Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 491

Xia Qing from landing to the present, his vision almost in looking at day, manner arrogant serious, but on periphery these faces the smiling face, only then currying favor with, does not dare to have the slight disaffection. When he arrives at the Lin Bingbing front, for looked at one to the Gongsun Ping face. But when he sees Lin Bingbing, completely was attracted by the Lin Bingbing beautiful appearance, he can determine that Lin Bingbing is he has seen the prettiest woman absolutely, even if these stars, he has also played, but he has not known always that the woman can be so pretty. ! Gongsun Ping coughed in a soft voice two. Xia Qing hears the Gongsun Ping cough sound, knows one were rude, puts out a hand to want with Lin Bingbing to shake hand hurriedly. Hello!” I am not good!” Xia Tian has stood from behind directly, extended the right hand to grasp with Xia Qing in one. Xia Qing wanted to grasp the hand of Lin Bingbing a moment ago, is good to seize the chance to take the Lin Bingbing advantage, but has not thought that unexpectedly was a man has gripped his hand, this made his complexion immediately ugly. You are any thing, coordinates me to shake hand.” Xia Qing does not show due respect for saying of feelings. I shake hand with you, does not give you face, to Big Sis Ping, if not look in the Big Sis Ping share, you have lain down on the ground now.” Saying that Xia Tian does not make concessions. Hears the Xia Tian words, surroundings all people were all shocked. They think that Xia Tian was insane. His brain is sick, unexpectedly dares Xia Shao who comes with the imperial capital such to speak, this exactly sufficed simply.” Xia Shao definitely were angry now, one will kill certainly him.” This boy really does not know profoundly, but Xia Shao the person in imperial capital, the casualness can pinch him.”

Surroundings these people all think that Xia Tian such spoke with Xia Qing must die without doubt, although Xia Tian was quite famous in Jiang Hai City, however these people did not know him. They think that Xia Tian is just an ordinary son of the influential. An ordinary son of the influential looks like in the imperial capital Xia Qing front an ant is the same. You are courting death.” Xia Qing coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. Do not kill your excuse to me, I can wish make Big Sis Ping become my wife, has killed you, Big Sis Ping was my.” Xia Tian saying gratefully. Extremely arrogant! Hears the Xia Tian words, all people think that Xia Tian was really too extremely arrogant. His unexpectedly is in front of Xia Qing, said that must snatch the Xia Qing fiancee to become the wife. The man of that saying something to smooth things over was the vitality, Xia Tian had Lin Bingbing a moment ago obviously, flagrantly fiancee who unexpectedly also dares to gang up with Xia Shao, he wishes one could to kill Xia Tian with the look now. However he saw Xia Tian to offend Xia Shao, was also happier, he thinks that front this handsome boy died. Lin Bingbing sees Xia Tian this, wants to go forward to persuade hurriedly, but after she sees Gongsun Ping that faint smile suddenly the expression, understood, originally Gongsun Ping is intentionally, she definitely knows that Xia Tian definitely will stir up trouble, therefore intentionally makes her call Xia Tian to come. Looked to understand all these, she has not spoken, but stood in Xia Tian behind remains silent. You are first dare to the person who I such spoke, I guarantee you exactly today.” The Xia Qing sound is not loud, clarity that but all people all listen. This excuse is very good, enough I killed your reason.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, very optional saying. Young master, he is Xia Tian.” At this moment, Xia Qing behind old man opens the mouth to say suddenly. „Do you know me?” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to the old man.

Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding these people were all shocked. Xia Tian! This person unexpectedly is Xia Tian. They had only heard the Xia Tian reputation, they first time see the Xia Tian portrait today. Who is Xia Tian? That is Jiang Hai City most famous figure. Death that Jianghai four young masters, dying, wound wound, remaining also left Jiang Hai City, Jiang Tianshu also left Jiang Hai City. But present Xia Tian the Jiang Hai City solid son of the influential inside overlord. He is Xia Tian, his unexpectedly is Xia Tian, I today was really too lucky.” Has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is a handsome fellow.” It seems like today has the good play to look.” The surrounding these people were discussing in a low voice, Xia Tian was son of the influential inside real power figure of Jiang Hai City, but Xia Qing from imperial capital. But imperial capital China capital. In that walks a person casually, is they can offend. You with your father long exactly the same.” The old men open the mouth to say. Since you know my father, that looked like you should be the imperial capital Xia Family person.” Xia Tian heard Xia Qing a moment ago from imperial capital time, he suspected that Xia Qing was the imperial capital Xia Family person. After all person surnamed Xia are not many.

Originally you are Xia Tian, the person who injures Li Yuan is you.” Xia Qing looks at Xia Tian saying that he has not gone to say the related Xia Tian father's matter. You said that I understood, originally sneak attacks these people of my woman is you sends, said that my excuse was fuller.” Xia Tian looks at Xia Qing to say. Right, is I does, what a pity these waste disappointed me.” Saying that Xia Qing does not cover up. Xia Tian nodded, since confirmed the status of opposite party, moreover knows that is he does, that Xia Tian definitely will not let off him. I give you a choice, how do you want dead?” Xia Tian calm saying. In his mouth, dead characters were probably easy to say. You did not fear that the wind dodged the tongue greatly, now this surroundings have the muzzles of ten (spear|gun)s to aim at you, so long as I wave, you will make into the hornet's nest, how your unexpectedly may also I ask me to die.” Saying that Xia Qing disdains. Good, I have decided that did not make you die, I prepared to make you live to might as well die.” Xia Tian said that both hands throw dozens silver needles directly, that several hid gunners in crowd directly but actually. What?” Xia Qing saw that own gunners falls to the ground, surprised saying. Young master, be careful.” That old man arrived at the Xia Qing front directly. Is Expert.” Xia Tian saw after the old man, shows a faint smile. Xia Tian, you cannot injure him, he is the Xia Family person, but your father is only a Xia Family abandoned child, in the past your father greatly noisy Xia Family had not solved matter to the present, if you do not want to invite trouble, I hope that you give Xia Shao to apologize now.” Old man coldly looks at Xia Tian saying that his words are the threat, is the threat. You were really too funny, making I apologize right? Good.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face.