Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 499

The Xia Family head of the clan only said such a few words, makes war. This meaning that battles against to represent is not simple. In the past Xia Family and Xia Tianlong have signed treaty, both sides cannot make war again, is now this stature reduction to for a scrap paper. Because Xia Tianlong died. A person of dying did not have any diversion to Xia Family, reason that before they did not get rid to Xia Tian, the majority was because some others were also looking, moreover had no reason not to give a pretext. However is now different. Xia Tian round of war declaration. He has killed Xia Qing and his father, moreover cut the Xia Tian blue head, this was not the minor matter. Who they do not need to pay attention are first get rid, because this regarding them, the significance is not big. Who gets rid first, they do not need to manage. They only need to know that a Xia Tian round of war declaration has been OK. Since some people send the war declaration, they naturally must accept a challenge, moreover this person or Xia Tianlong son. In the past Xia Tianlong made the Xia Family face countenance sweep the floor. Is working as the surface murder of Xia Family, ten big elders are not his match, this matter world publicity. Today they have opportunity of retaliation finally. Xia Tian has given them a very good excuse. Make war!

Although both sides in imperial capital, in Jianghai, but these years the Xia Family strength did not know many compared with the past years. For they do not make the previous matter occur, has developed many influences in secret. To prevent second Xia Tianlong appears. But now appeared, the war declaration that second Xia Tianlong Xia Tianlong son Xia Tian, Xia Tian sends also is really a big ritual. Head of the clan, considered?” An elder opens the mouth to ask. Em, is under him the war declaration, we must accept a challenge.” The Xia Family head of the clan said. But the treaty matter, outside many people know.” Another elder said. This simplicity, sends their fathers'and sons' death news then.” The Xia Family head of the clan has tried to find all solutions. Others think that our Xia Family is very useless.” An elder said. I will make simultaneously the person spread the news, said that Xia Tian obtained the Xia Tianlong true line, the strength is immeasurably deep.” The Xia Family head of the clan calculated these extra worries in inside, if said directly the Xia Family person had been killed by the Jiang Hai City person, that Xia Family honor may lose in a big way. But if said that was the Xia Tianlong true line son has killed Xia Family that two people, this was different. Some people can be said as the sneak attacks, some people can also say that there is the Xia Tian domain wait / etc.. This will not damage the Xia Family reputation. How do you plan to make war?” Big elder who had not started talking asked. Sends Xia Shenwei to get rid, this is a very good opportunity, shows our Xia Family strengths to the entire imperial capital.” The Xia Family head of the clan said. Em, Xia Shenwei live are about 35 years old, this was they are also utterly loyal for Xia Family.” Big elder satisfied nod of.

Sends 100 Xia Shenwei to get rid, 100 Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert, such momentum enough made the person in imperial capital know our Xia Family.” Head of the clan excited saying of Xia Family, Xia Family quiet these many years, today finally must assume an awe-inspiring pose. They must do accepts a challenge, starts the Xia Family name. The Shenlong health/guard is elite of Xia Family trained. Since accepts a challenge, that on a grand scale accepted a challenge, approximately in behind of Xia Tianlong that old dwelling.” The big elder said that they have sent these many Expert in the past, is not when decorates, but makes them start the name, if they sneak attacked in the past, that threw the Xia Family person simply. Therefore they must carry on is sends for informing the Xia Tian place first, then these people coped with Xia Tian in the past. Among this they look for the opportunity of helper to Xia Tian. But small Jiang Hai City, Xia Tian looks for the helper, whom can also find. Therefore their this going, it can be said that Expert arrives. This time I lead personally.” Ten elders stand up saying that this ten elder left hands have been short of two fingers, is just the same as the Xia Tian blue condition. Saw that is ten elders requests a combat assignment, everybody nodded, he has the reason to request a combat assignment, his finger was past Xia Tianlong cuts, therefore everybody has not said anything, the head of the clan also nodded, agreed that he went to battle. Ten elders' hatred to the Xia Tianlong is not low, in the past ten big elders together to fighting Xia Tianlong time, because he scolded Xia Tianlong that to be missing many years of father several, Xia Tianlong has cut off his two fingers. Moreover cuts to pieces that two fingers, keeping him from meeting. Today he has the opportunity to revenge finally, making him look for Xia Tianlong to revenge, that was impossible, because Xia Tianlong died, even if Xia Tianlong has not died, he does not dare to look for Xia Tianlong to revenge. Therefore he can only vent all these on the Xia Tianlong son's body. This time he leads to kill by mistreatment Xia Tian personally, the enmity of good report past broken finger. Jiang Hai City, after Xia Tian receives the war declaration of opposite party, has made a phone call to Han Zifeng, afterward gave Xu to make a phone call, but he has not called Xu to come, but made Little Fei their three come.

Then gave Brother Xiaoma to make a phone call. Finally he gave the Xia Family armed forces to make a phone call, but he only made Xia Xue bring the sharpest person, this fought the opposite party saying that brought 100 Profound Grade Expert, Xia Tian understands, their 100 Profound Grade Expert were that medication trains. So long as is normal Expert, even if Yellow Grade late stage can also kill them, if the strength is slightly bad, might be cut to kill by the opposite party. He does not want to make the senseless sacrifice. Xia Xue altogether has brought 20 people, these people are the Yellow Grade late stage above strength. Within a half hour, all people all arrived, Xia Tian looked at people, nodded. These people are the Xia Tian most intimate battle efficiencies. Therefore he not polite. Opposite party, although is 100 Profound Grade Expert, their Profound Grade Expert are the medication trains, so long as were not been centralized by the frontage, will not have the matter, therefore today's fight, you must call the spirit me, cannot have slight careless, understood?” Xia Tian looked that said to the people, he now is the leaders of these people. Yes!” All people also shout. Although Lin Bingbing and Bing Xin their several, present strength is not bad, but Xia Tian does not want to involve them. Yeah, such big matter did not say one to me.” At this moment, a beautiful female walked from behind, this female has put on sportswear, but sportswear still cannot cover her elegantly beautiful. The elegantly beautiful police spend Lin Bingbing.