Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 523
Since Xia Tian discovered that the Quicksand person is investigating him to the present, Quicksand comes not to interrupt again to his surveillance, even if were Yin Nie came, they in secret were also monitoring, Xia Tian and Yin Nie naturally already discovered these people, but they killed these people also useless, Quicksand will also send the new group of people to come. Moreover the appearance that these people do not fear death completely, they will not disturb always Xia Tian, or sneak attacks Xia Tian. Because before them, has paid the serious price. Reason that they have been staring at Xia Tian , because Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in Xia Tian hand, although they will not find out any result, but they want to look up. But now this group of person unexpectedly all left Jiang Hai City. „Does the Quicksand person want to begin to me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bai Yu, this issue had Bai Yu to reply him. Should be, but Sir Wei Guang knows me and your relations, therefore he has not informed my this matter, but outside this time Heavenly Connection hole opening during that time, he actually sent the foreign country to make mission me.” Bai Yu answered. Outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens, such important matter, his unexpectedly such important Expert will send Quicksand, obviously he must begin to me, but I should be safe temporarily, he should be the plan, when outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens time begins to me and my master.” Xia Tian understood the meaning of Wei Guang, these people should with that three old fogies of Mount Hua sect about being on fire. Em, I also think that but I must make this mission, because he knows me and small red relations, if I do not go, small red will certainly have the danger, moreover I had pledged, so long as my speed does not exceed his sword speed, I lifelong cannot leave Quicksand.” Bai Yu first time to Xia Tian said reason that he has kept Quicksand. This is a gambling makes completely, is gambling between he and Wei Guang makes. His speed, surpasses Wei Guang the sword speed, he can be separated from Quicksand, if cannot, he probably keep in Quicksand for a lifetime. Quicksand, your unexpectedly is the Quicksand person!” The Zhaoshan river surprised looks at Bai Yu, he now is a little blurry, he a little does not understand that what combination this is, one is Jiang Hai City first Expert, is mystical Xia Tian that and is loyal, another is Quicksand Expert. Naturally, he is China speed first Bai Yu, entire China only then in Quicksand has this person, no other semicolon.” Xia Tian visits him to say. I heard that Quicksand is in China only SSS level Assassins organization, Assassins leader Wei Guang is very fierce, past legendary figure Western Hidden Xia Tianlong also died in his hands.” The Zhaoshan river feeling is really very surprised, his unexpectedly has been drinking tea with Quicksand Expert, moreover is known as China speed first Bai Yu. That Western Hidden Xia Tianlong that you said is my father, but was not his Wei Guang person was defeated my father in the past, depended on his Wei Guang, but also was unqualified.” Xia Tian very worships to own father.

What? Are you Western Hidden Xia Tianlong son? He is the Quicksand person, you why.” The Zhaoshan river puzzled looked that asked to Xia Tian. He is he, Wei Guang is Wei Guang, my personal enemy is Wei Guang, is not he, he is one of my good brothers.” Xia Tian answered. The Zhaoshan river nodded, he finally what's all this about. However he has to accept after checking unable to bear at once, person who such living standing after all these many have the relations with legendary figure before him, moreover drinks tea with him the martial arts contest, this is not a little realistic. This is just like Jackie Chan's iron rod fans, in has meal with Jaycee Chan together is a truth, moreover before him, has not known that Jaycee Chan is Jackie Chan's biological son. He finally understands why now Xia Tian can win him. He loses to the Xia Tianlong son, is not undeserved. You frightened him.” Fan Zhuifeng shows a faint smile to say. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. Hey.” I am Fang Yan, you must come to the school next Thursday, China and Island Country cultural exchange meeting, I need you to represent us am go to battle.” „, Has the advantage?” No, the words that but you do not come, will have the fault.” Good, I go.”

After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, discovered that several people visit him with the strange look, Fan Zhuifeng and Bai Yu are visit him who a face shuts out obviously, moreover in the look was saying probably that I did not know him. Feeds, your is any look.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Look that shuts out, I warned you, if you followed me together the cell phone has made a sound, I will certainly kill you.” Bai Yu very impolite saying. shit, as for such?” Xia Tian depressed saying. As for!” Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng also nodded. „Did big monk, you say my cell phone ring tone tide not moist?” Xia Tian simply does not pay attention to them, turns the head to look that asked to the Zhaoshan river. Amitabha.” The Zhaoshan river has not spoken, but has turned the head to have a thought Buddha! I went!” Xia Tian has raised up middle finger to three people, afterward angry walks toward outside. Young he Kojiro, on school at the back of that book bag. At this moment, the Xia Tian cell phone ring tone resounds once more, Xia Tian takes up the cell phone time, looked at three people of one, Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng similarly are the looks that despises, but the Zhaoshan river is continues to start to pray to Buddha. Hey.” I am your teacher.” „, The dear teacher, how you thinks that called me?” Has the matter to ask you to help.”

What matter?” Next Thursday, disguises my boyfriend.” Has the advantage?” Discussed the advantage with me, good, that met says again.” Good.” Xia Tian one hear advantage, immediately specially excited, after he sees Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng and the others the looks, direct turn around walks. The remaining two days, Xia Tian went to a school once more. He has given a class of student the remaining five moves, moreover he specially has also counselled Huo Lajiao they some time, finally leaves, classroom that a class of person now is the entire school envied. Because they are most unique classroom, moreover can study the military style fist. What is main is they discovered that Tiantian practices the military style fist, their sleep also improved . Moreover the overall quality of body also improved, the strength also has promoted. Whistling!” Xia Tian starting today a early in the morning, because they must go to Shennongjia today. Plane ticket Xu has bought. Auction, anticipates really very much.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, lord who he will always not suffer a loss, therefore this time he must return home with a full load.