.” Xia Tian wears the bracelet in the hand of Zeng Ruo: This bracelet can protect your one time, saw that bead?” Saw.” Zeng Ruo said.

That bead, if were dark, represented you to come across a secondary dead crisis, the bracelet has helped you pass, after the bracelet has used one time, automatically will absorb surrounding spiritual energy, the time of once more shining can use.” Xia Tian is Zeng Ruo is explaining the function of bracelet. Afterward they went to the hotel directly. Happen to together eats meal, but the food knows half, the Xia Tian cell phone made a sound. Is Lin Bingbing hits. Lin Bingbing said that that the person who called Thunder Zhan pointed at unable to meet, under he was angry, leading a fully-armed regiment to encircle the police station, moreover money Captain had been grasped by them is the hostage. Now both sides to holding. Person who Thunder Zhan requested the police station to put his, Bureau Chief passed, now both sides are mediating. Moreover Thunder Zhan mentioned by name to want Xia Tian in the past. Therefore Lin Bingbing will call this telephone him. Xia Tian knew the general idea of matter after later, deeps frown, he does not understand the person who this company how comes is so quick, if he has not guessed that wrong, that Thunder Zhan leads the person to come. In other words the thunder fights taking advantage of reputation of exercise, had nearby a military strength of company Jiang Hai City, he called to call a moment ago these people. It seems like he is compelling me to kill people.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying.