Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 532

In China, although also the people of many longevities, however is 180 years old, that is the longevity in absolute longevity. Is implicated in first row of that **** righteousness Master does not have the means to compare with him, although has only missed dozens years old, if the age surpasses 100 years old, that always lives one year old is a brand-new breakthrough. 180 years old, that absolutely was the advanced age in advanced age. What is main, he goes to the 50-year-old appearance superficially, if not because of Master **** righteousness that precedent, everybody thinks that this director Wu Laoshi was boasting. But Master **** righteousness also already over 100 years old, but he seems also the 40-year-old appearance. Old, seems young, this has proven, the opposite party strength is not simple . Moreover the back influence is not definitely simple, the person who only then year to year takes these tonics can achieve this point. Old monster, unexpectedly lived 180 years old.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Do not speak at a venture, my master said that the live time is longer represents the strength of this person to be fiercer, especially has lived the 150-year-old person, therefore that person is not absolutely simple, if you offended him, we all played.” The Senior Brother hurried reminder of green Anhui said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, truly so, within 100 years old, can prolong the life with the medicine completely, if 100 years old, must need various types of compounded drugs or the efficacious medicines can prolong the life, look like Master **** the righteousness is the same. However 150 years old is a ridge, the talented person who be only surmount this ridge truly can pass through the pass of that life and death. Was good, the auction must start, we watch the auction well.” Green Anhui excited saying. All people looked to that Wu, was waiting for he continued to speak. Gu Shengta the custom is very simple, no one can begin here, the guard who otherwise do not blame our Gu Shengta started to be too heavy.” Wu came up to say here taboo.

Everybody knows Gu Shengta the custom, although many people have not come to here, but told him here to have that person of auction, certainly will immediately tell him the custom of auction. Good, besides this point taboo, everybody can be more optional.” Wu shows a faint smile, the tight atmosphere will mediate a point. Now I announced that the first auction goods.” The curtain screen on Wu Laojiang auction stage lifts. A jade bottle. Without any jade bottle of decoration, but Xia Tian felt obviously first several rows of person atmosphere is a little tight. Wu very satisfied the appearance that looks at people, opens the mouth to say afterward: This is hundred -year-old pill, person who so long as does not obtain some serious disease, so long as under the clothing it, can definitely live 100 years old, in other words, passed the 100-year-old that key.” I force to go, the first goods so are explosive.” Xia Tian surprised looks at hundred -year-old pill on stage, Gu Shengta has not really disappointed him, first is this extension life efficacious medicine. Regarding the genuine rich man, money and life compare, anything does not calculate. Let alone was hundred -year-old pill this type of Top Grade compounded drug. The life of person has several big limits, the first key is 100 years old, so long as bridged over this key to enter a brand-new world, so long as any accident, maintenance well, lived 149 years old is not the major problem, after 150 years old , was a ridge, this ridge has not been that simple, not only needs the raw material for medicine, to need within the body to have enough Inner Strength. Once 150 years old, will then have a ridge to ten years every five years, therefore everybody was hearing Wu to live at age 180, was specially surprised. The person majority of first row of sitting are Expert, this type of compounded drug is very big regarding their functions.

But Master **** although the righteousness cannot use this compounded drug, but he already wants to study this type of compounded drug, regarding him, this type of compounded drug has the fatal enticement, he is a Pill Refining master, compounded drug such several types that he can refine. He biggest dream is much study several new Pill Refining methods, refines the Advanced compounded drug. This compounded drug is the most precious object, no wonder my master must make me see the magnificent scene, this time really broadens the outlook.” Green Anhui excited saying, she has not thought that the first goods so are precious. Em, the master already said that here is not simple, lets us carefully, therefore we as far as possible low-key good, anything do not buy.” Senior Brother of green Anhui said. Sells?” Suddenly has the People sound to shout, green Anhui and her Senior Brother surprised looks to Xia Tian. Idiot, are you an idiot? Low key, attention low key.” Senior Brother helpless saying of green Anhui. „, Forgot.” Xia Tian said that no longer spoke. Ha Ha, it seems like some little brothers waited to worry, I said.” Wu laughed to continue saying: „The starting bid price standard of this compounded drug is 10 million, cannot increase price less than 500,000 each time.” Lying trough! 10 million.” Xia Tian scolded to make noise directly. Low key, low key.” Senior Brother of green Anhui soon collapsed, he injures really does not get up, he has wanted the low key, the words that but Xia Tian spoke were really too the high-sounding talk. He he, excited, was a little excited, but it was really too expensive, I could not afford.” Xia Tian awkward smiles, the first goods he cannot afford. 10 million are inexpensive, if this compounded drug in the common custom auction, Boss of these listed companies can come to snatch insanely, when the time comes let alone was 10 million, even if will be one hundred million insanely is also snatched.” Green Anhui answered.

It seems like I am a poor person.” Xia Tian depressed saying, his first time felt that own unexpectedly is so poor. Now I announced that starts to auction.” Wu shouts loudly. 11 million.” The flash, some people have laid out 11 million prices, permits in the increasing price normal condition each time, only then 500,000, but this person unexpectedly increases price directly 1 million. 11.5 million.” Also some people increased price, is second row of Expert. 12 million.” Some people increase price once more, is the second row. It seems like these people started to snatch, did not give others completely the face, person who mutually greeted a moment ago, now also starts to tear to pieces the facial skin.” Xia Tian sees their situation innermost feelings secretly thought. 15 million.” First row of Expert shouts suddenly. 17 million.” What this shouting out the price is an acquaintance, has delicate features the old person, he opened mouth on in addition 2 million, made the price turn into 17 million directly. 50 million.” At this moment suddenly some people shout, hears this sound the time, all people all looked that to sat in the second row of that person, that person or Xia Tian acquaintance.