Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 518

Looks that Maoshan sends the Junior Brother appearance, the person who does not know also thinks that this hits the callus, underpants hit to fly. Hears the instruction of Xia Tian, Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong were the western-style clothes of dust have all picked that two sets, has sent this along with the top plate in Maoshan to the Senior Brother younger brother's body, a fire ignited their corpses. Leads me to leave here first, I need to rest a evening.” Xia Tian said. Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong lifted on Xia Tian the vehicle, then returned to the family Xia Tian, they have defended in out of the door of Xia Tian, Xia Tian was painful big half the night, this ache made him use Heaven Absolute Wake unable to achieve. Chen Zheteng big half the night he reluctantly started Heaven Absolute Wake, entered the deep sleep. Next morning, the Xia Tian ten points get up, after getting out of bed, body already good was similar, but has the pain, after has had a breakfast simply, he went to Greenwood Villa, he has not let Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong, Xia Tian did not plan that makes these two people appear before the person. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. Xia Tian, the Zhaoshan river is looking for you everywhere.” Told him, I in Greenwood Villa, making him come Greenwood Villa to look for me, you also came, take me to deliver these materials of past to you.” Xia Tian said that has hung up the telephone. That Li Fu Bureau Chief by the ICAC seizing, Xia Tian has made the Operations Office person discover him and between Li Yuan colluding in secret specially, entire process of money laundering, moreover they also find out Li Fu Bureau Chief to have one set of value 30 million villas externally. These evidence enough this Li Fu Bureau Chief next generation passed in the firmness. Xia Tian enters Greenwood Villa time, the fight of Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng had not ended.

Hey, you two have hit individually, I bring the breakfast to come.” Xia Tian shook the breakfast in oneself hand saying that he also really admired these two people, has hit for day a night not to decide the victory and defeat. Whistling! Two forms fell on the Xia Tian side, they a little panted, although they have not used fully, but they have fought for one day one night, this stamina consumption definitely also many. How is it that you hit?” Xia Tian looked that asked to them. In five pointed star region, his speed is the non-solution.” Bai Yu light saying, he was a little also tired, has fought for day a night, even if he a little cannot endure. However Xia Tian saw, Bai Yu has still not removed carrying a heavy load. His speed is I have seen quickly, if competes the speed purely, I early lost.” Fan Zhuifeng said. First eats the thing.” Xia Tian has given them the breakfast, he knows that Fan Zhuifeng is a vegetarian, therefore the steamed stuffed bun he buys is also the element steamed stuffed buns. They started to eat directly. Xia Tian understood probably strengths between two people, Fan Zhuifeng belongs to that defense type, in his five pointed star region, his speed approach in the invincibility, Bai Yu is the audience speed is quick, but he, as soon as enters in the Fan Zhuifeng five pointed star region that is also very strenuous. If contrasts their strengths, Bai Yu stronger some, because he is that side of attack, moreover what is main is he has not removed to carry a heavy load. Your condition does not seem well, last night what happened?” Bai Yu looked that asked to Xia Tian.

Fought one with a big monster, the body must disperse puts up.” Xia Tian shook own arm, his body is very sour, yesterday changed the side effect of body completely has not eliminated. Bai Yu nodded, he knows that the Xia Tian Heaven Absolute Wake ability, Xia Tian had told him, generally rests has thought, will eliminate all negative conditions, but Xia Tian unexpectedly did not have now slow good, this showed that yesterday that did not fight simply. What matter will one have also?” Fan Zhuifeng looked that asked to Xia Tian, he saw Xia Tian a little absent-minded. Em, is called the people in Zhaoshan river to come.” Xia Tian light saying. Zhaoshan river!!” Hears this name time Fan Zhuifeng to stare slightly, afterward strange looks to Xia Tian: You will not be any dishonorable matter to be bumped into by him.” No, several people frame me, burnt the house of his family.” Xia Tian answered. Should find the evidence to prove that by your present ability very much easily is not you do is right.” Fan Zhuifeng puzzled looked that said to Xia Tian. You certainly were the hand itchy was right.” Bai Yu looked that said to Xia Tian, he most understood Xia Tian disposition, looked that the Xia Tian appearance knows Xia Tian definitely is heard others is skillful, then must try first. Em! I heard that his strength is good.” Saying of Xia Tian face anticipation. He he, you.” Fan Zhuifeng helpless shook the head to continue saying: „The Zhaoshan river is not affable, he is the disciple in Shaolin Monastery, after descending the mountain, has polished the leather shoes to live to the person in the suburb, once some big Boss promised that he hundreds of thousands of over a million yearly salaries make him work as the bodyguard, but he has not gone to do, he is only willing to change money by his labor force, moreover he hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies, saw that the uneven matter will get rid.” He must offend many people.” Xia Tian most puzzled is this, a monk in his Shaolin Monastery, does not have what big figure friend, does nobody dare to get rid to him? He is a monk, who can he be what kind of? He is a vegetarian all day, the police are not willing to catch this person, his background was too clean, if catches today him, perhaps tomorrow Jiang Hai City by watertight that the reporter will encircle.” Fan Zhuifeng answered.

Xia Tian nodded. These are authorized person who has the potential is also afraid such match, is unable to start. interesting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he first time sees such person, reason that he such is interested in this person also the reason is because the Zhaoshan river gets down from Shaolin Monastery. He already wanted to go to Shaolin Monastery to have a look, that ancient Buddhist Relic of his within the body is very mystical . Moreover the strength that inside contains by far imagine him is bigger. This ancient Buddhist Relic has rescued his several times. The most precious object of ancient Buddhist Relic or Buddhism, he had not grasped the ancient Buddhist Relic true usage to the present, therefore he planned that had the opportunity to go to a Shaolin Monastery, look can find the concerned ancient Buddhist Relic application method. Came!” Bai Yu light saying. Xia Tian and Fan Zhuifeng look to the front that two walked, one is Xu Grandfather, another is the Zhaoshan river. Lord Fanzhuang, I came thank your for your hospitality.” Xu Grandfather greeted to say directly that before some people came Greenwood Villa to need to notify, but does not need now, the person who because Fan Zhuifeng let the circular guarded the door, so long as were the people of understanding lets.