Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 500

Lin Bingbing came, with has Gongsun Ping that he comes together. Gongsun Ping itself not Martial Arts, but her unexpectedly also came, moreover Xia Tian guessed that certainly is she tells Lin Bingbing this matter. This imperial capital Xia Family can be said as enormous and powerful has the person to kill. They do not have the slight taboo, does not conceal, this matter has become famous in the imperial capital all of a sudden, because Xia Family to win attractively, they are Xia Tian drum up support intentionally, if they said that Xia Tian is just an average person, that won did not have what sense of achievement. These people in imperial capital will only say that they bully a child. However the Xia Family person said that Xia Tian obtained the person of Xia Tianlong true line, the strength is immeasurably deep. Like this has won the words, Xia Family very much will have the face. Entire imperial capital many people started to wait to see a play, actually they wanted to have a look at Xia Family to have any big movement. Not to know how possibly this news by the Gongsun Ping ability, therefore she told this matter to Lin Bingbing, Lin Bingbing heard Xia Tian to have difficult, first has caught up. „Do you do, mess around.” Xia Tian frowns to say. We are the good friends, has such big matter your unexpectedly not to call me.” Lin Bingbing discontented saying. You mess about anything, meets you to look in behind on the line.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly that he does not want to make Lin Bingbing receive any injury. „It is not good, I came am come the help, you have rescued my many times, even if died for you, I also wanted.” Saying of Lin Bingbing righteousness words. Hears the Lin Bingbing words, the surrounding person is the admiration looks to Xia Tian, unexpectedly has a woman to be willing for him dead, moreover is big beauty. You really had the intrigue, unexpectedly start dead for the opposite party.” Gongsun Ping visits them to say.

But Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to her: Good, but you must pay attention to the security, Fan Jin, Little Fei, Zhao Long, your three protect her.” I do not need their protections, my strength is not bad.” Lin Bingbing discontented saying. You must listen my, otherwise I drive away you.” Xia Tian serious saying. Sees the Xia Tian earnest appearance, Lin Bingbing also can only nod, but in her heart dark under decided that one must give full play. Gongsun Ping feels is very speechless, her unexpectedly has disregarded by Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian, these two people in talk, in eye, only then each other, cannot install others. Whiz! At this moment, a white form appears in the Xia Tian side. You came, I think that this matter your Quicksand should not allow you to begin is right.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Bai Yu, he knows that this matter Quicksand definitely knows, they also already knew Xia Tian and Bai Yu friendship, therefore Quicksand will certainly explicitly ban Bai Yu to meddle this matter. Em, I am come to see lively.” Bai Yu nodded, truly such as Xia Tian said that this time is Wei Guang personally orders. Watches the fun you to come such nearly to do, like that side these people, hides well.” The Xia Tian vision looked to surroundings, he already discovered that the surrounding these people, came dozens individuals from this morning to the present, moreover uniform all was Expert. These people should come to see lively. They just do not want to misunderstand to hide, I did not fear that others misunderstand.” Bai Yu answered. You but now celebrity.” Gongsun Ping walked from behind. I have been good in the Jiang Hai City reputation.” Xia Tian self-confident saying, although Jiang Hai City these people saw him not necessarily to know, but Jiang Hai City was authorized people who majority had the potential has listened to his name.

Jiang Hai City in entire China is just a small place, here are many to be useless, the genuine celebrities must flutter in imperial capital these person of ears, must imperial capital to hear your name, you real sense is considered as on is a celebrity.” Gongsun Ping answered, regardless of Xia Tian were famous in Jiang Hai City, so long as he entered the imperial capital, then he was a peon, thought highly of him there nobody radically. Even if were he these people told one in Jiang Hai City good, some people will not respond him. However was now different, the imperial capital had many people to hear Xia Tian this name. Because they have heard the Xia Tianlong name, this Xia Family to drum up support, Xia Tian and Xia Tianlong these two name bundles in one, therefore these people naturally had the interest to Xia Tian. At this time periphery these are waiting for the person of watching the fun, majority is the people who the imperial capital comes. At the same time actually their goals are to have a look at the Xia Tianlong son are any strengths, if the strength truly suffices, they will inform the juniors of oneself family do not offend this person, and becomes friends with as far as possible. If Xia Tian is only in name only, he will be solved by Xia Family, but actually they can also have a look at Xia Family currently to have what strength. Similarly is the family of imperial capital, the differences of some of their many benefits, in this case, generally is whose fist is also big, whose big name, considering as finished that who said. Really is troublesome.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. He only thinks peaceful works as a handsome man, does not want to be too famous. But Xia Family unexpectedly helped him become famous. After having become famous, has the advantage, there is a fault, the advantage was these strength not strong people does not dare to provoke you and asks you to trouble, the fault was a stronger person is waiting for you. Therefore Xia Tian is not rather famous. The person who these watch the fun knows that Xia Tian discovered them, they did not plan to continue to hide, but did not approach, because they were afraid make others have the misunderstanding, after all they came to see lively, but was not helps.

I must stand out of the way, good luck.” Bai Yu shows a faint smile, a body ticket, fell beyond dozens meters directly. Xia Tian has raised up the middle finger to Bai Yu. At this time the surrounding person knows that originally that white-clothed person unexpectedly is Expert, a moment ago his the person who shook periphery other to watch the fun, they do not know that this white-clothed person was China speed quickest Bai Yu. Quite fierce.” Gongsun Ping also said after a sigh, although her not Martial Arts, but she has experienced these Expert strengths, but she has seen in all people, did not have any to be able with Bai Yu to compare. That probably was flying to be the same a moment ago. At this moment, behind dozens Mercedes-Benz walked to open together. Is powerful. Does not need to look also knows that these people were any backgrounds, can have such big momentum, that absolutely was the Xia Family person. Uniform Mercedes-Benz. All people sighed, big ostentation.