Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 522

„The auction of Jianghu people?” Xia Tian surprised looks at Bai Yu, in his first logically coherent argument Jianghu also has the auction, moreover place unexpectedly in Shennongjia, he only has attended an ordinary auction, is of Gongsun Ping management. However a that most common auction, at auction best thing that is **** righteousness Master compounded drug, that **** righteousness 128 years old. Xia Tian most liked this auction, because he can fish each time cheaply in this auction. So long as there is a project of similar blind racket, that Xia Tian definitely has the opportunity to pick up a bargain. The opportunity of however not having picked up a bargain, Xia Tian also plans to have a look, because his refiner technique needs the spiritual energy material, happen to his these brothers did not have any weapon while convenient. He planned that refines a weapon while convenient for these people. Like this, is what happened their also good friend own self-defense weapon. Therefore he decided that has a look at this auction. Em, is Jianghu people, but the average people intentionally hide the identity, because they do not want to cause trouble . Moreover the person who some are not concerned about face takes by force the person who buys the thing specially.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. „Is this also good? Does nobody manage?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. In auction cannot begin, so long as left the auction, the organizer of auction will not manage you, the person who some do not understand the custom, buys the thing to like showing off generally, only if this person has the formidable backing support, generally otherwise dies quick.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. This matter sometimes occurred, in China each generation produces talented people, some people think one in China are Expert, therefore is specially wild, finally these people do not have what good end.

With what monetary operation?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. China coin, dollar, be only these two currencies are most unobstructed.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. „Has Bai Yu, your done the matter of killing a person and taking his possessions?” A Xia Tian suddenly face curious looked that asked to Bai Yu, Bai Yu was Expert, if he wanted to kill a person and take his possessions, perhaps the average people could not block. I never do that deal.” Saying that Bai Yu disdains. Good, we make one this deal.” Xia Tian excited saying. „It is not good.” Three people simultaneously open the mouth to say. shit, do you use such to unite.” Xia Tian feels very speechless, these three person unexpectedly turned into the same camp. This matter said that will lose very face.” Bai Yu answered, he was Bai Yu, the China speed first person, if he took by force others, that this person may lose in a big way. No matter what Grandfather of our family is one of the China backbones, if he knows that I did this deal, must kill me.” Fan Zhuifeng does not dare to make this deal. I am a Buddhist, I will not do this deal, moreover I will also get rid to prevent you to do this deal, even if I do not hit your me also to such do.” Zhaoshan river serious saying. Really took your several not to have the means.” Xia Tian felt that blushes with shame: You felt relieved that Bai Yu, I will not make you disgraced, your only needing stood there frightens others to be good, Lord Fanzhuang, how I possibly made Grandfather tidy up you, moreover I also know that you did not take a life, when the time comes you watched the fun were good, but you were the same with Bai Yu, must help me look at others, do not let the person sneak attack me, the person guarantee that you, the big monk, I took by force was not the good person, if the thing fell in the hands of these people, how many that will perhaps harm person, therefore my this also called to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven, you. They together, protected me to be good.”

The idea of Western Paradise hits is very good, has the protections of these three people, he was equal to not having the extra worries, as for single Tiao, so long as were not the opportunity that Earth Grade Expert he had wins steadily, even if were Bai Yu. If truly is decisive battle between life and death, Xia Tian does not think one will certainly lose. Em.” Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng nodded. What if you take by force is good person, I will certainly prevent your.” Zhaoshan river serious saying. Xia Tian, needs how much money, I give you to prepare.” Nearby Xu Laokai gave an oral account. I know that now the company is developing, needs money, this time matter did not need the company to disburse money.” Xia Tian also knows the company present development situation, although the achievement of company has been good. However any company, impossible to gain in the short several months to a lot of money, moreover Xia Tian does not think the money of company is own, because these money are everybody use the life to spell. All right, the floating capital of company also but actually.” Xu answered. Does not need, Xu, you should know that which people have the benevolence to the company, gives them the stock, reason that now the company can stabilize develops, is they use the life to spell, as for my, apportions everybody, you are my family member, you have resulted, that was also I results.” Xia Tian biggest is a little loyal, because of this point, all talented people will work oneself to death for him. Even if facing Xia Family that many Expert, they do not have any retreat. Good!” Xu knows that Xia Tian individuality, he also can only agree.

Nearby Zhaoshan river felt one hold in high esteem to Xia Tian, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly so feels emotion the righteousness. Was good, has not pulled with you, I must go back well rests for several days, waits to arrive at the time quickly, I will let Xu with our several arrangement airplane tickets, when the time comes went to the airport convergence to be good.” Xia Tian knows that this time auction is definitely out of the ordinary . Moreover the majority is the Jianghu person, is Expert in legend. He may know that own skill, he biggest skill can stir up trouble, if he goes, if were besieged to be possible on the bad vegetable. But had these three people to be different. Bai Yu in Profound Grade Expert is almost invincible existence, Fan Zhuifeng merely is also worse than Bai Yu on, in his five pointed star domain Bai Yu has no alternative, as for the Zhaoshan river, that is also one of the Xia Tian very appreciation people. His strength is in itself not bad, moreover is Shaolin is authentic, his Jinzhongzhao, if not Xia Tian acts shamelessly, cannot break, moreover his moral behavior is very good, Xia Tian likes becoming friends with the manner man of great integrity. Was right, Xia Tian, the matter forgot to tell you.” Bai Yu looked said suddenly to Xia Tian. What matter?” Xia Tian asked. Quicksand has relieved to all your monitoring.” Bai Yu said. Heard Bai Yu these words, the brow of Xia Tian wrinkled, this should be a happy matter, but the Xia Tian actually thorough happiness does not get up.