Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 492

The flowered camp VIP group opens group, only then has subscribed the legal copy or hits to enjoy the talented person of this book to enter the group. Group id: 276385889 Old men in threatening Xia Tian, his meaning was very clear, your father greatly noisy Xia Family, this account was also calculating in the past, if you are dissolute, your father's that account arrived on you. In fact the Xia Family person bullies the weak and fears the strong, Xia Tianlong living time, they do not dare to offend Xia Tianlong, Xia Tianlong died, they must look for the trouble of Xia Tian. That Xia Qing complexion has also relaxed, he looks to understand now, Xia Tian can select Kungfu. No wonder Lian Li Yuan and Thunder Zhan do not handle him. But he really could not have found out Xia Tian to be able with the military region to have any relations. He is just the son who abandons child. Past Xia Tianlong was Xia Family most abandoned few, although Xia Family is not willing to acknowledge, but Xia Tianlong truly could be joined to most these two characters in the past. Xia Tian, I make you apologize look in your devil father's share, otherwise you think that I will give you this opportunity?” Saying that the old men disdain, his back is Xia Family, therefore he speaks will also regard Xia Family to say. Xia Tian, Li Yuan and Thunder Zhan are you injure.” Xia Qing looks at Xia Tian to say. Right!” Xia Tian nodded. They are my sworn brothers, my this time comes the Jiang Hai City main matter to revenge to them.” Xia Qing coldly looks at Xia Tian saying that he when heard that injures Li Yuan their person is Xia Tian, he has decided Jiang Hai City. Before Xia Tian this name him, has heard. The Xia Tianlong son, in Xia Family, Xia Tianlong this name is a taboo, but almost all people know that this name is representing anything. In Xia Family, all people know that in the past Xia Tianlong made Xia Family lose completely the honor, but Xia Tian was the Xia Tianlong son, so long as in other words can kill Xia Tian, that revenged for Xia Tianlong. Apology!” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward moves toward that old man directly: „Are you also surnamed Xia?” Right, I am Xia Family Butler, the master bestow my summer surname.” That old man proud saying, regarding him surnamed Xia is very honorable matter.

! A clear palm of the hand sound transmits, afterward old man the body of surnamed Xia threw to fly directly, was Xia Tian hits, Xia Tian only used a palm of the hand the body of surnamed Xia to hit to fly old man. Excuse me, below had a heavy touch.” Saying of Xia Tian apology, this was also changed to the apology. Afterward Xia Tian moves toward Xia Qing directly. But that old man fast has stood firm the personal appearance, afterward fights with the fists directly to Xia Tian. Bang! The formidable strength has exuded the fulmination sound in the air. Profound Grade Initial Stage, old man Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert. Snort! Xia Tian cold snort, is direct a fist to move forward to meet somebody afterward, his within the body has the Vampire strength addition, competes the strength with him the words, is courting death simply. Bang! Ka! Two the fists of people to the same place, a sound of bone break transmit. That old man entire body surnamed Xia was hit to fly, collision maliciously on behind that row of table, afterward his whole person but actually. Ah! Old man mouth in surnamed Xia has sent out a pitiful yell.

I should apologize a moment ago.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks that old man surnamed Xia said. Your unexpectedly dares to hit our Xia Family person.” Xia Qing complexion pale looks at Xia Tian saying that he has not thought the old men was not the Xia Tian match, Xia Tian only uses a fist to break the bone of old man. This also too exaggerated. The Xia Qing side does not know that suddenly were when many a black leather suitcase. Do not worry, next is you.” Xia Tian looks at Xia Qing saying that he bumps into the Xia Family person with great difficulty, how possibly entertainment not well one. Moreover this Xia Qing manner is mean, the person has not arrived at Jiang Hai City, sends for dealing with his person, this has violated the Xia Tian taboo, if such person does not teach well, after him, will deal with Xia Tian person. The Xia Family person stared at Xia Tian, otherwise Xia Qing will not get rid. Snort! Xia Tian, you left were too wild, I know that your Martial Arts was good, what time but was this? The time of science and technology.” Xia Qing cold snort, right hand according to the button of box. Afterward of miracle occurred. All people are instantaneously dumbfounded, all these they have only seen in the big piece. But now actually the solid occurrence in them at present, Xia Tian has been shocked, this was also too scary. Saw only the right hand of Xia Qing to present armor one after another instantaneously, probably was the armored soldier is the same, was only the flash, a mechanical arm appeared above the right hand of Xia Qing. This arm is completely mechanical, moreover it was carried on the assembly a moment ago, only used less than two seconds of that mechanical arm completely to wrap the arm of Xia Qing. Ha Ha Ha Ha, how is it?” Xia Qing sees Xia Tian surprised expression excited saying. Side these people all surprised looks at Xia Qing that arm, they finally understand now the strength of imperial capital son of the influential, others get rid are they in the high-tech product that in the television can see. Too good B.” Xia Tian said that he first time sees this type of thing.

Xia Tian, I give you an opportunity, now kneels on the ground, I can forgive your life.” The mechanical arm of Xia Qing points at Xia Tian saying that had this mechanical arm, his whole person has filled self-confidently. His mechanical arm he had experimented. You install to meet B first, I study your this arm first.” Xia Tian light saying. Volume!” Xia Qing stares slightly, his unexpectedly had been disregarded by Xia Tian, he such rampant speech, but Xia Tian has not perceived completely, considers is only looking at his mechanical arm. Other surroundings people also hoodwinked. Now but life and death time, no matter who could see great power that on that mechanical arm contains, is Xia Tian unexpectedly is so calm. As if has not cared about that mechanical arm to be ordinary completely. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to disregard me.” The right fist of Xia Qing hit directly to Xia Tian, the speed of that mechanical arm was fast. Xia Qing to own these has the self-confidence, he believes that was that old man surnamed Xia absolutely cannot receive this fist, moreover Xia Tian was away from him to be so near, absolutely did not have the means to dodge. Volume!” Xia Tian saw that the mechanical arm hits to oneself, just about to moves sideways, but he thinks of Lin Bingbing suddenly in his, if he has evaded this fist, that Lin Bingbing certainly will be injured by this fist. He can look, the strength of this fist is very big. If this fights with the fists on Lin Bingbing, that Lin Bingbing cannot shoulder absolutely. Bang! In that mechanical arm hits on Xia Tian, the explosive sound transmits from the body of Xia Tian together.