Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 524

Xia Tian most anticipates is not the auction, but is the treasure that in the auction is going to present. Meanwhile he also very has doubts, why this auction must choose in Shennongjia this place, Shennongjia since the ancient times is a mysterious region, there everywhere is the wooded mountain. Once had the innumerable explorers to find out, but did not have what result finally. Some people said that in that has savage, some people said that in that has the monster. Also some people said inside thousand years ginsengs and innumerable opportunities, but until now had not heard that who obtains the good thing in inside, but obtained, definitely does not dare to publicize. Shennongjia, a mysterious place, after I on matter will have processed on hand, must one find out to inside.” Xia Tian is in itself also one person who likes exploring, because he knows , since this world has Martial Arts, there is the person of longevity, in that perhaps this world also really has higher Martial Arts Realm. Xia Tian arrives at the airport time, other three people arrived. Your three come such early to do.” Xia Tian looked that said to three people. Anything, has not boarded the airplane, some people were early many day to pass.” Fan Zhuifeng answered, before he left Jiang Hai City, has made a phone call to Ye Wan clearly, said that exited to handle matters with Xia Tian. Ye Wan hears him to exit with Xia Tian clearly, had not asked that but Ye Wan clear was sends specially the entire Operations Office people, was afraid some people leaves Jiang Hai City these days to be up to mischief in Xia Tian and Fan Zhuifeng. Early went, what can reward?” Xia Tian asked. No.” The Bai Yu happy response said. That goes early to be so useful, one group of moron.” Xia Tian cursed. Goes to the early person to become friends with some friends, can be familiar with there environment and terrain, words that if has an accident, there is an opportunity to escape.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. „The person who it seems like first goes to definitely is some strength not much people.” Xia Tian said that he knows China these Expert manner, that is very arrogant, how they will go ahead of time, will not become friends with others.

Even if others becomes friends with them, they will also look cold and indifferent. Boards the airplane, Shennongjia there poor walks.” Bai Yu said. Does not have the car(riage), moreover there already circuit.” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Auction is not held in the urban district, but an auction market in mountain, this is to prevent some average people rushes by mistake.” Fan Zhuifeng answered. „, These many said the head.” Xia Tian and the others have boarded airplane directly. The airplane flew for about three hours to arrive at the nearby of Shennongjia, afterward Xia Tian they went by car to go to a very remote place. This all the way, Xia Tian sees most things is the tree, here everywhere is the tree. That Master just started not to be willing to walk, but looks in Xia Tian to him in the share of big money, they have delivered to the place Xia Tian finally. Sees this reaches as high as over a hundred meters cliff, Xia Tian turns the head to look that asked to Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng: Comes up from this? Although our several can come up, but I do not believe the person of ordinary practicing martial art also to come up.” The gradient of this cliff almost approaches in vertical, only if Profound Grade above Expert has the opportunity to come up, moreover person who must be the movement resulting, otherwise is impossible to come up. But the auction, will be definitely well-attended, moreover most people can be the Yellow Grade strengths, how these people possibly come up from here. This is a shortcut, if wants from go in directly, must sit about four hours car(riage)s, can pass, moreover there present should be prohibited completely, will have many people to watch the fun, we several status do not suit from there goes.” Fan Zhuifeng answered, their these four people, have represented four different status completely, moreover others eyes can see they four differences. Once enters from the main entrance, that will certainly bring to others' attention. When the time comes may bring in the unnecessary trouble.

Actually is this auction whose organization?” Xia Tian asked again. Does not know, moreover nobody knows, but everybody knows that the person strength of this auction is very strong, once -and-a-half Earth Grade Expert must snatch others' thing in the bidding block, finally that person had been killed in the conference site directly, getting rid is the person of auction.” Fan Zhuifeng answered, he is not many, but he who this auction understood knows that this auction was out of the ordinary. Is so fierce, it seems like I cannot begin with others in inside.” Xia Tian does not want to be killed directly, but he also confirmed a point, that is nobody dares to begin in inside. The words that does not begin, Xia Tian no one feared that he thinks on own mouth Kungfu is the world second, first is Zhao Long that Little Sister. She opens mouth, even if Xia Tian cannot bear. The gods cursed. Amitabha, I come first.” The Zhaoshan river said that three and do two steps, runs directly to that hundred meters high cliff, his footsteps are very steady, each foot almost treads out a footprint above. Thus it can be seen, the foundation of basic skills of Zhaoshan river is very deep. Good Kungfu.” Fan Zhuifeng said. Bang! Bang! Bang! The Zhaoshan river ran the summit directly. „Does anyone of you come?” The Zhaoshan river stands on the summit shouts. I come.” Fan Zhuifeng sees strong Movement Technique of Zhaoshan river, came the interest, he likes such scene, everybody competes some same ability together, no matter the victory and loss, will have very big pleasant sensation. The right foot of Fan Zhuifeng steps on directly on cliff, afterward a left leg revolution, his form unexpectedly appears over five meters position.

Afterward his right foot revolution, rose five meters. The rotation that then, the Fan Zhuifeng both feet keeps, 20 from now on, Fan Zhuifeng arrived at the cliff top. Attractive, this movement was really too attractive, I felt that you were jump probably.” Saying that the Zhaoshan river keeps, his from the heart admires Fan Zhuifeng. After Fan Zhuifeng coming to a stop footsteps, looks to following Bai Yu: Bai Yu, you come first, I think that last looks at Xia Tian.” Good.” Bai Yu said that a tip of the toe point, his unexpectedly in same place was starting to jump came together, afterward his whole person looked like a feather fluttered equally directly, afterward the tip of the toe selected on the cliff, the body fluttered, a tip of the toe once more point, his body on calm and steady falling in cliff top. Fierce! All people all is a face admiration looks to Bai Yu, Bai Yu unexpectedly only selected two to put one's foot down on the cliff arrived at the peak. The China speed first is really not a lid. This skill, making several other people be able not hold a candle. shit, your such old-style fan device came up, what to do you let me.” Xia Tian feels speechless.