Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 505

Xia Tian beset with a crisis in directly. Although they are the real strength do not have Profound Grade, however their strengths and attacks actually all are Profound Grade, now these people encircle Xia Tian completely in the middle, Xia Tian have no place to go radically. Regardless of he has how exquisitely the Movement Technique many impossible putting on people in the true sense. These people already saw the exquisiteness of Xia Tian Movement Technique, therefore they intentionally will encircle Xia Tian in the middle. All people attack to Xia Tian together. These, if were hit, must die without doubt. The encirclement ring that at this time these people form is watertight, the under foot and head completely were also blocked. Ended, reason that this chapter, he before can be lucky his exquisite Movement Technique strong, but he completely is surrounded by the opposite party now.” Moreover his stamina and Inner Strength consumption is too big, that move of Inner Strength manifestation should also very much consume stamina.” This time he had no place to go, so long as he died, his behind these people surely did not have the ability that has fought again, when the time comes unilaterally slaughtered.” The person who these watch the fun says with emotion, their themselves is Expert that the imperial capital comes, naturally can completely understand the change of entire war. Plays this set with me.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, several silver needles inserted above both hands, afterward above his both hands presented the flame instantaneously. His both hands patted directly on the bodies of front these people. Bang! The explosive sound of strong crack explodes there person directly flies. The fire on Xia Tian is not the ordinary flame, but is the flame in fire dragon dagger, in addition Xia Tian strength addition, therefore has created the explosion. Such explosion has given a Xia Tian exit / to speak directly.

All people have not looked to understand that is actually how a matter. The person who outside these watch the fun also all hoodwinked, they think Xia Tian unexpectedly that a moment ago must die flushed, moreover on several Profound Grade Expert all was the flame. What?” Xia Family ten elders once more one startled, he thinks a moment ago Xia Tian must die without doubt, but Xia Tian unexpectedly flushed, moreover why he really cannot think through the body of that two person to have the fire. Xia Tian escaped from that encirclement ring hurriedly. Whistling!” Xia Tian is absorbing outside air greedily, a moment ago these people surrounded, he felt that inside air must be isolated. Sees the flame, Lin Bingbing then remembers own fire dragon dagger. The fire dragon dagger in Lin Bingbing hand punctures directly to one person, that person also took up a dagger to hit with the fire dragon dagger together. Ka! The dagger in that person of hand was cut off by Lin Bingbing directly. Puff! The fire dragon dagger has left behind one on that person of body the trace. That person has not cared, a fist hits once more to Lin Bingbing, when his fist brandishes half, the complexion big change of his whole person, starts to send out a pitiful yell afterward. After ten seconds, his clothes starts to catch fire probably. Afterward his whole person by flame incinerator. My little darling, false Spirit Tool, dagger unexpectedly in that female hand is false Spirit Tool.” Was too fierce, this group of people, in the hand unexpectedly has Earth Grade Expert to have false Spirit Tool that before she had not taken is the worry exposes.”

Does not arrive at the Profound Grade strength in the person hand unexpectedly to take false Spirit Tool, this is really the violent dispatches the gifts of heaven.” Shaking the head that person keeping that these watch the fun, their unexpectedly saw false Spirit Tool, this is the weapon in legend, is present unexpectedly in the hand of this female. But false Spirit Tool Earth Grade Expert special-purpose weapon, moreover is not all Earth Grade Expert can use false Spirit Tool. False Spirit Tool, unexpectedly is false Spirit Tool, this time gained.” Sees false Spirit Tool time, Xia Family ten long on shameless have filled excitedly, at this moment in his eyes that false Spirit Tool is his it's in the bag. Although they lose now seriously, but Xia Tian their Inner Strength and stamina lose greatly, therefore the Xia Family ten elders think that this fights them to win surely, therefore that false Spirit Tool was also his. Today this war lost these many Profound Grade Expert, this is in itself a fault, once he obtained this false Spirit Tool, then these losses can ignore. But false Spirit Tool most precious object. After Lin Bingbing puts out the fire dragon dagger, it can be said that was slightly invincible, because she in fearing any spells hardly, any people cannot put together false Spirit Tool in her hand. Whistling!” After Xia Tian has panted for breath several times, flushes away once more forward, now the fight of both sides fell into the superheating. Xia Tian behind these people lose very in a big way, in the short time is very difficult to massacre Xia Family these Profound Grade Expert. Puff! The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand has harvested a person of life once more. Now can also maintain the murder ability had Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing. Brother Xiaoma and Xia Xue, although can also kill people, but must fight about one minute to kill a person with the opposite party . Moreover the population of opposite party has the superiority, therefore their here is more and more strenuous. To limit?” Bai Yu looks at a Xia Tian sound brow slightly wrinkle. Also early.” Xia Tian as if heard the Bai Yu words to be ordinary, gives a loud shout, the [gold/metal] blade in hand departed instantaneously.

That several people moved aside hurriedly, have shunted the attack of Xia Tian, now they have found out Xia Tian [gold/metal] Dao some rules, the speed was fast, was sharp enough, therefore they left Xia Tian to be far. Snort! [gold/metal] Daoke solely is not [gold/metal] Dao.” Xia Tian fast runs forward, at the same time his right hand makes an effort to fling. Puff! Puff! Puff! Three numbers of people high flew, is Gold Thread. [gold/metal] Daolian Gold Thread sends the invincible might greatly, will directly attack the three people within range to cut to kill directly. Quite fierce, worthily is the Xia Tianlong son, unexpectedly can also cut to kill three people under this degree directly.” He should reach limit to be right, the strength that but in his as if bone that does not concede is supporting him.” This war consumes many are he, reason that he crashes in the camp of place, to attract the goals of these people, his rear pressure can subtract like this, now his rear these people are almost one-to-one, if he collapsed, his behind these people may be going to face two pairs very one, even is three pairs one.” The person who these watch the fun had been subdued by the Xia Tian strength completely, they felt that Xia Tian looks like an inborn war-god is the same, fights is a lunatic, does not know completely wearily. Xia Family ten elder unexpectedly moved.” At this moment, suddenly some people shout, all people all looked to the Xia Family ten elders. Sees only ten elder stand forths of Xia Family step by step, his speed is not fast, however his goal is clear, is his opposite Xia Tian.