Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 528
Overbearing, powerful, fierce. Had delicate features the old person to show his strength to all people, this was also setting up the prestige, was telling these not to know that respected his person, he was not affable. Moreover this can also play the role that frightens, when auctions time, he patted the thing, generally also nobody dares to snatch with him. His is the matter of answering multiple purpose. That person was just not tactful a moment ago, gives him such good one to set up the prestige the opportunity. Quite fierce, has delicate features the old person worthily, Profound Grade Expert, unexpectedly directly by his Insta-kill.” Such strong person the auction, it seems like we met is not good to pat.” „, All people must have delicate features the old person face, if when the time comes who dares to snatch, came out to be miserable.” These people low voice were discussing. At this moment, everybody heard a sound. This inside unexpectedly had a person to say again had delicate features old person very ruthless . Moreover the name had delicate features the old person fellow, this did not have the politeness simply, had delicate features the old person just to set up the prestige, some unexpectedly people such speaks to him. This is courting death simply. A brow wrinkle that has delicate features the old person, he knows that at this time also dares to say this words person, is not Expert is SB. But where a moment ago his unexpectedly had not heard that sound to send, this showed that has the possibility very much is also Expert, if now makes him go with Expert to collide, that obviously is not the wise action.

Therefore he simply pretended anything not to hear, to sit the seat. The people have not regarded a matter this matter, quick everybody continued to talk, after the matter, had delicate features in old person five meters scopes, without any person, they were afraid will unknowingly have delicate features the old person offending, when the time comes may be miserable. They may not suffice exactly. These Hidden Sect people are not willing to provoke to have delicate features old person such person, after all has delicate features the old person is Expert, if annoyed to fly into a rage, had delicate features the old person not to have scruples their status, opened the words that killed directly, that situation was not good. Xia Tian took a fast look around, had discovered the form of Zhaoshan river, as for Bai Yu with Fan Zhuifeng they, here seems to be different. Hey, odd person, you a moment ago not awfully? Your unexpectedly dares to speak that words.” Green Anhui said in a low voice that seems is afraid others to know to be the same, when Xia Tian said such words a moment ago, her back has flowed out the coldly perspiration. That situation, everyone knows a moment ago the situation was not good. Boy, not awfully, do not implicate us.” Senior Brother of green Anhui angry looks to Xia Tian. Their three are to stand, if has delicate features the old person to begin, might kill their three very much. You were saying anything.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to them. What I said was you called to have delicate features the old person fellow a moment ago the matter that moreover your unexpectedly also dares to say his very ruthless, although his truly a little very ruthless, but nobody dares to say radically.” Green Anhui answered. „.” Xia Tian nodded, he knows that he was possibly used to it, therefore has not noted detail embarrassed.” Snort!” Senior Brother of green Anhui saw that Xia Tian was so happy apologized, thought that Xia Tian did not certainly have what skill, how otherwise possibly easily to say embarrassed, must know that strength stronger Expert, will not give others to apologize on exceed.

Like that Profound Grade Expert , he if apologized earlier, perhaps had delicate features the old person not to kill him. Boss, is they.” At this moment, several people threaten their Senior Brother younger sister two walked to green Anhui, but that person of speech is black and blue, seems very funny. Snort, is the thing that your this is not concerned about face.” Green Anhui very impolite scolding. Is counted the black and blue that person, the opposite altogether walks five people, these people walk swaggering. The surrounding person sees the liveliness, on own initiative made way a road, Xia Tian just wants to make way, he makes a sound the present to mix with them, therefore has not walked. Calculates your also a little strength of spirit.” Senior Brother of green Anhui saw that Xia Tian has not walked, praised one. Person who was your three has injured my?” Was one person of head has stood, his both feet made an effort to step in the ground, the formidable imposing manner erupted instantaneously. Profound Grade! Is Profound Grade Expert. The surrounding person cast the surprised vision. This auction also is really crouching tiger , hidden dragon, unexpectedly came these many Profound Grade Expert. In China, so long as has the Profound Grade strength, that can be side Expert, in these five people unexpectedly has Profound Grade Expert, all people all are the sympathies looked to green Anhui their three. Is I hits? His unexpectedly dares to sexually harass me, I have not killed him to be benevolent.” Green Anhui saying gratefully, how her unexpectedly was sexually harassed this possibly to endure, therefore she very simple black and blue that directly that person of hitting.

Snort, person who I no matter what, have hit in brief my is not good.” That was person of cold snort head one, strong looks that green Anhui said: Now I give you a life the opportunity, so long as you are willing to accompany my brother to play one, I let off you with your behind that two fellows, otherwise I same will hold you, moreover I will also kill them.” His unexpectedly with Senior Brother of Xia Tian and green Anhui chip that when coerces. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares so to despise me, Junior Sister, you make way, I must teach this fellows today well.” Senior Brother angry saying of green Anhui, walks up afterward directly. Em, careful, Senior Brother, do not kill the person, the master does not make us kill people.” Green Anhui nodded to say. Hears the words of green Anhui, the surrounding person stares, afterward they cast the vision of disdaining to green Anhui, green Anhui unexpectedly said that did not let her Senior Brother murder, resembled his Senior Brother casual to kill Profound Grade Expert to be the same. Moreover is one hits five, several other people are also the Yellow Grade late stage strengths. They think that green Anhui is boasting, or they have not looked at the opposite party are Profound Grade Expert. Cannot look including Profound Grade Expert, certainly the country bumpkin where from comes out. Good, relax, but must give them a lesson.” Senior Brother of green Anhui nodded. Snort.” That Profound Grade Expert cold snort, the whole face disdained looks to Senior Brother of green Anhui, moreover on the face also has an anger of faint trace: boast shamelessly, you were compelling me to kill you.” Idle talk little said that begins.” Senior Brother of green Anhui looks that several people said. Strange, strange, his Inner Strength unexpectedly all circulates on the meridians, this is any cultivation method.” Xia Tian approaches green Anhui with X-Ray Vision shortly acupoint surprised saying of her Senior Brother.