Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 530

These two dings indicated that can enter the infield, enters the auction through the infield, infield inside person are not many, because the average person is not willing to enter the infield rest, although in the infield has many chairs, sits is very comfortable. However in everybody rather stands outside is not being willing to enter sits. Because inside atmosphere was really too depressing, almost nobody spoke, moreover sat in inside person is great Expert. Although has delicate features the old person is also great Expert, but he is not willing to enter the infield ahead of time, because he has not had the feeling in the infield. He most likes seeing others to awe and fear look, if enters the infield ahead of time, he knows one not necessarily are strongest, therefore some there people will not awe him. But **** righteousness Master does not like inside atmosphere. Although he over 100 years old is, but is very open appearance, therefore he likes treating in the lively place, but does not go in that type to let the person depressing place. After entering the infield, Xia Tian saw Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng they. Xia Tian understands finally before one, why has not seen the traces of these two people. However he has not gone forward to greet, but is the choice continues to follow in green Anhui and side his Senior Brother, Xia Tian investigated a moment ago, Senior Brother of green Anhui is Expert of Profound Grade intermediate stage, but his Martial Arts is very special, therefore is Profound Grade late stage Expert, he can also fight. Has not begun as for green Anhui, what strength therefore Xia Tian cannot see her is. „After you go, sat with us was good and ensure nobody dares to bully you.” Green Anhui strikes one's chest the guarantee saying that she had felt Xia Tian is very strange, monster makes her a little suspect. Looked like a moment ago, these strength weak people saw her Senior Brother big show invincible might, was a face fears, or the worship, envied the envy, but on the face of Xia Tian unexpectedly presented the look of appreciation. Although is only the flash, but was seen by green Anhui. Under normal conditions, only then Expert when seeing good Junior will reveal this expression. But Xia Tian a moment ago unexpectedly also revealed this expression.

„.” Xia Tian nodded. Your boy one do not stir up trouble to us.” The Senior Brother reminder of green Anhui said. „.” Xia Tian should say once more. Senior Brother, are you doing, I see an interesting person with great difficulty, you frighten others.” Green Anhui very discontented saying. Which cannot look his interestingly, but had not left a moment ago directly, but also is a little strength of spirit.” Senior Brother of green Anhui a little can accept to let Xia Tian with this matter, the Xia Tian procedure had given him a moment ago very big favorable impression. Em, is truly good, my master said that can not leave not the abandoned person to treat as the friend at crucial moments to come to see.” Green Anhui also nodded, agrees with the view of her Senior Brother. He he, I really am honored, however, who your Master are, unexpectedly teaches you such fierce Kungfu.” Xia Tian can look, the fist technique of opposite party is not absolutely inferior to own Finger of Consonance. In other words opposite party Kungfu and own Finger of Consonance should be existence of altitude. Naturally, Xia Tian has not practiced higher Realm Finger of Consonance, therefore he does not know that what degree behind Finger of Consonance changes. Finger of Consonance is divided into Fourth Layer Realm, basic, small accomplishment, reveals the hand, great accomplishment. Xia Tian present Realm is Finger of Consonance Second Layer, small accomplishment. This cannot say that the master did not make us say his name outside.” Green Anhui shook the head, has rejected the Xia Tian issue directly. „, Did not say that considers as finished.” Xia Tian moved toward the inside of auction with them together. At this time after entering the infield, Xia Tian knows that actually to come many Expert, sits like Fan Zhuifeng and Bai Yu in inside person unexpectedly has more than 20, in other words these people will be have certainly to their strength self-confidently will sit in inside. Entered in the location of auction.

Actually Xia Tian knows here in a big way, this auction under surface-to-surface, but cannot say is underground, because the hall itself constructs on the mountain, therefore also can only say that this auction constructs in the mountain. Although in underground, but here is quite bright, intense light the entire auction photo with daytime. Their three sat in middle position, Senior Brother of green Anhui wants to make Xia Tian sit by him, but finally by green Anhui rejecting, afterward her Senior Brother also only has been able to accept silently, making green Anhui sit in the middle of two people. Before long, in the conference site has sat down close 2000 people. These people come from China regional Expert. Usually they hide in the metropolis, cannot see any specialness, but arrives at this magnificent scene time, they all joined in the fun. Well, is person who these push a cart does do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Green Anhui and her Senior Brother are also same puzzled, after all they are also the first time attend this auction. Is and water that buys to eat, came here person majority is a day has not eaten meal, box lunch and mineral water that therefore the auction prepared.” By a Xia Tian person answered. unexpectedly such has the opportunity, however, I was really hungry.” Xia Tian arrived at noon, now is late at night, he possibly is not how hungry. That together wants the thing to eat.” Green Anhui nodded to say. Here, here.” Xia Tian to being away from his recent one sells the person waving hand of box lunch. Takes several?” Asking that the service person who sells the box lunch unemotionally. Five, come three bottles of water again.” Xia Tian said. Five? We have three people, do you take five to do?” Green Anhui puzzled asking.

I eat three.” Xia Tian answered. „Are you pig?” Green Anhui thorough was speechless, Xia Tian unexpectedly must eat three. Altogether 3100, so long as nowadays.” Service person light saying. What? 3100!” Xia Tian surprised looks to the service person, five set meals and three bottles of water unexpectedly want 3100, this also too exaggerated. Food, 510, whose 210 bottles.” The service people answered. What food is this? So to be how expensive?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Is under the mountain sells ten money one box of that the water is under the mountain two money one bottle of that.” Saying that the service people do not cover up, Xia Tian this time had defeated by this service person, his unexpectedly such naked told is in itself under the mountain sells ten money one. This also too exaggerated. One is a big end. Wants?” Service person impatient saying. „Does your have the nowadays, in I capture the cash to have 1000.” Xia Tian awkward looked that lay-off green Anhui said.