Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 516

Bang! Junior Brother that a fist, that Maoshan sends only used a fist to make large hole the entire ground., Flash broken building starts to collapse. Bang! Whiz! Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodged, has shunted the collapse region. Bang! That Maoshan sent Junior Brother to change the super giant beast that body became flushed once more, the speed was fast, his ground trod out a pit directly, but his body as if shell same has shot directly. My little darling, very strong explosive force.” Xia Tian surprised looks that super giant beast said. The flash, that super giant beast has killed the Xia Tian front, on his fist has been full of the endless strength, even the air seemed fired by him was the same. Dies!” Super giant beast angry shouting. This Maoshan sent Junior Brother to change the super giant beast of body was different from being killed by weapons of that Senior Brother a moment ago completely, around his body did not have the soul armor. Snort! Meeting the tough head-on with toughness? That makes me try your strength.” Xia Tian cold snort one, his Finger of Consonance is in itself is full of the explosive force Kungfu, in addition his within the body Vampire strength amplification. He does not fear any strength. Xia Tian own in double refers to gathers Inner Strength, afterward double refers to selecting directly. Bang! The periphery fist pounding of finger and opposite party of Xia Tian maliciously in one, the air current that the formidable explosive force produced made to exude an intermittent fulmination sound, probably was the sound that the gunpowder exploded is ordinary. „It is not good!” Xia Tian has not thought on the opposite party fist unexpectedly to have the so terrifying strength.

Finger of Consonance Second Layer! A giant finger empty shade appears around the finger of Xia Tian, the losing battle reversed finally, body fast start retreat of super giant beast. Was good to look at the fight of Fan Zhuifeng and Bai Yu, otherwise may probably suffer a loss today.” A Xia Tian finger has not exhausted fully, this is because he looked at the fight of Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng, learned this point, no matter when cannot hit the complete strength, otherwise is unable to change has incurred, if your strength could not injure the opposite party, or the strength did not have the opposite party to be big, was miserable. So long as had understood does not use fully this point, Xia Tian can change incurs, even can transform the style at any time. ! The super giant beast has sent out angry roaring, afterward kills once more to Xia Tian. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step! Knew is big to the Fang Li quantity, this Xia Tian hardly has not spelled with him, but adopted the way of random walk to fight, although the speed of this super giant beast was also quick, but absolutely did not have the means compared with Xia Tian. Xia Tian may not only by the speed, but also depends on Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is exquisite Movement Technique, moreover after fusing has flickered the body technique, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is becomes the might is also more formidable, in addition Vampire strength addition, therefore he can definitely adopt the guerrilla warfare. Xia Tian double refers to point that keeps on the body of opposite party. „The skin of my Fuck! this fellow thick.” Xia Tian Finger of Consonance wants on opposite party acupoint, is unexpectedly not any function, moreover after he changes the body , was really too high. Xia Tian cannot select these acupoint of his upper body. I must kill you.” That super giant beast angry shouting, is he radically on the attack Xia Tian, almost attacks on Xia Tian each time time, Xia Tian will shunt easily. Big fellow, long greatly also useless.” A Xia Tian foot trampled on the body of that super giant beast. But he still has not caused any damage with super giant beast.

„The skin of this fellow was also too thick, it seems like could break his defense with [gold/metal] Dao.” Xia Tian has shunted the attack of super giant beast once more, afterward in the right hand presented a golden throwing knife. Super giant beast direct fist bang has approached Xia Tian! Big fellow, this time makes you have a look at [gold/metal] Dao fierce.” Xia Tian is very confident to the [gold/metal] blade, Tomb General the defense [gold/metal] blade of that super big corpse can break, that say nothing of front this big fellow. Puff! The golden ray dodges, on the fist of super giant beast presented a long blood trough. The blood keeps from his hand upper reaches. Succeeded!” ! A pitiful yell shouted from the mouth of super giant beast. Big fellow, this time I thought how you die.” The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand throws directly to the super giant beast! Death!” In the mouth of super giant beast has sent out a great roar, afterward the surroundings of his body presented the intense air current, the throwing knife that Xia Tian will be derailed hurriedly had pulled back, that intense air current ran out of the track the throwing knife. My little darling, this fellow unexpectedly can also two times change the body.” Xia Tian surprised looks at the super giant beast. This time super giant beast body had the inconceivable change again. Looks at the change of super giant beast, Xia Tian stopped the movement in hand, his first feeling is strong, the opposite party seemed too strong, second was the danger, although the opposite party has not completed the change, but Xia Tian felt that an unprecedented crisis appeared. Roar! In the super giant beast mouth has sent out a great roar, afterward his body surface started to grow the hair. The long wool, his face also changes.

Really was too charming, unexpectedly can also change the body.” Xia Tian surprised saying. The body of super giant beast is having the change fast, on three meters high giant body has been covered with various types of long wools, this type of wool looks like the wool of animal is the same, moreover his facial features and skeleton also had the fierce change. shit, unexpectedly is Werewolf.” Xia Tian surprised looks at the change of super giant beast. The present super giant beast turned into half Werewolf, his head turned into half hammer, moreover is having the change. Was then difficult to manage.” Deeping frown of Xia Tian, this super giant beast defensive power was very terrifying, now carries on the change of high Rank 1, the overall strength definitely also significantly was increased. ! Three roared from this Werewolf mouth sends out, afterward he has fired into Xia Tian directly. Bang! The body of Xia Tian was struck to fly instantaneously. ! A blood coughs from the Xia Tian mouth, he has not thought that this fellow unexpectedly is so strong, the speed and strength doubled and re-doubled grew simply, Xia Tian has not responded the super impact of opposite party. After changing behind Maoshan sent Junior Brother completely to lose self-, his eye became the bloodthirsty, without any vitality, his goal, only then one, that is kills at present all. Hateful, what's the matter? My body was why uncontrolled.” Xia Tian felt suddenly own within the body also became Berserk, the hidden essence and blood unexpectedly in within the body erupted in this time, has broken through the blockade of ancient Buddhist Relic directly.