Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 480

Lin Bingbing today time is very busy, the work in processing on, he had heard on hand money Captain has been injured, after the plan got off work, passes to have a look at money Captain situation, heard that this time matter is not small. Some many people have been injured, but she heard the matter to solve, had not asked. But in a while, downstairs have broadcast the warning sound. What happened?” Lin Bingbing asked hurriedly. Soldier, becomes a soldier, downstairs came to become a soldier, heard that money Captain was also held under duress by them.” That police said that runs directly to downstairs. What? How to become a soldier.” Lin Bingbing also hurriedly followed. When she arrives at downstairs knows that everybody so is why flustered, she saw person who over a hundred entire clothing arm, these people radically are not the ordinary soldiers, their overall quality and equipment have indicated their status. Continuously the team of regular army. But why can the regular army surround the police station? Moreover must hold under duress money Captain. This was too unthinkable. However Lin Bingbing has thought immediately a point, money Captain has been injured, in other words these people certainly are because money Captain matter encircles the police station. (Spear|Gun) majority in these person of hands are the submachine guns. Police station here is the small pistol.

This absolutely does not have the means to place on a par, if the both sides junction is on fire, that police station will be smashed instantaneously. „Do you want to do?” Lin Bingbing is in itself a sense of justice very strong person, moreover appearance that she inborn is fearless, although sees opposite party so many (spear|gun)s, but she still dares to go forward. These people had not answered, but resigned a path, after the path lets, some people pushed a wheelchair to walk from behind, that person appearance fierce and tough that on the wheelchair sits, on his right hand index finger was entangling with the bandage, on the bandage also had the blood, was very obvious, this was the new wound, moreover his foot also by gauze cloth wrapper. Sits when the person on wheelchair sees Lin Bingbing stares slightly, he has to acknowledge that beforehand Zeng Ruo is mature flavor beauty, but front female is an elegantly beautiful police flower. Sits person Thunder Zhan on wheelchair. When Thunder Zhan arrives at the hospital, he saw the change of that finger, he knows that this finger was unable to want, moreover in his hand probably also in rotten, therefore he firmly decides, making the doctor cut away there meat directly completely, this prevents the rotten spread, afterward after his foot was wrapped up, he starts to implement his retaliation plan. His finger did not have, this is not the minor matter, what loses is the index finger, the finger of to open fire, this finger lost , after is representing him, almost cannot treat in the army, wants to practice other fingers, although also has the possibility, but after all the index finger is the finger of person of most custom. He is angry, he is angry, from infancy to maturity never has the person to hit his face, but Xia Tian has hit, never has the person to dare to injure him, he but who Xia Tian harms discarded a finger. He must retaliate. After his regiment person came, has surrounded the hospital directly, in a blaze of passion, he brought people to grasp money Captain, afterward brought money Captain to come the police station important person, he cannot be treated by his brother in the police station. Although his manner very wild, but he understands the loyalty. The first matter that therefore he does is not retaliates, but makes first own brother.

He has the brain, although had the person to encircle the police station, but he has not made one to clash, because he knew after needs to pay the price, therefore he has encircled the police station. He must find the person to negotiate, puts the person, then looks for Xia Tian to do accounts. Hears the front some people to speak, he knows certainly is effective came, therefore he makes people advance front him, when he sees Lin Bingbing, immediately stares, he confirmed that he absolutely is not pervert, but he had a liking for Lin Bingbing, had a liking for Zeng Ruo a moment ago, but first sees Lin Bingbing time, he thought own spring came. „Do you name?” Thunder Zhan looked that asked to Lin Bingbing. Lin Bingbing saw that the opposite party look is very strange, therefore frowns saying: „my name is Lin, is here Captain, do you actually want to do?” Is my woman!” The thunder fights opens the mouth to say directly. You are sick.” Lin Bingbing said directly that she sees the neurosis today, she has not thought that opposite party unexpectedly opened mouth lets itself, when his woman. I am earnest, I had a liking for you, followed me, goes back us to marry, no matter you were any background are unimportant, so long as I had a liking for you, that nobody can stop.” The thunder fights very strong saying, he as if has forgotten the ache on hand. I am disinclined with your argument, has put money Captain, making your person all withdraw, here is a police station, is not your family's back garden.” Lin Bingbing saying gratefully. Good, has the individuality, I like.” Saying that Thunder Zhan appreciates. This Lin Bingbing confirmed that the opposite party is an idiot. I have not joked with you, if you do not walk, we have right to open fire, naturally, you have also been able to call your person to open fire, but I can affirm you and in all your person all metropolises the court martial.” Lin Bingbing puts out the pistol, aims at Thunder Zhan to say the muzzle.

Court martial? That is not the place that you should think, I can tell you very much explicitly, even if were both sides has exchanged fire, the court martial cannot be what kind, now I have two requests, first, you have put my person, second, you must marry me.” The thunder fights opens the mouth to say directly. Hears Thunder Zhan the words, Lin Bingbing deeps frown, she understands that Thunder Zhan meaning, Thunder Zhan the status is not very obviously ordinary, can adjust a fully-armed regiment casually, this is in itself the symbol of status. Goes court martial to bring a lawsuit with this person, probably is a country dweller must go to the son of chief justice to be the same. Was rational has not located to say. At this moment, some outside people walked. Bureau Chief.” Bureau Chief came personally, has such big matter, he must come. „Are you Jiang Hai City police station Bureau Chief?” The thunder war opens the mouth to say. Em, are you?” Bureau Chief of police station deeps frown, saw that the surrounding situation and thunder fight wound, he knows that definitely has any important matter. „my name is Lei, my name was Thunder Zhan, was Captain of southwest military region, you should understand that what was representing surnamed Lei?” Thunder Zhan contemptuously looks that Bureau Chief of police station asked. You are surnamed Lei!!” On the Bureau Chief face of police station experienced a fluctuation then to continue saying: You are what kind, spoke frankly!”