Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 502

The person stick, slices off the arm leg of person, only the remaining bodies, seem look like a stick, therefore calls the person stick. The Xia Family ten elders naturally know that the person stick is any meaning. Skill is not much, boasts is very fierce.” Saying that the Xia Family ten elders disdain. As Xia the sound falls, Xia behind that 100 Profound Grade Expert forwarded one step, 100 Profound Grade Expert walked together forward, this imposing manner was very scary. Has not thought that Xia Family has 100 Profound Grade Expert.” These many Profound Grade Expert enough have trampled flat entire Jiang Hai City.” What this Xia Tian was ended, Xia Family this was not copes with a young child radically, but was setting up the prestige.” These people looked to understand, which this Xia Family this was accepted a challenge, this is clearly showing their strengths to these families of imperial capital, Xia Family this was must tell the person in imperial capital, their Xia Family can send out 100 Profound Grade Expert casually. In the eyes of all people, Xia Tian they were die, first did not say the disparity in population, solely was this strength having no way ratio, a side was uniform Profound Grade Expert. Another side is some strength irregular people. This absolutely does not have the commeasurability. Boasted, you knew quickly.” Xia Tian walks toward the Xia Family ten elders directly. Saw that Xia Tian walks forward, Brother Xiaoma and the others also all with Xia Tian stand forth. Snort, acts recklessly.” Ten elder waving of Xia Family gently. His behind that 100 wear Profound Grade Expert of western-style clothes simultaneously stand forth, the distance between both sides was getting more and more near. The war is ready to be set off. Finally must start, this fight should very be about ten minutes, after all the strength disparity of both sides was really too big.”

Completely is the lopsided trend, I looked in less than ten minutes.” Cannot think that Xia Tianlong son, unexpectedly is this fate.” The surrounding these people started to regret, they think that Xia Tian died, they know that this was called the Xia Tian person is in the legend the Western Hidden Xia Tianlong son. Such status is not truly low, in their eyes the Xia Tian talent is very high, if gives his enough time, perhaps he will turn into second Xia Tianlong. But the talent does not represent the strength. Xia Family such does not give the opportunity that Xia Tian grows obviously. When his wing is not abundant removes him. Xia Tian on this stand forth step by step, what his behind is Brother Xiaoma, Lin Bingbing and Xia Xue. Their are, Fan Jin, Little Fei, Expert of Zhao Long and these Xia Family armed forces. Here nobody uses the (spear|gun). Jianghu custom, means processing of Jianghu. Moreover was here deceased person, some people will come processing. Xia Tian sent the war declaration, Xia Family has accepted a challenge, this was the Jianghu custom, therefore both sides did not have the belt (spear|gun), but the weapon had, majority were the short sword and dagger. The Xia Family ten elders stand in same place, plan that he has not gotten rid. His status is noble, how possibly casually to get rid, moreover he believes that this fight does not get rid with oneself. This time I thought how you die.” The Xia Family ten elders look that Xia Tian they said.

Afterward he looked down to his hand, finger that two discarding, was the hate of this whole life, today he can revenge finally, although he is unable to kill Xia Tianlong personally, but he felt that killed the Xia Tianlong son, compared with killing Xia Tianlong can make him vent spleen. The distance between both sides only then less than ten meters. Brothers, kill!” Xia Tian drinks greatly, afterward his whole person disappeared in same place, appeared again golden light flashes dodged. Puff! A number of people high flies. The flash confrontation, Xia Tian had according to superiority, both armies battle most is mainly the imposing manner. Xia Tian this, it can be said that greatly enhanced the imposing manner of one's own side. Quite fierce, unexpectedly only used one move to kill Profound Grade Expert.” Worthily is the Xia Tianlong son, unexpectedly is so fierce, he seems also on 18-19 appearances.” „The first confrontation such goes all out, it seems like he wants to enhance the imposing manner.” The person who these watch the fun by Xia Tian to to control, they have not thought of Xia Tian strength unexpectedly is so strong, moreover gets rid so very ruthless, feeling of killing without batting an eye. Quite fierce.” Gongsun Ping saw that Xia Tian this has also been shocked, now actually she is knowing Xia Tian fiercely. Has not thought that his strength was increased.” Bai Yu nod of silently, he sees Xia Tian each time, can feel the remarkable promotion of Xia Tian strength. As Xia Tian strikes to go well, he has not rested, but is the body flushes away fast forward. Rumbling! At this moment, two Profound Grade Expert simultaneously have hit to Xia Tian.

Is you.” The body of Xia Tian circles, presents in the two directly, the golden silk thread has cut off the head of two directly. Meanwhile, a Brother Xiaoma foot trampled to fly directly a person, he settled on the opportunity direct foot to kick in being away from him recently on that person of temples, struck to kill. Lin Bingbing also knows that this fight is concerning the lives of all people. Therefore she has not kept the hand. Bang! Her fist hit directly on a belly of Profound Grade late stage Expert, hit to fly that person directly, the Lin Bingbing strength came from the Vampire addition, she can a fist bend including the iron pipe, say nothing was a person. Kills!” Xia Xue is in itself Assassins, moreover Chief of Poisonous Rose Assassins group, she in murder, radically not winking eye, moreover method that she kills people also after innumerable trainings. In her both hands has two daggers, has harvested their life instantaneously. In this compared with Xia Xue murder speed quick has one person, that is Xia Tian. These people are quite fierce, face Profound Grade Expert unexpectedly also to strike to kill.” Their four are taking the lead to charge obviously, wants to rip an opening the teams of these people.” If behind these people so are also fierce, this fight also really perhaps who can win.” Person who surroundings these watch the fun very surprised, they have not thought that Xia Tian this team of person unexpectedly can be so fierce, four people of lead have ripped open an opening the team of opposite party instantaneously. Little Fei also kills, he is a lord not awfully, but Xia Tian has warned the abilities of his these people, therefore he has avoided the opposite party strikes, afterward the blue light dodges, the Qing Yun (Clear Sky) dagger has killed one of them instantaneously. Snort!” The Xia Family ten elders saw such scene cold snort, afterward shouted loudly: Lineup.”