Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 513

Boss, this time can certainly kill that Xia Tian, the Zhaoshan river is a person of hating the wicked as if they were personal enemies.” „When Zhaoshan Heping most repugnant is the person of bullying, will have adding inflammatory details of Li Fu Bureau Chief, the Zhaoshan river will certainly look for Xia Tian to revenge.” Li Yuan excited saying. Thinks to revenge, Li Yuan specially was at heart happy. As for Thunder Zhan and Xia Qing, he completely has not actually been serious, these two people dies wounded, moreover is his sworn brothers, but he completely has not actually been thinking revenges for these two people. Li Yuan is this person, in his eyes has the benefit, person who he only needed to help his, as for the person of dying, did not have any relations with him, after looking like the thunder war injuries, his telephone has not hit. After Xia Qing died, he never inquired about. Jiang Tianshu in his eyes also is just a backer, if Jiang Tianshu one day died, Li Yuan can also be the same response. Boss, our time can look that Xia Tian died.” Naturally, my this time must see with one's own eyes Xia Tian dead.” Saying of Li Yuan whole face hate. Regarding him, only then Xia Tian dies, can solve hate of his heart, moreover this time he must look how with own eyes Xia Tian is killed by the Zhaoshan river. You did not have that opportunity.” Appears in the sound of this time together gloomy terrifying in Li Yuan hospital ward. What person? Do not be stealthy, comes out to me.” Periphery Li Yuan looks vigilantly shouts. I in your front.” That sound as if appears in Li Yuan front, immediately frightened Li Yuan to jump. Xia Tian makes me tell you, your plan has been scrapped completely, but he will go to be able that Zhaoshan river, therefore you can die content.”

Jie Jie! In hospital ward were many two corpses! Has saying that Han Zifeng their Senior Brother younger sister two abilities were really too terrifying, can kill people in invisible, but their this abilities can only deal with the Profound Grade following person, once they used this ability, very much might the person by Maoshan stare. Before Han Zifeng, felt that the people in Maoshan came Jiang Hai City, therefore he will look for the Xia Tian help, but he did not determine what Maoshan this time comes is figure of any rank. He knows after one this time get rid, the people in Maoshan can definitely look for him, therefore he gave Xia Tian to make a phone call. After Xia Tian receives the call, rushes to the Han Zifeng residence directly. Meanwhile, two wear the person of black western-style clothes fast hurries to the hospital. Senior Brother, this time we finally found Witchcraft Sect Yu Nie.” It seems shibajiu-year-old youth excited saying. Causes the official duty that our Maoshan sends except demon defending traditional moral principles, this time cannot certainly make him run.” That Senior Brother age is at about 30 years old probably. Senior Brother, this teacher said whom, if can remove Witchcraft Sect Yu Nie, gives this family rules and regulations one, our two this times must get rich.” That Junior Brother excited saying, he biggest dream is to obtain a Buddhist musical instrument. Do not want to be too many, Witchcraft Sect these Yu Nie are not good to cope.” That Senior Brother reminder said. Relax, Senior Brother, my skill you have not believed.” That Junior Brother strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Another interpretation operates your seal as far as possible, otherwise links me possibly to meet with a disaster.” That Senior Brother mentioned that the matter of seal felt terroristly, this Junior Brother seal has made very big impression on him very obviously. Relax Senior Brother, this time I have the secret unique skill.” That Junior Brother has shown the mysterious smiling face. After they went to the hospital, doctor has been inspecting their conditions, finally determines them dead by frightening fiercely.

Anxiously anxiously like law. After that Senior Brother meditated one, sprinkled Spanish red on the ground. Walks, follows.” At this time moves spacious abandoning construction to set up the surface. „Should here be OK?” Han Zifeng looked that asked to Xia Tian. Should be similar, here nobody, one will happen the fight, will not bring to others' attention.” Reason that Xia Tian chooses this place for the person who to meet head-on Maoshan sends. Han Zifeng now is his little brother, since some people must cope with Han Zifeng, no matter that the opposite party is any status, Xia Tian will not let off the opposite party. Because he knows, once he is softhearted, next time that will come possibly is a fiercer match. He does not want to annoy troublesome to himself, therefore he decided that the person that several Maoshan kills completely. You know that altogether came several people?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong. Does not know that these people came Jiang Hai City several days, this time we begin definitely to bring to their attention, Maoshan send to pursue the soul technique, so long as is the person has not died for over 24 hours, they can trace.” Han Zifeng answered. I can feel the fear that on the treasure transmits, these people were approaching gradually.” Zhong Chuhong's anxious saying. Has not related, waits to be good.” Xia Tian has been ready, he has not seen the person who Maoshan has sent, today finally can experience, he knows the words that one want to stiffen, must with all kinds of Expert to the war . Moreover the method of everyone is different, has the possibility unexpectedly. Xia Tian most likes is challenges and facing the new match. He knows that Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng there fight did not hit a day a night not to end, therefore he has not worried.

Probably after 20 minutes, two black-clothed person appear in Xia Tian and the others in the fields of vision. People who shit, a Maoshan sends this year such moist?” Looks that at present two wear the person of black western-style clothes, Xia Tian says with emotion. Possibly is afraid the exposed status.” Han Zifeng is also feels very comedy, but he does not dare to have the slight general idea, Maoshan sends is Witchcraft Sect nemesis, he may be afraid one not to be careful by the opposite party killing. That two black-clothed person had not planned that they said with Xia Tian. Senior Brother, that person is not the Witchcraft Sect person.” That Junior Brother opens the mouth to say. Be careful to wonderfully, mixes up with the Witchcraft Sect person, looks is not the good thing.” That Senior Brother reminder said. Now starts?” That Junior Brother asked. First takes off the western-style clothes, this western-style clothes are very expensive, wants more than 300 one set, the waste is ignominious.” That Senior Brother serious saying. On the Xia Tian forehead is heavy line, he does not do really clearly, which this from comes to the Senior Brother younger brother. Really was too Top Grade, fought unexpectedly also to take off the clothes first. Hey, did you hit, won my words clothes money I to leave, the words that lost you do not have the opportunity to put on.” Xia Tian looked that shouts to the Top Grade Senior Brother younger brother to that. We are impossible to lose, evil may defeat never the justice.” That Junior Brother shouts loudly.