Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 488

The flowered camp VIP group opens group, only then has subscribed the legal copy or hits to enjoy the talented person of this book to enter the group. Group id: 276385889 Looked that the status of this person is not ordinary. The vision of all people all centralized on the body of this person, because these teachers give this person to salute. Company commander!” These teachers also said. Company commander. unexpectedly is a company commander. Company commander unexpectedly leads to give the Jianghai University student military training personally. This may be surprising, must know that the position of company commander did not lower, but his unexpectedly comes Jianghai University to be the teacher personally. Surrounding student all surprised looks to that company commander. The company commander regarding the average person, that absolutely was a high official. That company commander enjoys everybody's vision very much, his corners of the mouth one looked said slightly supinely to Xia Tian: Your boy is good, I looked good that a moment ago your military style fights with the fists, our two gestures how is it?” Good, but I do not have any skill, can the military style fist.” Xia Tian looks that company commander said. Others work as the root onion him, but Xia Tian has not paid attention to him from the start, now in the army, brigade commander Teacher|Division Head Tiantian sees, these Captain also always give Xia Tian to deliver the liquor, making Xia Tian teach them several. Is I makes my these soldiers on the military style fist do not waste the time, what we practice is the true wrestle skill, but is not the flower trellis.” That company commander coldly looks at Xia Tian saying that his person was hit, how he must redeem this reputation. He does not think the wrestle technique of own every day practicing will lose to the military style fist. Since he joins since that moment of army, the military style fist is he thinks most trash one fist technique. Therefore he has not trained from the start. Was the flower trellis compares has known.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, said that he waved to that company commander. That company commander has fired into Xia Tian directly.

He comes up is an attractive maneuver kicks directly. Bang! military style fist first. Xia Tian fought with the fists directly on the leg of that company commander. Bang! military style fist second. Xia Tian fought with the fists on that chin. Bang! military style fist third. The Xia Tian fist hit to fly that company commander last directly. Lian Zhao. Very attractive one set of Lian Zhao. That company commander unexpectedly does not have including the strength to hit back. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. At this moment, Xia Tian cell phone sound. This is the new ting of Xia Tian cell phone, he felt that he also needs to progress, needs to connect rails with the society, therefore he has used the ting of this unusual vanguard. The real vanguard, the letting all people of vanguard has forgotten a moment ago his heroic one. Boss, I am Han Zifeng, some people dealt with your several women a moment ago, but had been solved by me.”

Good, I one will look for you.” Xia Tian said that has hung up the telephone, that Han Zifeng is very sensible, he inquired all with the Xia Tian concerned woman, Li Ying and Tang Yan, he also sent for protecting. Teacher was good.” Class of these student excited shouting. All people all return to their position , to continue the military training.” That company commander difficult standing up, he felt that his body is painful, but he clenches teeth saying that he cannot make others look he defeats now such miserably. After saying these, he looked at Xia Tian one, then reminded these people under do not provoke Xia Tian, afterward his oneself ran the medical office. Now you practice these three moves to me, I have the matter, first walked, if who dares to be loaf, you punch to me, when I will come to teach you several days later again the remaining five moves.” Xia Tian said that looked continues to say to Huo Lajiao and Qi Lin: These days that I do not come, you favored, making everybody come on time, on time walks, if tired same place has sat down the rest, but cannot rest to surpass every day for two hours.” Teacher long live!” Class of student excited saying. Time that other classroom has not rested, is their class of unexpectedly also two hours of relaxation times. This treatment simply was good. After Xia Tian arranged, left Jianghai University. He looked for Han Zifeng, he must know the origins of these people, although he had many enemies, but these enemies had almost been solved by him, temporarily will not begin to him absolutely. But now some unexpectedly people start secretly started to these women. This showed that opposite party enough understands him . Moreover the opposite party absolutely is a gloomy incomparable fellow, wants to coerce him with these women. Said, what's the matter?” Xia Tian and Han Zifeng approximately in a cafe. I send out my treasure to nurse your women, today these treasure reported that five women encounter the attack immediately, therefore they have solved that four groups of people quietly.” Han Zifeng answered. Which five is?” Xia Tian asked. Zeng Ruo, Lin Bingbing, Bai Yiyi, Li Ying, your older female cousin Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin are one wave.” Han Zifeng answered. Has blamed, this person are many to my understanding, is attacked including Li Ying and Bai Yiyi.” Xia Tian deeps frown, if normal, Xia Tian and Li Ying have the contact of Bai Yiyi not to be many.

Therefore can know that the people of these two people absolutely are not the average people, definitely is about the person who he knows. These people are not natives.” Han Zifeng said an important clue. „It is not the native, was really has blamed, although that Thunder Zhan was made by me was very miserable, however his retaliation should not have quickly to be so right.” Xia Tian has prepared to accept Thunder Zhan the retaliation, but he knows that Lei does not dare to begin absolutely now . Moreover the person of that Lei will certainly look up his status. The top grade merit badge is not ornaments. The person of Lei definitely does not dare on to cope with Xia Tian outwardly. This group of people are average people, their goals should be hold your several women to threaten.” Han Zifeng said. You help me pay attention to this group of people, investigates thoroughly their details to me.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Em, that group of people my lane fainted, after they woke up, should go back to report after carrying out orders, when the time comes I can find out the status of opposite party.” These ghosts that Han Zifeng raises handled matters are very convenient. At least is used to investigate the effect to be very good. Good, after having the news, informs me.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Meanwhile, the imperial capital flies to the Jiang Hai City airplane. Young master, when we alit from the airplane to be able to see the good play.” First does not need to manage them, how this time I the banquet that came Jiang Hai City that group of people to hold?” They heard that was the young master comes Jiang Hai City, that naturally does not dare to neglect, entire Jiang Hai City honored and popular figure will arrive.” That is good, did Gongsun Ping also arrive at Jiang Hai City?” Arrived, she did not have the meaning of rejection, the engagement feast also to prepare.”