Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 510

This made these people blurry. Entire China knows that Xia Tianlong was killed by Quicksand Wei Guang, but Bai Yu a Quicksand chieftain. However a moment ago between Xia Tian and Bai Yu unexpectedly seemed very friendly. Xia Tian does not know that his father was killed by Wei Guang? This obviously is impossible, should already hear by his present strength his father's matter, will be why he also with the Quicksand person in the same place? These people more are more chaotic. Finally they obtained several results. First, past Xia Tianlong did not die in the hand of Quicksand. Second, in the past Xia Tianlong with Wei Guang possibly was a good friend. Third, Xia Tian mistook an enemy for a friend. Any result had proven Xia Tian has the relations with Quicksand, in other words behind present Xia Tian has Quicksand to support. This is an extraordinary news. Xia Tian not only has the formidable strength, but also one group of loyal subordinates, currently unexpectedly also has the backer, after obtaining this news, Xia Tian reputation instantaneously suddenly to increase. These people passed on here matter. The news that they obtain is one, a bit faster comes back, do not offend him, later can only be on good terms he. „Is everybody's wound how is it?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Brother Xiaoma. Severe wound has several, but the majority of situations are good, but was stamina has overdrawn, needs to alleviate for several days.” Brother Xiaoma answered. I help them treat first.” Xia Tian said that walks toward these people.

Does not use, their wounds were not serious, go to the hospital to check to be good, I will prepare some tonics to them, you also consumed much, went back to rest.” Brother Xiaoma blocked Xia Tian to say. He knows that today the consumption of Xia Tian is biggest, he resists that many Expert, otherwise this group of people cannot withstand that many Expert absolutely. I am all right.” The Xia Tian body dodged, arrived at side these injured people, started for their acupunture therapy. Yeah, you like showing off power.” Brother Xiaoma helpless saying. He knows that the Xia Tian medical skill is very good, just right one month can the good wound, after his treatment several days be able. Xia Tian 11 was similar, they who the wounds of these people cure now lack was the time convalesces. Xia Tian has put out the telephone. Xu, having the person to tidy up here, arranges everybody.” After Xia Tian makes the call, went home directly, this is the war, did not fight in groups, fires off has also needed to exit to dine together, chats the victory. Xia Tian believes that going in food that now these person of cannot have, including Xia Xue and her these Assassins under. They just killed the complete human, now eats meal, is very easy to make the spirit be stimulated. Therefore Xia Tian go home in advance, then makes other Xu Laojiang people also send back. After going home, Xia Tian lay on the bed directly falls asleep. Heaven Absolute Wake in unknowingly, once more some progress. Next morning, Xia Tian felt one are refreshing, body relaxed many, this is the function of Heaven Absolute Wake, no matter is tired, next day will have the spirit specially. Whistling!” Xia Tian went out has made a simple exercise. Gets up is very early.” A white form falls on the Xia Tian side. Not early, quick around 9 : 00.” Xia Tian extends the arm.

After yesterday's that war, I thinks that you result in today can get up in the afternoon.” Bai Yu has not thought Xia Tian after a that big fight can also get up is so early. My cultivation Heaven Absolute Wake, can carry on the rest and supplement in sleeping.” Xia Tian answered. Walks?” Bai Yu sees Xia Tian to be in high spirits, to say directly. Worries, I have not eaten meal.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Xia Tian brought Bai Yu to have a breakfast, afterward he and Bai Yu went to Greenwood Villa together, they have not taken taxi, took taxi regarding them is a waste, they all used the movement. Xia Tian comes Greenwood Villa to have a prosperous feeling each time, the life sign, Fan Zhuifeng has the pursue regarding the life, therefore here everywhere is the flowers and plants. The Fan Zhuifeng biggest hobby is here these flowers and plants. He almost does not dare the interest to outside world, although Jiang Hai City what happened everybody to like asking him to process, but outside he never goes to engage in any activity, few and person human relations. Can please Fan Zhuifeng, entire Jiang Hai City have Xia Tian his Young Aunt Ye Wan clear person. Has the friend from the distant place, delight.” Fan Zhuifeng sits at the stone table, idle is drinking the tea. I have wanted to ask your question!” Xia Tian looked that said to Fan Zhuifeng. Asked.” Fan Zhuifeng light saying. „Do you eat the meat?” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to Fan Zhuifeng. Does not eat, I do not take a life.” Fan Zhuifeng shook the head to say. I said.” Xia Tian wants to ask that yesterday this issue, Fan Zhuifeng momentarily can kill these people, but he only wounds does not kill . Moreover the place that he lives in is also the traces of spring abundant: „Do you have the wife?” No.” Fan Zhuifeng said.

My little darling, you quick 40, unexpectedly also unmarried, no matter Old Fan also manages you.” Xia Tian helpless saying. You also saw, his for one year such several, when several days were mad by me.” Fan Zhuifeng light saying. Person who you do have liking?” Asking of Xia Tian very Eight Trigrams. Has, your Young Aunt, but your Young Aunt has your father at heart.” Saying that Fan Zhuifeng does not cover up. Hears the Fan Zhuifeng words, Xia Tian stares slightly, his first time heard that Young Aunt unexpectedly likes own father. My little darling, unexpectedly is so explosive.” Xia Tian surprised saying. You look for me, is not asks Eight Trigrams.” Fan Zhuifeng looked that said to Xia Tian, afterward looked at Bai Yu, he took one cup of tea for Bai Yu but actually. Naturally is not, Bai Yu wants to compare notes with you.” Saying that Xia Tian comes straight to the point. I know that you do not come to see my.” Fan Zhuifeng helpless shaking the head. My this did not come to see you.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly. Good, I idle am also idling, that the gesticulation gesture, actually I also want to take a look at Quicksand Bai Yu to have what strength.” Fan Zhuifeng stands up to say. Bai Yu also stands up, they face-to-face are standing. They, one is Jiang Hai City first Expert. Another is the China speed first person. Their strengths are immeasurably deep. Xia Tian also very much anticipated that actually their fights can be how splendid: Your earnest point hits, I have not watched such rousing competition for a long time.”