Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 508
Fan Zhuifeng came. Xia Tian relaxed, the Fan Zhuifeng skill, that is, Yin Fu such Expert that Xia Tian personally sees is not his match. Fan Zhuifeng gets rid, directly struck to fly three people. This is only flash's matter. What?” The Xia Family ten elders see suddenly present Expert, immediately one startled, Fan Zhuifeng just got rid he to look, Fan Zhuifeng absolutely is Expert, moreover Expert in Expert. He is that Yin Fu nemesis.” The Bai Yu vision left from Xia Tian, looks to Fan Zhuifeng. This person is quite fierce.” Gongsun Ping surprised looks at Fan Zhuifeng. That group of people in imperial capital usually are the hosts who has keen eyesight in Tian, they do not know that who Jiang Hai City first Expert is, has not listened to the Fan Zhuifeng name. You rest a meeting.” Fan Zhuifeng looked at Brother Xiaoma and the others to say. We can also continue to fight.” Brother Xiaoma looked that said to Fan Zhuifeng. Brother Xiaoma, listens his, has him , the fight had ended.” Xia Tian said loudly. Good!” Brother Xiaoma nodded, since Xia Tian has opened the mouth, they also can only draw back. Dies!” These Xia Family Profound Grade Expert kill directly to Fan Zhuifeng. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Five people within five meters were struck to fly by Fan Zhuifeng instantaneously, sees this scene, all people were shocked, because a moment ago the Fan Zhuifeng forms of defensive action were really too surprising.

No wonder Yin Fu is not his match.” Bai Yu nodded, he finally understands why now Yin Fu could not hit Fan Zhuifeng. Fan Zhuifeng this marvelous Movement Technique simply can be said as nemesis of speed. His forms of defensive action are the five angles of five pointed star. In other words in these five angles, his speed theoretically is zero second. Quite fierce, who is this person? So to be how fierce, moreover his forms of defensive action and Movement Technique I have not seen.” It seems like in China is really the crouching tiger , hidden dragon, small Jiang Hai City unexpectedly so many Expert.” Xia Tian and his behind that group of person strengths are good, but this newly arrived strength was really too strong.” The people who these watch the fun by the Fan Zhuifeng strength shocking, them have not thought of that Xia Tian unexpectedly also has the support, moreover his support unexpectedly is such fierce Expert, a Fan Zhuifeng person all kept off these Profound Grade Expert outside. Brother Xiaoma and the others all surprised looks at Fan Zhuifeng. The great strength of Fan Zhuifeng, has been above their anticipation. Hateful, which from braves such Expert.” The Xia Family ten elders look at Fan Zhuifeng angrily, his person can rout the Xia Tian team immediately, but unexpectedly presented such Expert at this critical moment. Whistling!” Xia Tian long spat two tones to extend the arm afterward, has kicked the leg: Finally can let loose has hit.” Xia Tian this time did not use again around control these enemies finally, because there is Fan Zhuifeng, these people almost can ignore, he finally can resist the Xia Family ten elders now directly. Snort, acts recklessly, so long as I have killed you, your behind these people naturally disintegrated.” Xia Family ten elder cold snort, angry looks to Xia Tian, he cannot prevent that afterward Fan Zhuifeng, but he can kill Xia Tian, so long as he can kill Xia Tian, that Xia Family these people naturally have also disintegrated, that fire dragon dagger can also be his it's in the bag. Old fogy, you thinks really I have feared you?” Xia Tian received the [gold/metal] blade in right hand, [gold/metal] Dao to fighting the soft sword has really suffered a loss, therefore he planned that did not use the [gold/metal] blade.

[gold/metal] Dao the length does not have the software to be long, moreover [gold/metal] Dao does not have the soft sword to be flexible. Although the consumption of Xia Tian is very big, reason that but he consumption such greatly is running that because he keeps and attacks these people, now he can concentrate on, that naturally did not care about these to consume. You as if are the target of universal detestation that I hit were the same a moment ago, now the consumption is getting bigger and bigger, why did you fight with me?” The Xia Family ten elders disdain looked that said to Xia Tian. Xia Tian had not explained that but the carrying a heavy load on wrist|skill and ankle has picked. Bang! Carries a heavy load throws the ground time, the ground was pounded a gulf directly, this carries a heavy load is Bai Yu makes for him specially, he had not picked, since must start to fight fully, he naturally must take off these to carry a heavy load. Bai Yu looks at Xia Tian to show a faint smile, has not spoken. Anything!” Xia Family ten elder whole faces inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has brought to carry a heavy load is fighting. Quite fierce, originally he has worn that heavy thing to fight, was really too extraordinary.” Wears carries a heavy load can that violence, it seems like that this time had the good play to look.” That afterward person joined the fight to change the war, because before Xia Tian had scruples behind person, therefore fight time could not let loose, now he can put out finally carries on to fight fully.” The person who these watch the fun suddenly also became one's blood bubbles up to the brim, today they saw a splendid war finally. The fight of both sides emerges one after another incessantly, making them look very satisfies a craving. At this time Fan Zhuifeng there idle courtyard is free, although he has not killed people, but these people do not have the strength to hit back before him, his movement was really too special.

After Xia Tian casts off has carried a heavy load, felt own whole body one light. It is not he does not want to use to make oblique charges, but was here person is really too many, if made others know that on him had Spirit Tool, perhaps that entire China person can come to rob. Old fogy, I forgot to tell you probably, my speed was faster than Earth Grade Expert.” The Xia Tian sound just fell, his body vanished in same place, when he appeared again, arrived at the front of Xia Family ten elders. Bang! A Xia Tian fist hits to fly the bodies of Xia Family ten elders directly, afterward his body vanished in once more same place. Bang! Bang! Double hit! Attack continuous hitting of Xia Tian on the bodies of Xia Family ten elders, his speed had the tremendous changes, in addition Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, now his whole person seems the deity descends to earth general, to person an illusory feeling. It seems like his speed promoted.” Bai Yu light saying, he felt that is mixing with Xia Tian together, his impulse continually is also promoting, before he turned into the China speed first, he did not have the goal of struggle, but with Xia Tian after mixed together, he saw the rapid growth of Xia Tian, this also made him produce very strong power. The spirit snake leaves the hole! The Xia Family ten elders of body in midair changes incurs suddenly.