Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 533

shit, this fellow unexpectedly is so rich.” Xia Tian looked that to sat in the second row of that person, that person is not others, is Fan Zhuifeng. All people all surprisedly look to Fan Zhuifeng, everybody thinks that this first goods meet the crosscut saw very long time, because this after is more than ten million goods, everybody must ponder, but they have not thought of this person unexpectedly direct selling quotation 50 million. Added 33 million directly. Director Wu satisfied nod, he likes the atmosphere of present, must explosive, the goods can sell a higher price. „Do you know him?” Green Anhui doubts looked that asked to Xia Tian. Naturally knew, that is my friend.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Boasted, your friend sat the second row, how you did not pass, moreover you 10 million disliked expensively, your friend opened mouth is 50 million, who believed.” Saying that Senior Brother of green Anhui disdains, although he has approved some Xia Tian, but he has the resistance psychology to all men inborn, because all men must snatch Junior Sister with him in his eyes probably. Volume, good.” Xia Tian can only helpless saying, because is he has not thought that Fan Zhuifeng is so rich. According to the truth, in his family should not be impossible to have these much money is right, after all Old Fan is one is an official, the money of being an official will be looked up much, but he afterward one wants to understand. A Fan Zhuifeng Freshman house, Greenwood Villa, that does not spend money to calculate. Local tyrant, is really the big local tyrant.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Fan Zhuifeng this 50 million have stopped by calling directly, the scene has stopped immediately for several seconds. Also has increasing price?” Wu said one suddenly. Hundred million!” Sits in first row of Master **** the righteousness has opened the mouth, this is his first shouting out the price, first time shouted out the price he to surpass Fan Zhuifeng 50 million, these was fiercer than Fan Zhuifeng. Added 50 million all of a sudden.

Light in the bidding block is very bright, whose everybody can see is 100 million prices, Master **** righteousness. Saw that is price that he pays, in the auction market also nobody increased price again, this did not mean that Master **** the righteousness threatened everybody, or was his strength is too fierce, others dare to increase price kill anyone. But because of his prestige with his amiability, he cultivates the behavior is this, in the world everywhere is his friend, even if this auction is also same, even if he leaves 60 million, everybody will not increase price, but he understands, then the dry words, will make the auctioneer suffer a loss, therefore he called directly 100 million. This has also given the auctioneer a stair. Director Wu of front auction nodded, he understands Master **** the meaning of righteousness, knows Master **** righteousness in the China prestige, therefore he is very satisfied to this result. He understands that Master **** the righteousness will not create a scene absolutely, gets rid frequently, his evening are most is also two hands, therefore everybody also very much gives him the face. If he every kind pats, every kind the low price, that these people may absolutely again not give him the face. One 100.01 million times.” Hundred million twice.” One 100.03 million times.” Wu knocked deal hammer, then said: Congratulates the first row of gentleman, swipes the card to pay a bill, dollar and China coin.” Wu said that had service person to take is swiping the card the machine to move toward Master **** righteousness. Here is the circular telegram, moreover is generates electricity, including here light bulb anything, generates electricity to ignite by oneself. Otherwise wants to receive to be possible the electric wire a little to use energy.

Thanks everybody to give the obsolete this face.” Master **** the righteousness stands up to all people bowed, his unexpectedly bows to everybody, he was in China one of the most command respect several people, but his unexpectedly can also put aside the face to bow to everybody. This simply was too inconceivable. Why this also everybody gives Master **** righteousness face reason. The transaction has been quickly closed, afterward behind some people lift the second goods. Following auctions the second goods.” Wu has lifted the black cloth directly, afterward two fist that big stones appeared in the Xia Tian front together. All people have not spoken, was waiting for Wu explained for everybody. This is beyond the day one in meteorite, is very hard.” Wu said here time, chops the stone with the dagger, finally the dagger has been cut off directly, afterward he continues saying: This stone afterward should undergoes the processing of any person, but should give up finally, because few people can use it to forge the weapon, once forges successfully, that weapon will turn into very inconceivable thing.” All people all nodded, this stone was also the most precious object, best refiner material, but this material was too difficult to refine, therefore most people did not plan to buy. They are afraid spend are actually scrap iron that the high price has bought. Because they cannot use. Base price 100,000, increase price each time cannot be lower than 50,000, now starts to auction.” Master **** the righteousness opens the mouth to say. Ha Ha, finally found the thing that I most want, moreover unexpectedly also has the unexpected benefit.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, at this time he very excited, because he used X-Ray Vision to see meteorite inside thing. This meteorite does not turn into this because of the forging failure, but some people intentionally, opposite party for in storehouse meteorite that thing. That very small bamboo slip.

In order to manifest the value of this stone, Master **** the righteousness has used many type of weapons, cannot cut this stone, hammer and on chisel together also indestructibly this meteorite. 150,000.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. shit, you show off.” Senior Brother of green Anhui angry looks to Xia Tian, he has wanted to maintain the low key, but the Xia Tian unexpectedly such high-sounding talk, a moment ago obviously was nobody has been willing to bid, but Xia Tian unexpectedly opened the mouth to bid directly, how this likely did not bring to everybody's attention. Hears some people to bid, simultaneously some people started to increase price, after all several hundred thousand regarding these people, were not anything, even if in less than buying to work as ornaments to be also good. 200,000.” 250,000.” 300,000.” Price competition is not intense, but is little rising. 1 million.” Opened the mouth to bid in some this time first row of once more people, all people looked to that person, was that overbearing having delicate features old person, had delicate features the old person to bid. This time having delicate features old person sitting of coldly there, has not spoken, but he thinks that this thing certainly was he, because he sat in the first row, he has delicate features the old person, others must give him this face, let alone this was a very ordinary thing. Saw a moment ago Master **** the righteousness bid, nobody with, him very envied, he also hopes one obtained this treatment, therefore he bid 1 million directly. 1.05 million.” At this moment suddenly some people opened the mouth to increase price.