Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 526

Do not look, goes, inside affirmed that now had many people, said that the hall is used, reception, true bidding block in behind.” Fan Zhuifeng patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to say. His first time comes here time also feels very inconceivable. Here steep degree, even if the tourist cannot come up, if not because during auction, some people put the scaling ladder, will have many people unable to come. However puts the scaling ladder, if were not a Jianghu people, same is unable to come, even if certain stamina good people rushed by chance by mistake , the person by surrounding will be blocked. Xia Tian and the others walked to gate there. Our several separate, otherwise was too conspicuous.” Xia Tian looked at people to say. His voice just fell, Bai Yu disappears. shit, with does not use such quickly.” Xia Tian speechless saying, a direct body backward somersault, on set up afterward, he planned to rest first, then went, Fan Zhuifeng and Zhaoshan river was one time walked. Xia Tian is continuously leisurely and carefree lying down on the tree, although he lies down on the tree, but a moment ago he already the surrounding terrain reconnaissance was similar. For this time auction, Xia Tian was very long in home training, he now wound already good was similar. Hey, do you lie down on tree do do?” At this moment, the clear sound conveys together. Xia Tian looks down, an appearance strange female stands by Xia Tian that tree. Female unexpectedly has worn an ancient costume, has saying that if this equipment walks on everybody, definitely will cause others' surrounding, but here, probably is also very common, some people to coordinate this Jianghu auction, therefore puts on this specially. This female is this. The female appearance is delicate, has probably general that passes through.

Do not disturb me to rest.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Odd person, odd person.” That female said two. Junior Sister, do you do? We quickly go.” At this moment a man walked from behind. Odd person, I paid no attention to you.” That Junior Sister said that walks toward inside directly. That man gained ground looked at Xia Tian one vigilantly, afterward followed: Junior Sister, later do not respond such stranger.” Xia Tian has not said anything, but continues leisurely and carefree lying down on the tree, the auction is held in any case late at night, he goes in now did not have the meaning, but Xia Tian is very curious, actually one must eat anything. In Daoist temple person were getting more and more, the Xia Tian position happen to can see hall most outer layer the scene. He has not thought that unexpectedly came these many people, the time has not arrived, but here came over a thousand people, moreover these people seem are the status are mystical, but also some people knew, after meeting, chitchatted again mutually. Also some people stand in the corner peacefully, the vision took a fast look around the surrounding person, a few words had not been saying. These people who however some here most appealing people or Hidden Sect come, they are not low-key, comes is 56 people, becomes helps the people of troop come, even if will be a person of Hidden Sect entrance will also be divided into several groups of people to come, even if will be the same sect Mennei, will have internal struggling. The Hidden Sect person one, some people in the past showed good will immediately. However the Hidden Sect person has keen eyesight in Tian, they look down upon these people from the start, in their eyes these people do not match for their friends. They are the Hidden Sect people, that must these unable to seek friendships. Naturally, if some celebrities or strength strong people, they also to some faces, because they know that these people are all parties' overlords, after to they select the face, easy to do matter.

The person here, mainly looks at the imposing manner and wear. After the Hidden Sect person arrived here, the body wear has the clothes of Hidden Sect symbol, therefore bystander eyes can see them. You look quickly, that person is not half Earth Grade Expert in legend, has delicate features the old person?” At this moment, does not know that was who shouted, afterward all people looked to the entrance. Sees only an old man of white beard white hair, walked from the entrance. Old person facial color very serious, seems is Expert, his arrival, making periphery these person of atmosphere surge upward much, after all had delicate features the old person, but figure in legend. In China, Earth Grade Expert is almost cannot see, but these half Earth Grade people also became the objects who the people hound. If who knows -and-a-half Earth Grade people, so long as that he said that ensure nobody dares to provoke him. Half Earth Grade, what representing is the symbol of status and strength. Has delicate features the gentleman, hello.” A Hidden Sect disciple goes forward to greet. Em.” Has delicate features the old person to nod, if others notifies him, perhaps his two trees grown into one will not manage, what notified him was the Hidden Sect person, therefore he nodded. After all he is half Earth Grade Expert, however also has plenty of such people the person who he is fiercer than in Hidden Sect. Therefore he is not willing to provoke Hidden Sect Expert absolutely. But these Hidden Sect disciples are also willing to become friends with such person who has delicate features the old person, because his strength suffices, the reputation is big enough, if they have any matter to need to help, has delicate features the old person is also the best candidate. These Hidden Sect people 11 go forward with having delicate features the old person greet.

Moreover also some people on own initiative to have delicate features the old person resigned the seat, has delicate features the old person with opposite party nod slightly, that person is also very excited, offers one's seat to somebody the position with having delicate features the old person mixes a face to be ripe. **** Righteousness Master, yes **** righteousness Master, my unexpectedly sees **** righteousness Master.” Suddenly some people open the mouth to shout, hear this sound, all people all excitedly look to the entrance. **** Who is the righteousness? Compounded drug Master. Pill Refining famous expert. In entire China the famous compounded drug all stems from his hand, that is figure in legend. But now some unexpectedly people saw **** righteousness Master. Which , the person is at where?” Everybody shouts hurriedly. In outside, must come in immediately.” Outside person shouts, they at this time specially excited, although everybody nobody knows **** righteousness Master strength actually how, but they may know **** righteousness Master Pill Refining technology. Quick, **** righteousness Master has arrived at the entrance place. He this year over 100 years old is, but the whole person seems, probably had delicate features the old person to be younger than a moment ago. The hair is the black, is not long . Moreover the beard is also very clean, the whole person seems also the siwushi-year-old appearance. Hello, hello.” **** The righteousness seems very amiable, a face smiling face notifies everybody. Xia Tian also directly jumped down from the tree, walks toward inside.