Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 529

The auction must start immediately, but here often has the battle to occur, but the majority is the battles between some Yellow Grade. They think one are formidable enough, everyone refuses to accept anyone, therefore the size struggles continuously, but to having delicate features old person such directly on murder does not have, these people are most shame the match. This situation is very common, therefore gradually, this also turned into here one unspoken rule, not having the skill not to have the backer, person who does not have the friend, finally is unable to attend this auction. Actually these people participated have not been possible to buy any thing, even if bought in the ordinary circumstances unable to take away finally. Therefore these strength strong people , has seen a play, does not help any side. Here unexpectedly has the Profound Grade Expert fight, definitely compared with the splendors of other places.” Moreover is one dozen five, here should have some attractive places.” I look not so, that Profound Grade Expert is five people, another boy seems emaciated, like having skill appearance.” Surroundings these people heard that here has the Profound Grade Expert fight, came to here to see a play, little, the person who here gathered were also getting more and more. Since you court death, I deliver you a regulation.” That Profound Grade Expert has not gotten rid directly, but waved to behind four people, that four people directly flushed to Senior Brother of this green Anhui. Brat, dies.” Their four have not kept the meaning of hand slightly, clashes together to Senior Brother of green Anhui. Senior Brother of green Anhui, right hand, prepares the fist backward. In that four people arrive at green Anhui her Senior Brother front, green Anhui her Senior Brother has gotten rid, a fist has hit directly, but all people look clearly, has not hit, his fist has not hit anybody. All people are shaking the head that keeps, they just started also to think that the good play looked, now looks like also mediocre. Profound Grade Expert has not gotten rid, only sent several little brothers to end the fight.

„It is not right.” Xia Tian opens own X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously, he discovered that this green Anhui the fist of his Senior Brother is not right, because his fist tore the air. Beidou god fist. Green Anhui her Senior Brother gives a loud shout. Afterward that four body of person starts to twist, on their faces has written all over inconceivable, afterward their mouths start to spurt the blood. Four people were all hit to fly. A fist, green Anhui her Senior Brother only used a fist to hit to fly four people, moreover his this fist person has not projected on, hit completely in the air, but these four person unexpectedly such simple was struck to fly. Anything!” That Profound Grade Expert surprised looks to fall on the four people of ground. made him feel that very terrifying, hit a fist in air, unexpectedly can all hit to fly four people, this simply was too inconceivable, he has not seen such method. The surrounding these people all were also shocked. Quite fierce, I will not misread, his fist anything people have not projected on obviously.” I also saw, his fist hits absolutely in the air, moreover four people all flew, has fought with the fists four people, how is this possible?” Fights with the fists four people, the group attacks, my this whole life has not heard this.” Surroundings these people gathered were getting more and more, they heard here a moment ago that inconceivable, but nobody hurries to keep off to have delicate features old person and the others the lines of sight. Has delicate features the old person to see green Anhui his Senior Brother style, a brow slightly wrinkle, he has as if remembered anything, but how actually wants unable to think that actually this is whose Kungfu.

Nearby Pill Refining Master **** the righteousness nodded, shows a faint smile: Respects the young.” Whose Kungfu his first saw this is, but he has not said. My little darling, a good fierce fist, leaves around the time fist of fist is the Inner Strength silk thread, draws the enemy using the might of Inner Strength silk thread, then has the intense explosive force to attack, the might of this fist could catch up with the ordinary hand grenade explosion remaining prestige one meter away.” Xia Tian surprised looks at Senior Brother of green Anhui, he has not thought that Senior Brother of green Anhui is so fierce. The surface looks at a very ordinary person, unexpectedly is so fierce. Senior Brother of green Anhui, after strikes goes well, directly toward that Profound Grade Expert walks. „Do you want to do?” That Profound Grade Expert also a little hoodwinked, he to the present does not understand that front this thin and weak person, is how a fist hit to fly that several subordinates. Moreover that several person this time conditions are are very not good. Although he is Profound Grade Expert, but he believes firmly that he cannot achieve this point absolutely, this made him lack self-confidence. Does? Naturally started.” Senior Brother of green Anhui said. You have sufficed imposing, this time I acknowledged that the punishment is deserved.” That Profound Grade Expert said hurriedly. You dare that to speak with my Junior Sister, I am impossible such to put you to walk.” Senior Brother of green Anhui looks that Profound Grade Expert said. Snort, do not think that I have feared you, I told you..” That Profound Grade Expert just wants to use Senior Brother of threat retreating in fear green Anhui, he felt that his body seemed covered by a terrifying energy. Bang! His words have not said that Senior Brother of green Anhui once more fights with the fists.

This fist has still not hit that Profound Grade Expert, but all people all look clearly, that Profound Grade Expert whole person flew directly, in his mouth has spouted the blood . Moreover the tooth flew. Idle talk are really many.” After Senior Brother of green Anhui fires off, has patted clapping, turned back the side of green Anhui directly. Senior Brother, you started to be able too to be a little heavy.” Green Anhui looked that asked to her Senior Brother. „, They cannot die fortunately.” Senior Brother of green Anhui answered. Surrounding these people all surprised looks at Senior Brother of green Anhui, they have not thought that this seems the thin and weak person, a unexpectedly fist almost on Insta-kill Profound Grade Expert, this could simply with having delicate features old person such existence of places on a par. Does not have the deceased person to be good, otherwise after the master, certainly will not make us come out to play.” Green Anhui most is afraid was confined to barracks by the master. shit, your unexpectedly is so fierce.” Xia Tian surprised saying. „It is not I am fierce, but was he was too weak, that side that had delicate features the old person, I was not his match.” Meaning that Senior Brother of green Anhui has not pulled rank, but very optional saying. He hits not to hit, does not have what embarrassed acknowledgment. Thump! Thump! Two clock sounds transmit, all people all looked to the sitting room.