Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 509

Soft swords in ten long expert as if turn into a spirit snake to be the same, direct thorn to Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance! Xia Tian double referred to gripped soft swords in ten long expert directly, the Finger of Consonance biggest skill can accurate incomparably grip the weapon of opposite party. When uses Finger of Consonance, Inner Strength gathers above double refers. Regardless of the how sharp weapon is unable to injure to his finger, this is the Finger of Consonance strongest place. Snort, courts death.” Soft swords in ten long expert circle. That move, he wanted to cut the finger of Xia Tian with the soft sword. How possibly to make you succeed.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout double refers to making an effort to clamp afterward. Finger of Consonance Second Layer. A unexpectedly finger empty shade appears, grips ten long expert medium-soft swords directly completely. Ka! Soft sword unexpectedly was cut off. The soft sword biggest superiority will not break, because of its willful enough good, but soft sword unexpectedly in ten long expert are cut off now. By Xia Tian Finger of Consonance Second Layer pinching-off. How is this possible?” Ten elders look own hand inconceivable of breaking sword whole face. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! At this time Fan Zhuifeng there fight had also ended, these Xia Family Profound Grade Expert all fell down, could not stand, Fan Zhuifeng worthily was Jiang Hai City first Expert, he only used for more than ten minutes to knock down that 30-40 Profound Grade Expert. Although his fight had ended, but he has not gone forward to help the meaning of Xia Tian. Old fogy, if you do not have other skill, you died.” Xia Tian coldly looks that the Xia Family ten elders said.

Quite fierce, Xia Family ten elder unexpectedly lost.” Really was too splendid, Xia Family ten elder became famous many years of Expert unexpectedly to lose finally in a shibajiu-year-old manpower.” Today this war, Xia Tian will certainly become famous.” The person who these watch the fun has not thought completely the result will turn into this, just started them to think that Xia Tian and his person meet whole army has been annihilated, but finally Xia Tian these people, although the majority has all been injured, but did not have a death. Looks at Xia Family these Profound Grade Expert again, falls to the ground completely, cannot stand. Death that dying, wound wound. The Xia Family ten elders also defeated in the hand of Xia Tian, his hand medium-soft sword had cut off by Xia Tian. Hateful, I am not willingly.” The Xia Family ten elders look at Xia Tian to shout angrily. It seems like you did not have what skill.” Xia Tian turns the head to look to Fan Zhuifeng: Thanked.” ! At this moment, the Xia Family ten elders send out hidden weapon suddenly, at this time the Xia Tian back to him, he is having the confidence to sneak attack successfully. Flickers the body technique. The Xia Tian form presented in the Xia Family ten elders instantaneously, afterward the right hand grasped, has grasped the bodies of ten elders directly: Dies!” Bang! Xia Tian directly body pounding of ten elders maliciously above ground. Bang! Bang! Bang! Hitting of Xia Tian fist then fist on the faces of Xia Family ten elders, the blood splashes from the faces of ten elders, on the body and face of Xia Tian all are the blood, the appearance is very terrorist. Violence!

Xia Tian procedure violence. Sees this, the person innermost feelings that these watch the fun all are one cold, Xia Tian strength so formidable, moreover murders decisively, looks is not affable figure. In their hearts warned itself secretly, this person can only be on good terms, cannot offend. Xia Tian, these people what to do?” Brother Xiaoma asked. Kills! All killed.” Ten elders who Xia Tian carries that whole face covered with blood: Since the ancient times, to become Wang defeats invader, if we lost, fate compared with this also miserable.” Bang! Under Xia Tian divided steps on the bodies of ten elders directly above the ground. The Xia Family ten elders die cannot die again. Heard Xia Tian to say that moment of killing, Xia Family that group of younger sisters began, they regarded the blood brother to regard Xia Tian, since Xia Tian said that must kill, his they naturally cannot keep the hand. Yeah!” Fan Zhuifeng saw that the Xia Tian procedure sighed, afterward turn around left, he is only helps, now Xia Tian has been all right, he naturally must leave. Xia Tian knows that meaning of Fan Zhuifeng, Fan Zhuifeng this person himself is benevolent, he gets rid never to kill people, even if facing Yin Fu such person, he is only the wound does not kill, this in the grove with his family is the same. He is a respect life person. Therefore Xia Tian had not planned that convinced him. Had finished, Xia Family this losing was too miserable, 100 Profound Grade Expert and an elder all ruined here.” This Xia Tian was really too fierce, moreover his manner murdered decisively, this person cannot offend.” This matter will perhaps cause a stir in the entire imperial capital, Xia Family this time wanted insanely, they wanted the vertical prestige, but now looks like they not only has not succeeded, but also has lost these many Expert lives.” Person who surroundings these watch the fun says with emotion, this Xia Tian has shown the strength to them, although Xia Tian is only Jiang Hai City one, however he had own reputation in the imperial capital. Normally, the imperial capital besides China four big Expert, they outside Expert to imperial capital will not be interested.

Xia Tian these younger sisters also make this group of people very surprised. Under normal conditions, the girl will not kill people, but Xia Tian issues an order, unexpectedly that begins to kill people are these females, moreover these females to murder not any repugnance. Your speed promoted.” Bai Yu arrives at the Xia Tian side to say. Xia Tian picks up carrying a heavy load of ground to put on: This is not your means is good, how otherwise possibly to progress is so quick.” Person who uses this method are many, but you are most splendid one, even is more splendid than my me.” Bai Yu said that he speaks will not always go to think highly of anyone intentionally. Ha Ha, many thanks your praise.” Xia Tian laughs was saying. I think to be able that Fan Zhuifeng.” Bai Yu light saying. Tomorrow I lead you to go to Greenwood Villa.” Xia Tian nodded, Bai Yu has the request, he naturally will not reject. Good, tomorrow sees.” Bai Yu said that the whole person disappeared in same place, walked toward the distant place. The Bai Yu speed is fast, moreover he is flying probably. Who that person is, will his speed so be how fast?” He is flying probably, Expert unexpectedly that originally that had not gotten rid is the Xia Tian friend, was really too fierce.” Bai Yu, that person is Bai Yu, Quicksand Assassins Bai Yu, the China speed quickest person.” Some person people who these watch the fun looked finally, such quick speed and that appearance, had a person, that was Bai Yu in legend.