Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 498

Ah! Xia Tian blue old Butler keeps is shouting, is here is very far from the city, nobody can hear his cry. In the eye of old Butler is the tears, he keeps was weeping and wailing. But here besides him, a live person does not have, to look to fall in that number of people of ground, he feels this flash, the sky collapsed, still in the master of there vitality, now turned into an ice-cold corpse a moment ago. Han Zifeng, helping me kill a person, he called Xia Qing, now in hospital.” Xia Tian had not planned that was benevolent to the Xia Family person. He knows , if not because are formidable enough, that own fate will be only more miserable than to the fathers and sons this. In hospital. Young master, the master came Jiang Hai City personally, now he saw Xia Tian, the master this time was angry, he said that must make Xia Tian live to might as well die.” The Xia Qing driver said. Xia Qing Butler has had an accident, therefore he is responsible for serving Xia Qing now personal, this invisible was equal to being promoted. He felt that his status also rises. Can mix with Xia Qing, that the young masters compared with other small town cities is simply good, these young masters saw him also to respectful greeting. Although Xia Qing has been injured, but after and other Xia Tian injured, perhaps he can be put on regular status directly, this time he brings people they to bring Xia Tian, this has contributed to the great merit. Em, good that this time you make, otherwise their several ran.” Xia Qing satisfied nod. Young master, this is I should do.” That driver innermost feelings one happy, he knows one must win a promotion. Since the father came, their several died, that Gongsun Ping, I already know that she had the plot, Xia Tian was she looks absolutely, she must die.” Xia Qing angry saying. Looks the arm that one are cut off, an anger of Xia Qing face, the entire right arm is also at the general anesthesia condition now, otherwise that ache he is unable to endure absolutely. Young master you felt relieved, the master will certainly let Xia Tian their several dying is very miserable.” Saying that driver tallies. Right, the father most loved me, he all will certainly chop the hands and feet of Xia Tian, the eyeball also dug out, frustrated the bone to raise the ash.”, therefore Xia Qing the virulent method that can think said.

He thinks that must result in the most virulent method executes Xia Tian, can solve hate of his heart. Ruthlessly is better. Young master, your cell phone sound.” The drivers open the mouth to say. You meet!” Xia Qing said. Hears Xia Qing to make him meet, on the face of that driver had the happy expression, Xia Qing has made him meet, this has regarded Butler that rank to look him on behalf of Xia Qing. Hey, I am young master's driver.” His first few words said. I was Butler, the master die.” „, The master died, what? The master died!” That driver whole face inconceivable shouting. Just started him not to come from the joy soberly, hears the following words, he almost collapsed. Master unexpectedly died! Anything!!!” Xia Qing looks that driver shouts loudly: Gives me the cell phone.” He takes up the cell phone with oneself that left arm. What's the matter?” Xia Qing asked directly. Died, died, all people died, the master also died, the head of master was sheared by Xia Tian.” Old Butler complained tearfully. Xia Tian, lying trough Damn.” Xia Qing falls the cell phone directly crushes. That driver these all joyful did not have, that Xia Tian unexpectedly the masters will have killed, this was also too terrifying, the master in his eyes was that keeping aloof figure, but the master now dies. Xia Tian, I must kill you, I must tear to shreds you, I must make you live to might as well die, I must make you die not entire corpse.” Shouting that Xia Qing speaks incoherently, his father died . Moreover the head had been ripped by Xia Tian, how this makes him be able not to be angry, how can not be angry.

The Xia Qing anger was unable to control. You did not have that opportunity.” In the air suddenly presented a sound. Who? Is who is speaking!” Xia Qing and his driver stare, because in this room, only then they. It seems like you were very good with your dead father relations, I delivered you to see your father.” That sound gloomy terrifying, heard this sound the back of time Xia Qing and that driver has all flowed out the cold sweat. Any person, comes out to me, do not play tricks.” Xia Qing shouts. I continuously in your front.” That sound said that the body of that driver fell down weak, the body of Xia Qing also on the bed, their bodies did not have any vitality. Turned into two corpses completely. Meanwhile, the cell phone ring tone of tidal current resounds together. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. Boss, the matter solved.” Telephone that has broadcast the Han Zifeng sound. Recently was careful, Xia Family will certainly counter-attack, has the matter to call me.” Xia Tian said. Relax, Boss.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone , to continue his cultivation, he knows that the powerful enemy are getting more and more, he can do is fast promotion own strength. Two days later Xia Family. The Xia Family head of the clan and ten big elders all sit well in a room.

They are motionless, nobody spoke. In the room a peaceful needle falls on the ground can hear. Among is placing two corpses. A number of people and body have separated, another does not have the right arm. Master Xia Qing and his father of Xia Tian these two corpses is blue, their corpses soon have corrupted. But at this time these 11 people in room as if do not have the mood to go to the flavor on control corpse to be the same. They frown. Many years. Xia Family many years had not accepted the war declaration, because nobody has dared the war declaration to Xia Family, but now under some people the war declaration, these two corpses were the best war declarations, Xia Family finally once more accepts to challenge now. The previous time is the challenge of Xia Tianlong, this time is his son Xia Tian. This probably is the Xia Family natural enemy is the same to the fathers and sons. They live probably to with Xia Family for the enemy. But they actually have forgotten a matter, Xia Tianlong, is Xia Tian, does not like provoking the right and wrong on own initiative. Only if others provokes them. However now these people will be will not have considered now obviously this issue, they must do will accept a challenge, Xia Tian has killed the Xia Qing fathers and sons, this is hitting the face of Xia Family obviously, therefore they must accept a challenge, the Xia Family head of the clan sighed, afterward will stand up. Makes war.”