Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 483

Is surnamed Lei and how is it? Grasps!” Xia Tian said loudly. Hears the Xia Tian words after good, let people have seized directly Thunder Zhan and his person completely, he was the Xia Tian little brother, therefore Xia Tian said that any he will listen. Yeah! You had troublesome.” Bureau Chief of police station said helpless shaking the head. My trouble continuously many, I have never been afraid.” Xia Tian said that left directly. In Hidden Sect. Ah! Wen Ya angry is yelling. The surrounding all things were pounded by him crush. Xia Tian I must kill you.” Wen Ya angry is yelling. The Wen Ya angry reason because of the death of blue forest, in her eyes, the blue forest is just not a board game piece, the life of blue forest does not have the big relations with her, she angry reason was her family died truly, including his younger brother and sister-in-law. Family high and low living witness does not have. All died, the person report that according to coming back said that they all died in the hand of Xia Tian. Wen Ya hears this news, she completely was covered by the hatred. Xia Tian kills her family, how this makes her be able not to be angry, she knows that Xia Tian definitely is knows the blue forest was she looks in the past, will therefore retaliate itself. Xia Tian, I must kill you.” Wen Ya has the formidable hatred to close up once more. Similarly in Hidden Sect.

Perhaps Jiang Shao, this Wen Ya anger enough she once more progressed.” Yu He swung the fan in oneself hand to say gently. Careful, do not let her shake off our controls.” Jiang Tianshu light saying. Relax, Wen Ya will die certainly, but before she dies, must play her proper role.” Yu He shows a faint smile. Hu Fangye there how?” Jiang Tianshu asked. Smooth that very now progresses, the toxicity in that batch of raw material for medicine almost must be absorbed by him.” Yu He answered. Em, outside this Heavenly Connection the hole opens as far as possible quickly time, I must enter step Earth Grade.” Jiang Tianshu and other this day waited was too long. Jiang Shao, not only you will turn into Earth Grade, but also you will also obtain a false Earth Grade subordinate.” Yu He self-confident saying, Hu Fangye was used to do the experiment by them, that Hu Fangye will leap if successful turns into false Earth Grade Expert, although Hu Fangye is unable again the little advance half step, the toxicity that but on him carries will link Earth Grade Expert to fear. Em, making Black Gown add a bit faster the speed.” The Jiang Tianshu order said. In Jiang Hai City. unexpectedly including the cousins but actually, how this was possible.” Li Yuan whole face inconceivable saying. Boss, now what to do?” Li Yuan subordinate asked. Cousin was impossible such but actually, he is the person of Lei, Lei will not leave alone, I also had the cousin, I asked my cousin.” Li Yuan thinks that here directly has put out the telephone. Cousin, I am Li Yuan.” How your boy remembered me has called, I also think that you died.” Cousin, my was hit remnantly, the cousin heard that this matter for me over, finally had also been cut a finger, that person background is not simple, probably also knew that the person in military region, now the cousin is also taken away by their people.”

Such matter?” Em, now the cousin that side anything situation, I do not know that I worried really very much the cousin has an accident.” You felt relieved that the cousin is the person of Lei, nobody dares to be what kind of him, is rare you currently also to have this heart care cousin, when I finish on hand on these matters, I go to Jianghai.” Cousin, do not come, Martial Arts of that person is very fierce, moreover knows the person in military region.” Snort, the Martial Arts fierce person, finds at everywhere in the imperial capital, that can be what kind , the brain and science and technology that now this society depends on, knew that the people in military region do not have no extraordinary, the cousin is the person in military region, therefore he will dread a little military region, I am not, they do not have with my relations.” Cousin, I wants to make you help the cousin try to find the solution, has not let the meaning that you come, that person is not really affable.” All right, I have my method, cousin there will not have the matter.” Li Yuan cousin has hung up the telephone directly, hung up on the telephone later Li Yuan face to reveal a happy expression, he knew the difference of cousin and cousin. Reason that the cousin will lose is because he led troops to enter Jiang Hai City. The cousin is but different, but cousin one of the imperial capital most famous people, in the past their three adversities time swears brotherhood, for these years, Li Yuan had not asked their anything. This time he telephones is a loyalty works as first appearance, naturally obtained cousin's favorable impression. Jiang Hai City night. You also followed me to be so long, had the matter to come out to say.” Xia Tian walks on the avenue, light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, but also really two shadows from darkness. These two Xia Tian acquaintance, a man and a woman, are two people who that raises the ghost.

This gloomy man is called Han Zifeng, the gorgeous female is called Zhong Chuhong. Mr. Xia, our times have the matter to ask your.” Saying that Han Zifeng comes straight to the point. Among us does not have what friendship probably, moreover I have also broken your leg.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Han Zifeng, he is really not clear, why these people must ask him to help. Mr. Xia, the beforehand matter we apologized to you, this time we asked you to help not to convince with the language your.” Han Zifeng continues to say. „? Are you plan to tie up me to walk?” Xia Tian has the interest very looks at these two to say. Naturally is not, our two do not have that skill, this time our two come to want with you to chat the matter of cooperation, in August 15, go to Witchcraft Sect Forbidden Land with us.” Han Zifeng answered hurriedly, he may be afraid the Xia Tian vitality, he has experienced Xia Tian was fierce. Mentioned listens, cooperated!” Xia Tian was already interested in Witchcraft Sect that buried treasure. Our three same places go , the treasure that obtains, 55, our two five, you five, but, if we have difficultly, you must get rid to help.” Han Zifeng opens the mouth to say directly. The condition that he puts forward is very attractive, reason that he is willing to give Xia Tian 50%, but he and Zhong Chuhong two people 50%, the biggest goal is for the following those words. Sounds well, but this condition is not good, needs to change.” Xia Tian light saying. 46 is also good.” Han Zifeng frowns saying that he has prepared to be butchered by Xia Tian. No, so long as I I need, other turns over to you, I can also promise you to protect you, but, you must work for me.” Xia Tian visits them to say.