Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 503
After hearing the words of Xia Family ten elders, the person who surroundings these watch the fun was all shocked. Lineup? Formation!! But Formation only then Hidden Sect these sect Mencai meetings, but Xia Family unexpectedly was shouting the lineup, did Xia Family have these large amount gates strengths? This let present all people to have doubts. Xia Family is more and more is not really normal, before was quietly vapid has sent out 100 Profound Grade Expert. Currently unexpectedly also has Formation. But reason that Formation in Hidden Sect the strongest skill, Hidden Sect Expert nobody dares to annoy, the biggest reason because of their Formation, Formation is the most mysterious thing, Formation of usual two person can display the strengths of five people. Moreover this strength grows doubled and re-doubled. Therefore hears Formation time, these talented people so will be surprised. „, Xia Family unexpectedly will not link Formation to be able, that can Xia Family compare favorably with Hidden Sect?” Really was too surprising, today this fights, if Xia Family won, Xia Family met the reputation in a big way chirp.” When the time comes perhaps entire imperial capital also few dare to annoy Xia Family.” Surroundings these people the person from various imperial capital influences, they came here goal are under Xia Family present the strength for searching, the strength that now Xia Family shows makes them feel frightened. Hears Formation time, Xia Tian also stares. Beforehand that blue forest their several using is not just Formation. That several people get rid of together Formation might instantaneously suddenly to increase, Brother Xiaoma is also one round is wounded by them. Xia Family these Profound Grade Expert started. They fuse fast, five people are one team, fast to converges together.

Dies!” How Xia Tian possibly helplessly looks at their lineup, flushes away instantaneously forward, the [gold/metal] blade departs directly, the golden ray explodes dodges, that five people separate hurriedly. Puff! Had cut off the head from [gold/metal] Dao a recent person by Xia Tian directly. The remaining four people look for the new person to form a team hurriedly, but Xia Tian does not give them the opportunity. Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian appears in a person of side instantaneously, the [gold/metal] blade pricks that person of body directly, afterward his left hand double direction in place of the person of heart. Ping! Also was they have poured. Although this group of people have the Profound Grade Expert strength, but they with the strength of its match, this have not been just like in a small and weak person hand to take a (spear|gun) to be the same, the might of (spear|gun) is truly big enough. If they do not hit the opposite party, their strengths did not have any use. Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step opens access in these people. Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian has heard a fierce explosive sound. Brother Xiaoma is drawing Little Fei body fast retreat. But that ground that Little Fei stood a moment ago presented a 20 centimeters deep pit. Hateful!” Xia Tian instantaneous turn around, arrived at the front of that five person directly. Five people also get rid, Xia Tian has to dodge, when he wants to attack once more discovered that attack unexpectedly of these five people start continuously, this probably was a person grows ten arms to be the same. Five Formation.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xia Tian, weren't you a moment ago very fierce?” Ten elder excited saying with a smile of Xia Family. They naturally know that this type has very big limit with the Profound Grade Expert strength that medicine trains, therefore they used energy the painstaking care to make this five Formation, neutral who five person getting rid direct vacancies defended together. Quickest Lin Bingbing and Xia Xue that another side, clashes are also retreat that keeps. The war was twisted to transfer by the opposite party. Ended, this Xia Tian they ended, understood Formation Profound Grade Expert can be said as the perfection.” Also thinks they a little hope, what a pity.” Now can only hope that Xia Tian turned around the situation once more.” The person who these watch the fun just started to think this war not any quality of being worth looking, because the strength disparity of both sides was really too big, but afterward they gradually discovered that Xia Tian their strength unexpectedly were not weak. But Xia Family these Profound Grade Expert unexpectedly started the lineup. Bai Yu stood there a few words had not said that his vision has been gazing at Xia Tian. Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort, double refers to goes to the front point directly. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. Bang! Void in presented a giant finger empty shade directly. That five people of squads resist hurriedly. Kills!” Brother Xiaoma and the others had seized the opportunity, has killed directly, is only the flash, that five people were killed by Brother Xiaoma and the others. Inner Strength manifestation! What? unexpectedly is Inner Strength manifestation!!” This Xia Family ten elders have been shocked, on his face has written all over inconceivable, he is unable to imagine simply, Xia Tian unexpectedly used Inner Strength manifestation, this was also too terrifying.

The person who these watch the fun was also shocked, although their here does not look at Tai Qing, but they can determine that a moment ago that absolutely was Inner Strength manifestation. Inner Strength manifestation represents is Earth Grade! In other words what Xia Tian showed a moment ago is the Earth Grade strength. Do not fear that he possibly is not Earth Grade Expert, otherwise that can Insta-kill that five people, he certainly use any method.” The Xia Family ten elders shout loudly, he felt Xia Tian obviously a moment ago that his person all to control. Truly so, a Earth Grade Expert that absolutely is terrifying existence. But the Xia Family ten elders absolutely do not believe that Xia Tian is Earth Grade Expert. Should like ten elders said that Xia Tian possibly is not Earth Grade Expert, such young Earth Grade Expert was a little scary, moreover he, if is really Earth Grade Expert, that should kill that five people a moment ago directly.” Right, even if cannot kill, that five people also absolutely are the severe wounds, therefore he possibly is not Earth Grade Expert.” Yeah, is he Earth Grade Expert can be what kind of now? Earth Grade can Expert utilize Formation Profound Grade Expert facing over a hundred?” Along with words one of the person, everybody was also looks to Xia Tian that worried they, although the Xia Tian life did not have any relations with them, but they actually start now are Xia Tian are anxious. Watches the fun experiencing personally that looks. Bang! Bang! Bang! Several explosive sounds transmit, retreat that Xia Tian behind these people keep, they fell into the fear completely, although Xia Tian broke opposite party Formation. However here has more than ten Formation. Other people cannot approach Xia Tian their this. Be careful.” At this moment, Xia Tian discovered that Lin Bingbing unexpectedly has fired into Formation front, her speed is fast, but the flash she arrived at that five people of Formation front.