Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 501
Xia Family this time goes to battle by the principle of righteousness, what they are hanging is the banner of revenge, on each vehicle has the small white flag, their goals are very simple, to tell people, this time matter is Xia Tian shoulders first. Xia Tian has killed the Xia Family person, therefore they can come to crusade against Xia Tian. Xia Family presence naturally cannot small the ostentation, although they are the families of imperial capital, but after arriving at Jiang Hai City, same must have own Mercedes-Benz team, such ostentation is not small. Just arrived at Jiang Hai City to make a Mercedes-Benz team. Moreover Xia Family this time threatened that must set out 100 Profound Grade Expert, moreover is led by ten elders personally. The Xia Family elder, this is in itself the significance is extraordinary. The Xia Family altogether ten elders, each is the Xia Family backbone, their ten have haunched entire Xia Family, the person of this leading is the Xia Family ten elders, actually thus it can be seen they regard as important to this time matter. Has saying that this Xia Family is really a great writer. Takes the lead the gate of that vehicle to be opened, an old man from the vehicle, the age of old man probably is about 60 years old, but the whole person seems the spirit is sparkling, his body does not have the appearance of least bit senior citizen. The vision of all people have placed old person's body, was needless saying that everybody also guessed correctly his status. He is the Xia Family ten elders. figure in legend, is Xia Family true real power figure. Sound of Xia Family this doing is really not small, unexpectedly sent including the elders.” Does not know that their Xia Family must be up to mischief, although that person is the Xia Tianlong son, but his is not too after all old, Xia Family unexpectedly has sent out that many Expert.” However, actually Xia Family in that many Profound Grade Expert of which lane, is not will be boasting.”

The people who surroundings these watch the fun were discussing, their very doubts Xia Family actually in which lane that many Profound Grade Expert, although in the imperial capital had many Expert, but was the imperial capital impossible casual family to make over a hundred Profound Grade Expert. But they also know that Xia Family is not cracking a joke absolutely. Otherwise that was hitting own face. This is also they arrived here goal, actually has a look at Xia Family from which lane these many Profound Grade Expert. After the Xia Family ten elders get out, the glance of vision coldly around these people, direct stand forth, he behind entire 100 have worn the person of black western-style clothes, looks at these to wear the person of black western-style clothes, surroundings these people all deep frown. Imposing manner that this group of people upload is not low. Ten elders moved toward the Xia Tian front slowly. You are the Xia Tianlong bad child is right.” Ten elders looked that said to Xia Tian. His expression is very rampant, is supercilious, in his eyes Xia Tian is just a child, cannot enter his discernment, the reputation that although the imperial capital passes on Xia Tian now is very high. However he knows that these reputations are Xia Family intentionally, therefore he does not think that Xia Tian has any skill. Even if were Xia Tianlong teaches him Kungfu, he was impossible in such a short time to obtain the strong strength, Xia Family these years has been paying attention to Xia Tian, every year some people will investigate the Xia Tian situation, then passed on the Xia Tian news. The news that last year passed on, Xia Tian carried the tray in the hotel to the person. „Before you go out, should be eats Shi, otherwise the mouth is impossible to be so smelly.” Xia Tian coldly looks that ten elders said that he most repugnant is others insults his father. Now this ten elders work as his front to insult his father, this moved his bottom line, therefore in Xia Tian has marked the signal that must die to him at heart.

Xia Tian is will not allow this ten elders to continue to go on living absolutely. Courts death!” The complexions of ten elders one cold. Along with ten elders such remarks, he behind that 100 wear the person of black western-style clothes to expose their imposing manner. Humph! Profound Grade Initial Stage. Completely is the Profound Grade Initial Stage imposing manners. Sees such imposing manner, the person who surroundings these watch the fun has all held breath cold air, this scene was really too magnificent, they a little do not believe that own eye, nearby Bai Yu also gawked. Over a hundred Profound Grade Expert, this perhaps only then in Hidden Sect can gather. But Xia Family unexpectedly of imperial capital presented over a hundred Profound Grade Expert, this was also too terrifying. Xia Family these time showed their strength to the person in entire imperial capital. In other family, Profound Grade Expert sits the distinguished guest, however in Xia Family, these Profound Grade Expert unexpectedly uniform is the subordinate, moreover they seem look like one group of personal servants. interesting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, if did not know the details of these people, Xia Tian also really by such scene to control, after all this will be over a hundred Profound Grade Initial Stage Expert, regardless of he will be fierce, will be impossible to shoulder these people together to attack. Snort, the boy of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, I thought how today you die.” Xia Family ten elder cold snort said. „Do I refuse stubbornly to know, but you had insulted my father a moment ago, therefore you will certainly die.” Xia Tian light saying.

Xia Tianlong is just a waste, after being expelled Xia Family, unexpectedly also has a face with Xia Family opposes, finally was different dies in the hand of Quicksand.” Ten elder contemptuous saying of Xia Family. Although Xia Tianlong living time, he does not dare saying that but Xia Tianlong died now, therefore he does not care. In his opinion insulted a deceased person is also very crisp matter, what because he insulted was Western Hidden Xia Tianlong in legend. You are making foreshadowing for your death.” Xia Tian coldly looks that ten elders said. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Laughed at me, your unexpectedly said that must kill me, this was really the huge joke, depended on you? A young fellow, moreover I have brought 100 Profound Grade Expert, today you and your here friend cannot live.” The Xia Family ten elders laugh were saying. „Do brothers, you fear death?” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. Did not fear!” All people simultaneously responded. Heard? This is my this group of brothers and sisters' reply.” Xia Tian looks that the Xia Family ten elders said. Snort, thing of one crowd of acting recklessly, I make you die in this today together.” Xia Family ten elder cold snort said that his very discontented Xia Tian their performance, in his opinion, Xia Tian they noticed over a hundred Profound Grade Expert should frighten the urination pants. Is kneels begs for mercy. But Xia Tian and he behind that group of person unexpectedly are one group of unyielding people, this makes him very discontented. I will make you turn into a person stick.” Xia Tian coldly looks that the Xia Family ten elders said.