Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 481
Sees the response of police station Bureau Chief, Thunder Zhan nodded, he finally realized now he should have the noble feeling that. After arriving at Jiang Hai City, he felt that here is an odd person. Just started is Zeng Ruo, did not pay attention to him completely, afterward was money Captain, clear(ly) knows that he was Captain of southwest military region, unexpectedly also dares to his to open fire, afterward came Xia Tian, unexpectedly to dare to hit him, moreover harmed him to throw a finger. He once thinks at that time the person in this Jiang Hai City is an alien. Absolutely does not have the means to communicate. Now sees the response of police station Bureau Chief, his mood is good, he can the relaxing board speak finally. My request is very simple, first changes players, I have put that surnamed Qian, person who you have put my, although my person has hit the person, surnamed Qian also has given me a (spear|gun), I did not investigate that this matter calculates averaged.” The thunder fights opens the mouth to say directly that the meaning in his words probably is his general idea how is the same. His unexpectedly said that does not investigate. He leads the person to rush to Zeng's Group directly, injured that many people, money Captain belonged to regular to open fire, his unexpectedly added that he did not investigate. Good! Releases people.” Bureau Chief of police station said directly. Bureau Chief, these people cannot put, I had asked a moment ago, they have injured dozens people.” A person in police station goes forward to say. I said that releases people.” Bureau Chief of police station said loudly that he knows he cannot stir up front person, although this time matter they have the mistake, so long as does not make the human life, he does not have any means. Even if considers above, does not have the use, the influence of Lei is very big, who knows how they will process finally. Good.” Behind these police went the thunder the people who fought to lead. Changes players.” Thunder Zhan waves, a same wheelchair was pushed from behind, is money Captain, this time money Captain anesthetic also overflowed, he is also at the stupor now the condition, sees the wound on money Captain foot, the Bureau Chief brow wrinkle of police station, he looks to understand now, the beforehand matter is not absolutely small.

Both sides have changed the person. Was good, the person has traded, you can walk.” Bureau Chief of police station opens the mouth to say. No, my also two requests.” Saying that Thunder Zhan reaches out for a yard after taking an inch. Bureau Chief of police station clenched teeth to put out two characters: You said.” That matter he complied a moment ago, did not care about many two, now he must do quickly handled this matter. Good.” Thunder Zhan very satisfied police station Bureau Chief expression: „The first matter, hands over that Xia Tian, the second matter, she must follow me.” Thunder Zhan with pointing at has referred to Lin Bingbing saying. „It is not good!” Bureau Chief this time of police station direct denied Thunder Zhan the request. Your unexpectedly dares not to say good.” Thunder Zhan looked said angrily to Bureau Chief of that police station: My finger is that Xia Tian cuts off, does not hand over him, I vow not to rest, she, I had a liking for her to you, she must marry me.” These two conditions that you said that I cannot achieve.” Bureau Chief of police station looked that continues to say to Thunder Zhan: First, Xia Tian does not turn over to me to manage, I do not have the right to hand over him, second, forest Captain is the elite in our police station, I impossible to give anybody her, naturally, if she is voluntary, I am speechless, if she is not voluntary, that nobody can take away her.” The Bureau Chief manner of police station is very strong, he will not cup one hand in the other across the chest to deliver his person. Said that hasn't discussed?” Thunder Zhan waved to his subordinate, these people have all pulled open the insurance: These brothers are I personally cultivate, I make them do matter that does a disservice to the country, they will definitely not comply, but I discarded a finger, they absolutely are also unable to continue watching, if you do not associate with people, I cannot guarantee they have several not awfully dares to open fire, I cannot provide lodging in any case they.” Thunder Zhan the words are the naked threat. Good, do you want to see Xia Tian? I promise you, but I have reached an agreement with you beforehand, you may do not regret that the Xia Tian temperament is poor.” Lin Bingbing does not think that Xia Tian will unable to deal with a such person.

Official's second generation? Prominent aristocratic family? Lin Bingbing to Xia Tian understanding, her clearest Xia Tian skill. Xia Tian dares to scold including the elders of Ye, will he care about an official's second generation? Moreover the fact showed that these people did not have one to cope with Xia Tian finally, if by the background, these people can only boast in own family good. However Xia Tian is different, he is specially the Operations Office chief teacher, and has contributed to individual top grade merit. It can be said that he is the hero in country, they want to cope with Xia Tian, that is coping with the hero in country. On the national person definitely will not let when the time comes off this matter, after all top grade meritorious chapter, nation, only then such several. Therefore Lin Bingbing dares to make this phone call, now here situation is very awkward, nobody can guarantee that these people can impulse, direct to open fire. Brothers, your temperament?” Thunder Zhan shouts loudly. „It is not good!” All people shout together. Heard? My these brothers, the temperament is not good.” The thunder fights light saying. Hope met him to come, you can also be so calm.” Lin Bingbing said. I listened to that Bureau Chief to call you forest Captain a moment ago, to be honest, my first time saw that you felt one liked on you, the woman who my Thunder Zhan had a liking , must say, therefore after one can waited for me to solve that Xia Tian, I will certainly lead you to walk, although your status possibly could not be joined to our Lei, so long as I liked, I can not care about these.” Thunder Zhan a speech, Lei was said by it, as soon as if it mentioned that Lei very much will have the face to be the same. But the scene besides Bureau Chief of police station, absolutely does not have any person to know that Lei is any thing.

„The words that you spoke resemble me to marry your Lei to be the same, I do not know the self-confidence of which your coming, but I can tell you very much earnestly, I will not marry your.” Lin Bingbing very impolite saying. I have said that the woman who I have a liking, cannot revolt.” The thunder fights saying of powerful. Donor, you started to boast B.” At this moment, the sound suddenly appears in the opposite that the thunder fights together, is the Lin Bingbing side, all people look to there, is Xia Tian. Nobody knows when he comes, nobody noticed how he comes. In the police station may few individuals not know Xia Tian, but before Xia Tian the patron in police station. Moreover everybody knows Xia Tian became famous is not affable. Xia Tian.” Thunder Zhan sees Xia Tian time, suddenly has been vigilant. Xia Tian waves to Thunder Zhan directly. „Do you want to do?” Thunder Zhan looks at Xia Tian frightened. Do not be afraid, I do not hit you, I have a yawn.” Xia Tian very optional saying.