Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 511
If the relations between these two people, that is Quicksand. Bai Yu is one of the Quicksand chieftains, but Fan Zhuifeng has defeated Quicksand chieftain Yin Fu . Xia Tian most anticipates is, is the Bai Yu speed to be actually quick, is Fan Zhuifeng Movement Technique is exquisite, their fights are doomed to be a contest of speed, Xia Tian most cares is also their speed. Because of his speed and movement. How he wants to have a look at these two people to fight is displays strongest Realm the speed and movement. „The China first speed, can experience today finally.” A Fan Zhuifeng face smiling face looks at Bai Yu to say. I long ago had heard your name, nemesis Fan Zhuifeng of speed, the Yin Fu explosive force takes you not to have any means.” Bai Yu looks at Fan Zhuifeng light saying. Two litigants also very anticipate this fight. Feeds! Can you start.” Xia Tian very discontented shouting. Whiz! As the Xia Tian voice just fell, the Bai Yu form disappeared in same place, appeared in the Fan Zhuifeng front instantaneously. Good quick speed.” Xia Tian surprised looks at Bai Yu to say. At this moment Bai Yu fought with the fists to Fan Zhuifeng, but the Fan Zhuifeng whole person actually suddenly disappeared, he presented again time in Bai Yu, a foot kicked to the Bai Yu waist border. Whiz! Bai Yu also vanishes.

This is their first round fighting, both sides have not hit the opposite party. Really was too splendid.” Xia Tian admiration looks to these two people, these two strongest skill is not the speed, but when attacks the opposite party, but can also have the ability of escaping instantaneously. Xia Tian attacks others generally time, is very difficult to receive the hand, at this time others launched the sneak attack or the attack to him, he absolutely did not have the means to fend. Sees the fights of these two people, he understands where his problem leaves to be. He and person to war is to make 120 strength, therefore the body is unable to control this strength, say nothing of takes back, or shifted, but these two people, only use five force components separately, this can achieve to take and put away free Realm. Although lethality ten tenths strength formidable, however their goals have not hit, but does not strike to kill. When both sides fight, so long as hits the opposite party, will make the body of opposite party create certain load, in other words the percentage hundred battle efficiencies will reduce to 95%. Such little can defeat the opposite party. Originally can also like this.” Xia Tian felt own this harvest a great deal, although he wants to strike to under normal conditions kill the opposite party, when he meets true Expert, cannot achieve this point. Fan Zhuifeng and Bai Yu between them the speed of attack is getting more and more fast, these two completely in competion speed. Imperial capital Xia Family. In a room sits ten people, these ten people have not spoken, they such sat for night, that night they have not spoken, has not slept, such peaceful sitting. Thump! Comes in!” The Xia Family head of the clan has made the deep sound.

Four people carried a coffin to come, this coffin was just the most common coffin, but saw this coffin time, the ten person expressions in room changed. Their ten in imperial capital that are resounding figure, but at this time they because actually this ordinary coffin all changed countenance, on ten people of faces were many a sadness. After that four people put down the coffin, went out of the room directly. Silent a moment later. What we are really was old.” The Xia Family head of the clan spoke the first few words. Old ten cannot die in vain.” Elder angry saying. Xia Tian they just ended the fight, their ten knew the result, they have a dream cannot think that 100 people of Profound Grade team unexpectedly all extinguished, moreover ten elders who leads also died in the hand of Xia Tian. Hears this news time their ten instantaneous old several years old. Before they also think one were very young, when the maturity, they think now that they were really old, has treated in person, unexpectedly such dies. Spelled with them.” Another elder shouts. Spells? Spells with what? Sends 100 Xia Shenwei again?” The head of the clan looked that asked to that elder. Old ten cannot such die, I am compensate this short remaining life also to old ten revenge.” Also was an elder has indicated own manner. It seems like we had underestimated that Xia Tian, has not thought, his present achievement does not lower compared with his father, moreover he can also gather that many Expert, is not simple is not simple.” Big elder light saying. First ten elder burials, this Xia Family planted.” The Xia Family head of the clan said.

„It is not good, we cannot acknowledge that the punishment is deserved, otherwise, how we base in the imperial capital, moreover old ten will also die with injustice unredressed.” A Xia Family elder shouts. Said your view.” The big elder looked that said to the Xia Family head of the clan, he knows the Xia Family head of the clan absolutely is not that type person who sees the opposite party formidable on admitting defeat. Now outside, Xia Tian reputation Sheng, we, if spells hardly, is not obviously cost-effective, moreover some people said that he has the relations with Quicksand, this is how possible, his father is we informs the Quicksand person to kill, nobody found out then situation compared with us.” The Xia Family head of the clan looked at that several elders to continue saying: Past Xia Tianlong enough, but he different planning dead by us, present is Xia Tian again can be what kind of? Can he be fiercer than Xia Tianlong?” Em.” The big elder nodded. „Is your meaning we follows time to be the same, supposes the linked strategies?” The Xia Family elder asked. Right, is the linked strategies, but now is not the time, if Xia Tian died now, all people know that is we do, when the time comes our Xia Family reputation may destroy, since plans, that cannot make others know that is we do.” Head of the clan mean saying of Xia Family. In the past the death of Xia Tianlong was the linked strategies that they designed, Xia Tianlong that finally harmed was encircled by the Quicksand person kills. Jiang Hai City Greenwood Villa. Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng have hit for day, now is the black day, but they are still hitting, Xia Tian was unable to continue watching completely, these two people completely are the contests of speed. You are hitting, I exit to have the mouth food.” Xia Tian said that stands up walks toward outside. Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng have still not stopped fighting. Xia Tian walks toward outside, what he uses is Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, therefore the speed is fast. Well!” Was running Xia Tian to stop the footsteps suddenly, because he saw an acquaintance, moreover this person facial expression was flustered, glanced to the left right to look.