Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 484

Hears the Xia Tian words, they stare, they listened to the meaning in Xia Tian words. Xia Tian must let them, when Xia Tian little brother. Actually this topic is very sensitive, because before Han Zifeng them, has enmity with Xia Tian, if wish makes Xia Tian believe that they are not very easy matters, but Xia Tian actually dares to let them, when Xia Tian little brother. The Xia Tian strength they are very clear, they also inquired some related Xia Tian matters. To be honest, when the Xia Tian little brother, does not put in great inconvenience them. But now Han Zifeng does not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning, therefore he opens the mouth to ask directly: „Do you trust us?” Han Zifeng knows that he talked with Xia Tian cannot beat around the bush, will otherwise make Xia Tian have the repugnance. Personnel does not doubt, doubts person not to use, although I do not trust you, but I know that you need me now, the benefit often can make the personal enemy convert an enemy into a friend, can make the friend separate from each other, in the final analysis the assignment problem of benefit, but also the able issue, my ability enough, you need my protection, you naturally wholeheartedly handles matters for me, this truth is very simple.” Xia Tian answered. Good, worthily is Xia Tian, our two with you, although our two are impossible to guarantee for a lifetime with you, so long as we have the common benefit, our two become you to relocate.” Han Zifeng strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. You should know that I in the Jiang Hai City family member and friend, I the first matter that wants you to do protects them, I believe this regarding you, without any difficulty.” Xia Tian knows that their abilities, raise the ghost, they can make the ghost protect their family member, moreover their abilities are very special, although goes superficially, they now are Profound Grade Initial Stage, however as a result of method issue, even if Expert of Profound Grade intermediate stage not necessarily is their matches. Had their help. Xia Tian were also few many extra worries. After all reached an agreement, Xia Tian left, the present range 15 days, when the time comes he definitely will also climb mountains with these two people in August, before he is discovered that buried treasure secret from that person by the person who he killed. If believes that these two people, Xia Tian does not have but actually, but he also understands that a matter, these two people need their protection now, they will not play any trick, moreover in August the day of 15, definitely also has other powerful enemy also to pass. Therefore they will help recently certainly their. Some such two Profound Grade Expert protect their person, that Xia Tian compares to feel relieved.

After Xia Tian took a stroll, goes home to rest. Longleg beauty department head Fang Yan has telephoned to Xia Tian, telling Xia Tian must start the military training, making him probably come to the school. After Xia Tian has tidied up one simply next, went to the school. After going to the school, Literature and Art Department that Xia Tian goes to first, Bing Xin was waiting for Xia Tian in that. You do not know that comes to see me.” Bing Xin sees time very discontented saying of Xia Tian. He he, was too recently busy.” Xia Tian awkward saying. You forgot me are your girlfriend, Tiantian dried in the sun me here, you definitely exited to gang up with the young miss.” Bing Xin said that has turned the head directly, disguises to be angry. Ha Ha!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You smile anything.” Bing Xin discontented saying, oneself were angry, his unexpectedly also smiles. Has such a pretty girl to be jealous for me, I can not be happy.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Repugnant!” Although Bing Xin on the mouth said that however his at heart is very happy, she is also a girl, naturally also needed the person to praise, especially was praised by the beloved man. Bing Xin is very clear, Xia Tian is doomed is not an ordinary person, although she also wants to make Xia Tian gather round her to transfer. However she also understands similarly that likes a person do not make him accompany itself all day, because she knows that Xia Tian impossible every day to be accompanying her. She felt that she is rejoices. She believes that likes the Xia Tian person certainly having, but truly with Xia Tian in the same place, only then her one, this makes she proudest matter, she liked Xia Tian going to the situation of worship.

She thinks that one with Xia Tian in the same place, that is happiest, if she one day can marry Xia Tian, that is makes her die next day, she will also be glad. Was good, should not be angry, in the evening I lead you to eat the thing.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Good, I called Qingxue.” Bing Xin said. I walked first, that side must start the military training.” Xia Tian said. Wait / Etc.!” Bing Xin stopped by calling out Xia Tian. How?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Bing Xin, this time Bing Xin shuts both eyes to gain ground slightly. Xia Tian moved toward Bing Xin directly, then places on the hand the face of Bing Xin: „Is eye uncomfortable? I help you blow.” You.” Bing Xin opens both eyes indignantly looks at Xia Tian: You do not know that the girl closes the eye to let you kisses her.” The Bing Xin words have not said that her jade lip had been blocked by the mouth of Xia Tian, overbearing. Strong kiss. Xia Tian unexpectedly kissed her. According to the science statistics, 90% female students hope that other man strong person, 99% female students hopes by male student strong kiss that oneself like. At this time outside several Literature and Art Department female students, happen to open the door by chance, saw this. Oh, was too graceful.” The eyes of entrance that several female student turned into the heart shape instantaneously.

But litigant Xia Tian and Bing Xin completely forget oneself, forgetting kindnesses is kissing violently. ! Long time , a light sighing has broken them. Was Ye Qingxue came back, when she saw them in the kiss, the face direct red, afterward saw everybody's response, she knows that must result in stops. Bing Xin hears the Ye Qingxue sound to shove open Xia Tian hurriedly. Face direct red to neck root. Xia Tian also saw Ye Qingxue, therefore awkward smiles: I walked first.” Elder Brother Tian, you were too aggressive, actually we also like this.” A starry eyed female keeps throws the coquettish look to Xia Tian. Elder Brother Tian, Family or the maiden, which day you have the time in the evening, we can chat.” Another female charming saying. Was good, shuts up to me, having a look at you, likely what.” Ye Qingxue stared that several female one eyes. Xia Tian fled from this place directly, otherwise he also is really afraid older female cousin to act crazy. This brat, if also dares to act unreasonably in this public area next time, I well will certainly repair him.” Ye Qingxue looks that the Xia Tian back said. Sees longleg department head beauty time, the first few words that she spoke are: You is a class of teacher in charge.”