Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 512

Person Li Fu Bureau Chief that Xia Tian sees, Xia Tian unexpectedly has forgotten this person, this person more than once has coped with Xia Tian, but his manner is gloomy, in the ordinary circumstances he is makes others harm Xia Tian, he pretends non-involvement the matter. Saw the Li Fu Bureau Chief stealthy appearance, Xia Tian followed directly: Suspicious definitely has the plot, does not know that vital point anyone, destroys the plan of enemy, that is the good deed.” Xia Tian is impossible to kill vice- Bureau Chief of police station with no reason at all. Only if he has Li Fu Bureau Chief crime evidence, but this Li Fu Bureau Chief manner works very discretely, he even links a private car not to have, lives is also the ordinary house. Therefore Xia Tian did not have the opportunity to cope with Li Fu Bureau Chief. This old fox is stealthy, certainly is the fishy matter.” Xia Tian followed directly. The Li Fu Bureau Chief suspicious appearance, understood at a glance why does not go meddlesome, his some were discrete, therefore he intentionally will put on this, moreover now also in all directions has observed. Feared that was tracked, Xia Tian had followed. Li Fu Bureau Chief entered KTV quietly, enters KTV time, he obstructed obstructing the hat intentionally downward, the sunglasses has also covered the most face. The servers go forward to receive, but he beckoned with the hand hurriedly, then walks toward inside. Xia Tian also walks toward inside. Gentleman hello.” The servers go forward to entertain. Inside reserved.” Xia Tian said that direct stand forth, the server heard Xia Tian to say after having reserved the room, they had not asked that but continued the entertainment next group of people. Li Fu Bureau Chief goes upstairs is still very discrete, three steps turn head, periphery time observation suspect.

Xia Tian not with, but opens the X-Ray Vision eye, is observing Li Fu Bureau Chief situation, he saw after Li Fu Bureau Chief went upstairs, he with, Li Fu Bureau Chief had gone to four buildings. Xia Tian also followed four buildings. Li Fu Bureau Chief rushed in the third gate directly, after opening the door, he went in hurriedly. Xia Tian moved toward inside directly, the third gate opposite that room, that room is black, in other words in that room nobody, after Xia Tian goes, sits on the sofa directly. KTV inside gate has the glass, although the glass is the frosting, but by the ability of Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye, can penetrate these two frosted glass with ease. By the glass, Xia Tian sees the situation in opposite that theater box. In the opposite theater box only then two people, one is Li Fu Bureau Chief of police station, another person is a new face, Xia Tian has not seen this person, but a person in this population makes Xia Tian be interested. Li Yuan, Li eight! Xia Tian recalls now that Thunder Zhan, is Xia Qing such powerful enemy, has the relations with Li Yuan. Afterward Xia Qing also personally acknowledged this matter. If not he comes across this matter today, he could not have recalled to mind Li Yuan this person, but he understood now, sometimes he must suppress, otherwise these people will not lose heart. Li Fu Bureau Chief, who you should be very clear my Boss are, now Jiang Hai City only Jianghai four young masters.” That person said. Li Yuan he is what kind, we cannot fight Xia Tian.” Li Fu Bureau Chief anxious saying.

Li Fu Bureau Chief, no matter what you are also Boss' uncle, you can have the present position are the Boss in secret help your, your money is also the old important goods you washes, you get angry now do not recognize people are not perhaps good.” That person is threatening Li Fu Bureau Chief obviously. That is, that is.” Li Fu Bureau Chief polite saying. Li Fu Bureau Chief, we need you to do a matter now!” That person said. You said.” Li Fu Bureau Chief said. Our people have selected the house in Zhaoshan river, we have left behind some evidence at the scene, these evidence are to aim at Xia Tian, person who I the matter that wants you to handle is bringing your in the past, said cannot control this matter, said that you could not offend Xia Tian, Xia Tian was Jiang Hai City most famous figure, some people will offend him dead, in brief said frigidly was better.” That person said. „Was the Zhaoshan river that you said called that Zhaoshan river of flattering chivalrous person?” Li Fu Bureau Chief hears Zhaoshan river name time, stares slightly. Is he.” That person nodded. You are really ruthless enough.” Expression that Li Fu Bureau Chief being shocked. Xia Tian sits there looks that a few words had not said that static looks in opposite that house two talked, he understood the lip language, therefore he can know with ease these two people were discussing anything. Zhaoshan river.” Xia Tian hears this name time, a brow slightly wrinkle, but his anything words had not said. Afterward Xia Tian stands up, walks toward outside, he wants to know knew, now he must handle this matter, after he left KTV, altogether has made four phone calls, the first telephone hits to Xu. Who he must look up this Zhaoshan river is, second hits to money Captain, lets person who he stresses these fire protections, with collecting some evidence. Third hits to specially Operations Office these people, he makes these people go to Zha Li Fu Bureau Chief, but this time does not let these people with ordinary method, but is looks up him and between relation Li Yuan.

Fourth hits to Han Zifeng. Previous time fights him not to call Han Zifeng them to come, because Han Zifeng their Senior Brother younger sister is the Xia Tian card in a hand, looks like makes oblique charges to be the same, if the previous time war called them, then they will expose. That later Xia Tian wish lets the person makes the stealth activity the time, will be very difficult. Hits wants him to make Li Yuan turn into an idiot to the Han Zifeng goal. In hospital. Has not thought that this Xia Tian is so terrorist, unexpectedly died including the brothers, but how he again was fierce is impossible to escape my this Third Layer scheme.” Li Yuan has the feeling that a Zhuge Liang takes possession instantaneously. His first time looked for Thunder Zhan, second time looked for Xia Qing. After these two scheme were defeated, he starts to design Xia Tian and contradiction between Zhaoshan rivers. Who is the Zhaoshan river? That was a person who Li Yuan most was afraid, Li Yuan once is almost killed by the Zhaoshan river, because the Zhaoshan river was gentleman of the justice, that time he when beating several Jianghai University students, happen to was bumped into by the Zhaoshan river. Although before him, knows the Zhaoshan river, but he does not know fierce of Zhaoshan river, therefore has hit with the Zhaoshan river, but his Zhaoshan river move has not supported. Finally was almost killed by the Zhaoshan river. From then on he does not dare to provoke the Zhaoshan river, because the Zhaoshan river is one, he does not have any family member and friend, this person is not best to cope, he momentarily can breakneck with anybody.