Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 520

Fan Zhuifeng saw that Xia Tian starts to use Inner Strength manifestation to attack, immediately thinks very speechless. Jinzhongzhao of Zhaoshan river is the tortoiseshell that cannot break seems to be same, only then found the live hole to break his defense, but the live hole may not necessarily be acupoint, it can be any spot on body. This must look where cultivation himself placed the live hole. Naturally, the position of live hole more is covert more is difficult to practice, must have very high sensibility to Jinzhongzhao. Bang! Xia Tian Finger of Consonance Second Layer is monstruous talent same existence. The strength has not achieved Earth Grade obviously, but has actually been able to use Inner Strength manifestation, although the intensity has not been the Earth Grade Expert intensity, but Inner Strength manifestation is one nemesis of Jinzhongzhao. Jinzhongzhao can protect the body of Zhaoshan river to be impassible, but he is unable to guarantee that his internal organs were not shaken the wound. Is just like a person to hide on this in the bell, then outside person makes an effort to strike a gong, then inside person definitely does not feel better. retreat that the body of Zhaoshan river keeps, his corners of the mouth have flowed out the blood. It seems like he was shaken by Xia Tian really injures. Xia Tian does not care about the consumption of Inner Strength completely, disposable long-term usage ten Finger of Consonance Second Layer. Was good, Xia Tian, no joking.” Fan Zhuifeng saw the appearance that Xia Tian acts shamelessly said that he knows continues such to get down the words that the Zhaoshan river must receive the internal injury, received the internal injury not to be good to recuperate. „.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward sat on the stone table stool, the servant came to tidy up a moment ago the table, moreover carried the new tea leaves and tea.

In Greenwood Villa, the water of making tea is the dew, but is not the ordinary water. Therefore is drinking here tea, will have a very special feeling. „The Zhaoshan river, sits to drink to make tea.” Fan Zhuifeng looked that said to the Zhaoshan river. The Zhaoshan river stares slightly, he has not done yes what's the matter, he is looks for trouble obviously, but unexpectedly turned into this now, probably was compares notes to be the same, projects on half unexpectedly to stop. Although he knows that continues to hit definitely to lose, but such inexplicable stop, this makes him have a bewildered feeling. At will! These people were really too optional, moreover each probably was Expert. Gives you this.” Xia Tian threw in Xu Laoshou material to the Zhaoshan river, then has drunk tea: Bai Yu, our two everywhere how is it? I recently also had to Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step understand newly.” Good.” Bai Yu all comes are welcome, although had just fought for day, but he and Fan Zhuifeng competition has not used any Inner Strength, therefore consumes is not big, but is the stamina consumption is a much less. The Zhaoshan river was getting more and more blurry. Here is comparing notes completely, but he gives his material to look to Xia Tian. A moment later, he yes what's the matter, this group of people already knows finally he can look for trouble, moreover they know that Xia Tian is not a murderer, was framed, therefore enters so the nature and calm. But reason that Xia Tian just started not saying that to compare notes with him.

He he, is this.” Zhaoshan river awkward saying, he also sat afterward. Drinks a tea, looks to play, Xia Tian is very curious to you, therefore brings here to compare notes you.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. Em, but he really very strong, Lord Fanzhuang you are Jiang Hai City recognition first Expert, you with Xia Tian will the words result be what kind of than?” Zhaoshan river puzzled looked that asked to Fan Zhuifeng. He with Xia Tian fought had discovered a moment ago, the Xia Tian strength was really too strong, in the strength speed or the method, exceeded, moreover Xia Tian can also Inner Strength manifestation. This simply was too terrifying. Does not know, but I dare definitely several months later I absolutely not to be his match.” Fan Zhuifeng looks at the Xia Tian little growth, the Xia Tian growth makes him feel very terroristly. Then several months, Xia Tian grew this Realm, perhaps then several months of Xia Tian had the opportunity to turn into Earth Grade Expert. When the time comes he completely was not a match. That this white-clothed person?” The Zhaoshan river asked. I am not his match, our two in do not use in the Inner Strength situation, has hit for day a night, on him has been bringing carrying a heavy load, if not bringing carrying a heavy load, I already lost.” Fan Zhuifeng already discovered on Bai Yu has carried a heavy load, therefore he will acknowledge one are not the Bai Yu match. Similarly is the Quicksand person, moreover similarly is the Quicksand chieftain. Yin Fu is the Fan Zhuifeng defeated, but Fan Zhuifeng cannot hit Bai Yu. The Zhaoshan river was shocked completely, he has not thought in this Greenwood Villa unexpectedly so many Expert, moreover each he cannot hit, he before got down after Shaolin Monastery, has thought one hit to spread around the world not to have the rival, but he discovered today.

In China is really the crouching tiger , hidden dragon. Moreover he could see that the relations of Xia Tian with these two people is very good, he is thinking a moment ago must teach Xia Tian well, but now looked like oneself is really too arrogant. „Who is Xia Tian? I had inquired at that time also many honored and popular people, these people are not willing to mention him probably.” Since the Zhaoshan river knows one misunderstood Xia Tian, that must ascertain naturally. Warm-blooded, impulsive, grievances is distinct, this is the Xia Tian characteristics, do not look that he is usually laughing, his wound has dozens, several almost wanted his life, moreover he has also contributed to the national top grade merit.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. Man, real man.” The Zhaoshan river said that he understands, has contributed to the top grade merit for the country, that definitely has saved over ten thousand people of lives, even are more, may obtain the badge of this honor. He has thought one are the just incarnation, but he has saved the person is absolutely impossible to have Xia Tian to be many. Do not despise him, you also said a moment ago, his body has big murderous aura, this is because he had killed dozens Profound Grade Expert the day before yesterday.” What Fan Zhuifeng patience is the Zhaoshan river answers. What? Has killed that many people, moreover is Profound Grade Expert.” Zhaoshan river surprised saying. Em, altogether 100 Profound Grade Expert, a profound and abstruse principles late stage old fogy, these people are kill him and his family member, therefore he has revolted, he has killed these people, although I do not like slaughtering, but I know right that he makes.” Fan Zhuifeng understands that the Xia Tian situation, he also understands, if Xia Tian such does not do, will only face a bigger danger. Bai Yu, don't you pick to carry a heavy load?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bai Yu. Does not need.” Bai Yu self-confident saying.