Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 494

The flowered camp VIP group opens group, only then has subscribed the legal copy or hits to enjoy the talented person of this book to enter the group. Group id: 276385889 Good, I follow you, but I hope that you consider, if I followed you, this also represented you to declare war to me, I will make war with Xia Family thoroughly.” Xia Tian looks that Xia Qing that driver said. He did not have to say anything again, but was static standing there, he was waiting for that driver answered. He does not want to be what kind of Xia Family, but if Xia Family forces him, he did not mind that lets a Xia Family once more name. In the past his father can greatly noisy Xia Family, he same. His father is Xia Family most abandons few, a little relates with Xia Family, therefore his father not under Assassins, but he is different, he grows up in Jiang Hai City since childhood, absolutely does not have any human relations with Xia Family. Therefore he will not have to Xia Family politely any. If Xia Family offends him, he will regard as Xia Family is his enemy, Xia Tian treats the manner of enemy to be very explicit, is a character. Hits!! Till projects on you to take. These do not turn over to me to give control, I am responsible for leading you.” That Xia Qing driver said. Good, I follow you, but you must put their two.” Xia Tian said. „It is not good, your three cannot walk.” Driver manner strong saying of that Xia Qing, he must go back these person all belts, this is the instruction of Xia Qing, he knows the Xia Qing temperament, if he does not lead these three people, Xia Qing will certainly blame his. Especially the present in this case, Xia Qing discarded an arm, his temperament will be certainly hotter. Your this is compelling me.” Xia Tian coldly looks that Xia Qing subordinate said. Excuse me, this is I must do, I can guarantee that you are safe temporarily, moreover I will arrange an environment good place to treat to you.” Xia Qing that subordinate said.

Good, your present (spear|gun)s are in any case many, you decide, but I was hungry, making your person prepare to eat with me.” Xia Tian said that leads two females to walk toward their car(riage)s directly. The Xia Qing driver altogether came 15 car(riage)s, he made other car(riage)s their car(riage) encircle Xia Tian. This time Xia Qing was delivered to hospital. That moment that the Xia Qing arm is cut off, this news fed in imperial capital Xia Family. Xia Qing, Xia Family direct line juniors. Young one generation of inside youth talents, his unexpectedly threw an arm in Jiang Hai City, moreover cuts off the person of his arm calls Xia Tian. Regarding this name, the Xia Family person almost knows. Although Xia Tian and Xia Tianlong these two names in Xia Family are the taboos, but the person have the curiosity, is the thing of taboo, everybody wants to know on exceed, therefore the entire Xia Family people have heard Xia Tian this name. Xia Family is a respected family, when they hear Xia Qing cut off an arm, few people are happy. Because Xia Qing has had an accident, then represented them to be short of a competitor, moreover Xia Qing usually was a lenticel appearance upwards, therefore his personal enemy were many. However at this time has the most sad person. The Xia Qing father, Xia Tian is blue. He when heard Xia Qing to discard an arm almost to faint, his such son, but his son's arm unexpectedly cut off. Moreover is his Xia Tianlong son does. Xia Tianlong is person who he most hates, reason that in the past Xia Tianlong was expelled Xia Family this is he in secret is also designing.

Afterward he was several times gets rid to cope with Xia Tianlong, but failed. Looks on own right hand only three fingers, in his eye is the anger, his two fingers cut off by Xia Tianlong, in the past Xia Family that fought his father to be killed by Xia Tianlong, his finger cut off two. Now his son unexpectedly has cut off an arm by the Xia Tianlong son, how this makes him be able not to be angry. Xia Tianlong, I will certainly your son frustrate the bone to raise the ash.” Xia Tian blue angry shouting. Master, young master now also in hospital.” Butler said. „Couldn't arm meet?” Xia Tian clenches teeth to ask blue. Could not meet, does not know that Xia Tian used any weapon to cut, the cut place started the necrosis, last cut part.” Butler said. Hateful, hateful, now where that is Xia Tian at? I must kill him.” Xia Tian blue angry shouting, he thinks that his son had cut off the arm, his heart in drop blood. Xia Tian had been controlled by young master's driver, together controlled also has young master's fiancee and that Xia Tian girlfriend.” Butler answered. Good, they in Jiang Hai City is right, we on the past, I must kill that Xia Tian now personally.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the fist blue, this time was angry, he has not paid attention to the past agreement between Xia Family and Xia Tianlong. The war of past Xia Family, Xia Family, because feared Xia Tianlong to look for trouble once more, therefore has signed the treaty with Xia Tianlong. After Xia Tianlong and his family member friend, and Xia Family not any relations, moreover both sides cannot make war on own initiative. But in the Xia Tian favor, treaty is just a white paper, Xia Tianlong died now, Xia Family does not need to observe that treaty once more, a deceased person has created to threaten to them completely. If beforehand Xia Tian also plans to let off Xia Tian blue, but Xia Tian has cut off his son's arm now, therefore he must kill Xia Tian. Master, such does, if makes the elders of family know, perhaps.” That Butler reminder said.

„Are you master are I is a master?” Xia Tian blue coldly looked at that Butler one. That Butler a few words do not dare to say immediately, lowered the head directly, he knows that the master was angry, if he dares to talk too much again, perhaps that master together will kill him. Master, the airplane ticket prepared.” A that Butler telephone has handled the airplane ticket. Em.” Xia Tian nodded blue. This time Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing three people were brought in a small villa, in villa and periphery hand unusual is strict, outside all around window is the metal window and wire netting, moreover in this was shielded including the signal. Our was blocked completely here, here only then an exit / to speak, wanted to run away from here to be too difficult.” Gongsun Ping looked at the surrounding guard to say. „The police spend the elder sister, do you think?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Lin Bingbing. „If I, I can run away.” Lin Bingbing light saying. What? Do these many guard your unexpectedly to run away?” Gongsun Ping whole face inconceivable looks at Lin Bingbing, although she knows that Lin Bingbing is police, knows that her is skillful, however here person looks is not an average person. „If you?” Lin Bingbing asked. Kills off these people, I take three minutes.” Xia Tian said.