Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 531

Gives you, this is 3100 dollars, came five to be good.” Senior Brother of green Anhui took to disburse money directly, has given that service person. Good, this time calculates that you invited my, after I descended the mountain, invited you.” Xia Tian serious saying. Shameless. Only can describe Xia Tian with the shamelessness. After his unexpectedly must descend the mountain, please Senior Brother of green Anhui have the box lunch, a set meal 500 on mountain, one bottle of water 200, set meal ten under mountain, one bottle of water two, this is the big disparity. Ok, was too expensive, you go to the expense.” Senior Brother of green Anhui really does not know that should say anything. Has not related.” Xia Tian as if has not listened to green Anhui the meaning in her Senior Brother words to be the same. Hee hee, you are really interesting, my Senior Brother asked you to have such expensive box lunch, after you descended the mountain, cannot ask us to have a western-style food, unexpectedly must ask us to have the box lunch.” Green Anhui shows a faint smile, her first time sees Xia Tian such person. After the service people the box lunch hands over, toward other places walks, here is the large-scale auction, the person majority that comes are very rich, although these box lunches and water are very expensive, but they do not care about this. If Profound Grade Expert said one do not have money, that definitely will laugh by others, naturally, regarding as another matter of Shaolin Monastery, to Zhaoshan river such person, you, if makes him spend 500 dollars to buy one box of box lunch, he rather starves to death. Many people who this time comes know one may not pat any thing, but they go to the trouble of traveling a long distance ten thousand li (0.5km) to come here, because they want to open mind. Thing that here presents, that absolutely is the treasure. Later outside saw that this treasure they can know, this also very much has the face matter. Therefore most people harbor this psychology to come to see lively. After Xia Tian they have eaten the thing, there is a special service person to tidy up, here is clean, therefore does not allow some people to destroy here health, the Xia Tian each of them's front table, on the table has the paper goods.

Here environment is good, wants to construct a such bidding block in this Dashanli, this absolutely is a miracle.” Xia Tian looks that all in surrounding these thing and auction said. He was too a moment ago hungry, considered only has been eating, currently finally has the mood to appreciate this auction. I also continuously in curious, actually here how was constructed? The country definitely does not know here existence, otherwise here will certainly be regarded one type to investigate by these scientists inconceivable.” Green Anhui nodded to say. Enters these people of auction to have is the first time, they were also attracted by the imposing manner of this auction. Also some people started to talk officially, especially by these people, mutually identified one's role when first coming on stage, then became friends with, like this, went to the opposite party city is also has in the same old way. These people gradually regarded the place that here made friends. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye took a fast look around two to discover at the scene that three fellow unexpectedly sat together. shit, such does not have the loyalty, I also think that sits separatedly.” Xia Tian looked that mumbled to three people of backs, that three people not only sat in one, but also sat in the first several rows. Must know that the average person absolutely does not dare to sit the first several rows. Because the first several rows are Expert, if you do not have the strength to sit, will cause the disaffection of surrounding all people. Although these Expert do not dare in the auction to begin again, but after exiting, these Expert inside some people will possibly get rid, because they thought that this is to their does not respect. **** Righteousness Master sat in the first row, had delicate features the old person also to sit in the first row, what Xia Tian and green Anhui and the others sat was the tenth row about, before namely not , after not. Some people saw that green Anhui her Senior Brother sent the invincible might a moment ago greatly the appearance, therefore made way intentionally his position, therefore has caused, green Anhui by her Senior Brother has more than ten seat people not to have. These people rather sit in behind, does not sit in green Anhui her Senior Brother side.

All people can look, this emaciated person is not good to provoke, therefore also nobody dares to come to become friends with him. After all people have almost sat down, the auction has resounded three Zhong Xiang. Thump! Thump! Thump! Hears these three Zhong Xiang, all people all looked to the stage, because they know that the auction must start. At this time on that stage was covered by the black cloth, Xia Tian has tried, his X-Ray Vision eye cannot see through that black cloth, looked like Yun Miao was the same with her Junior Sister clothes at that time, could not see through. Black cloth raising slowly. When the black cloth raises, Xia Tian saw a familiar picture. Is three characters. Gu Shengta.” These three characters, Xia Tian is familiar cannot be familiar again, because his refiner technique is related with this Gu Shengta, is carving that stone of refiner technique, although he does not know that the stone is any name, but that stone became his most precious object. My little darling, unexpectedly is so skillful.” Xia Tian does not have to think own unexpectedly saw Gu Shengta in this place, moreover this auction unexpectedly was Gu Shengta conducts. He afterward had studied then situation, that female definitely is thinks the pit he, uses these ordinary stones, pours into inside with some method spiritual energy, but has not thought that she actually goes for wool and comes back shorn. Refiner technique treasure, regarded the ordinary stone to sell to itself. Really is the anticipation, in Gu Shengta should all be the treasure, hopes that my this time can also wash some treasure.” Xia Tian innermost feelings excited saying.

He anticipates this auction. Before he possibly did not have what feeling to this auction, but saw Gu Shengta these three characters time, his interest sublimated immediately, a refiner technique made his Spiritual Force rise suddenly, and has learned the control flame. If he can from here lane any treasure, he be again gains in a big way. The time that outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens were getting more and more less, he knows himself the skill that if has not maintained life, he certainly will die there. Quicksand and person of Mount Hua sect forms a partnership to cope with him and Yin Nie together. This is not the simple matter. That may all elite, moreover there are Jiang Tianshu this Hidden Sect crown prince master, Tong, Wen Ya wait / etc.. It seems the 40-year-old person stands on the stage, his front auctions the table, he is the director of today's auction. Good evening everyone, I am the director of this Shennongjia auction, everybody can call my Wu, you do not suffer a loss, I this year already over 180 years old.” The directors open the mouth to say. Hears his words, the people who above these attend the auction have held breath cold air. 180 years old, this simply was the old monster.