Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 487

The flowered camp VIP group opens group, only then has subscribed the legal copy or hits to enjoy the talented person of this book to enter the group. Group id: 276385889 Stands to me team.” These teachers looked that the person messed up has shouted hurriedly. Hears the teacher severe voice, these people stood hurriedly in the team. You want to see a play, that stands to me the team, well walks.” These teacher severe shouting. Stand at attention! Slightly rest/breath. Quick march! These students neat walks toward Xia Tian class of there. Stand at attention! All people stand completely are in-situ. Was good, sees a play, no one can move heedlessly.” These teachers said. Afterward their several turned the head to look to Xia Tian. Although does not know that which army you are, but just right everybody is idling, then on gesture gesture.” A teacher goes forward saying that they have been used to the strength of everyone in the army. Therefore they do not believe that some people can fly up to the eaves and walls, moreover they have thought the military style fist does not have the use. Saw a moment ago Xia Tian there boasted military style fist fierce, they felt that Xia Tian is deceiving this group of students, moreover he such one noisy, own student also started to envy Xia Tian their team. Therefore they must get rid to teach Xia Tian. They do not know Xia Tian, therefore they guessed that Xia Tian temporarily looks certainly. With them radically is not one group. Xia Tian such did broke the rule obviously, therefore they must teach Xia Tian. Good, since you so look down upon the military style fist, I and you gesticulated with the military style fist.” Xia Tian light saying.

Class of these students all are look to Xia Tian that anticipates. Ok, we have also practiced the military style fist, just after wants to have a look you have practiced, to be actually fiercer than us many.” And a teacher walks directly to Xia Tian, all people all are look to them who anticipates. They understand that the good play must start. After that teacher arrives at the Xia Tian front, has shown the fight posture. Xia Tian is stands is in-situ. On, making him have a look at the wrestle technologies of our seventh company.” Several other teachers also shout. Teacher keep it up.” A class of person shouts. Teacher, you are best.” The classroom student who that teacher leads shouts. Snort, the military style fist I only used a morning to learn, that was just a repertoire, you used this type of thing the flickering student, was in itself an immoral behavior.” That teacher cold snort said. Tried not to know.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, had not explained. Many explanations are also useless, everybody is willing to believe the fact and they see. Ha! That teacher gives a loud shout, afterward the fist directly hits to Xia Tian, the speed of this fist is fast, moreover on the fist has very big strength. Several other teachers are also the appreciations looked to him. Thinks that this fist can overthrow Xia Tian absolutely directly. Bang! Has poured, but is actually not Xia Tian, but is that teacher. Xia Tian only used a move to be knocked down a moment ago that teacher, this move a moment ago he taught class of student military style fist first. Volume!” That several teachers simultaneously stare!

They have not thought that front seemed young boy unexpectedly their allies overthrowing. Moreover only used to strike. Ordinariest military style fist. „Is this possible? military style fist unexpectedly can project on the person.” This boy is a little strange, the military style fist our metropolis, how possibly overthrows to be skilled in the wrestle skillful person.” General idea, he was certainly negligent, otherwise was impossible to lose to that boy.” These teachers think that was that person is negligent, otherwise in the wrestle skill of that person, how to lose to the military style fist. Teacher was good, this military style fist unexpectedly is so fierce.” I must be so fierce to teacher.” I, if can have the teacher 1/10 strengths to be good.” Class of these student excited saying, Xia Tian made them see the true might of military style fist, they also think a moment ago Xia Tian taught their military style fist is really too simple. Now they saw the might of military style fist finally. Hateful!” The military officer of that falling to the ground has stood once more, he thinks that this regarding him is the shame, his unexpectedly had been overthrown, moreover is one seems the thin and weak boy. Actually the Xia Tian physique is not emaciated, these months trainings make his muscle edges and corners distinct, are full of the explosive force. The clothes that he wears now are loose, therefore seems idles he thinly to be very same. This is not much military style fist in your eyes.” Xia Tian light saying. Do not be wild, I a moment ago was only negligent.” That teacher looks at Xia Tian to say angrily that he felt he does not have the face very much, Xia Tian worked as the surface of these many people to overthrow him a moment ago, especially his student also presents. Therefore he must recover this gathering place. I had used a moment ago only a force component.” Xia Tian said.

Who boasts not, I added that I had used a moment ago only 2% strengths.” Saying that teacher disdains. You can try, I do not want to injure you, after all you have the training.” Xia Tian most is afraid troublesome, therefore he had not made an effort a moment ago, he worried that after this person has injured, he has no way to give that classroom military training. Ha! That teacher is one greatly drinks, afterward a foot kicked to Xia Tian, the speed of this foot was fast. All people all are look to Xia Tian that worries. But Xia Tian unexpectedly does not draw back instead enters. military style fist second, a fist hit directly above the chin of that teacher. Bang! The body of that teacher flies directly backward, afterward pounded above the ground, this that teacher has not stood. Excuse me, I have used 20% strengths, I think that you need to rest a small meeting.” Xia Tian light saying. Several other teachers were shocked. Their this time sees clearly, Xia Tian has only used one move, still military style fist, but that person on relaxed was hit to fly by him. Teacher was good.” Class of student excited saying. Has remembered, the military style fist is very fierce fist technique, although he seems very ordinary, but cultivation gets down for a long time, you will discover that its essence is, does not want self to think intelligently, learned some superficial knowledge to think that the military style fist was just the useless wrestle skill.” Xia Tian looks that a class of student teaches said. Really personally sees was persuasive, these students has filled with the anticipation to the military style fist now. Good! Said well, but you such relaxed person who has overthrown my, perhaps this cannot be justified.” At this moment in the team of student went out of a person, saw that the time these teachers of this person all salute.