Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 535

Had delicate features the old person to be angry finally. All people are clear, this time had delicate features the old person to be angry, he was angry is doomed he to kill this person, killed this not to dare to him the face person. Ended, you ended, one quickly while having delicate features the old person does not pay attention to the time runs away.” Senior Brother helpless shaking the head of green Anhui, this time saw that had delicate features the old person to be angry, this also no wonder, if after all were trades to make other Expert, can be the same response. Thump! Xia Tian thermo fell on the ground. Ai ya mother, is quite scary, my thermo that frightens fell on the ground.” Xia Tian strikes one's chest saying that probably frightened to be the same. But his performing skill was really too bad, all people all looked with the strange look to him, this had delicate features the old person in the provocation obviously, moreover exaggeration that said. After the service personnel the card has brushed, directly the stone has given Xia Tian. You died.” Has delicate features saying of old person coldly. Kills me, a bit faster comes, do not hesitate, now comes.” Xia Tian to having delicate features the old person waved. Xia Tian was really too exasperating, all knows that here cannot kill people, therefore he dares to shout intentionally such loudly, the deaeration had delicate features the old person intentionally, this everybody understood, he was an idiot. His unexpectedly dares the so flagrant direct provocation to have delicate features the old person. Snort, you are waiting to me.” The face that has delicate features the old human spirit is red, in his white contrast of hair and under white beard, appeared redder. Yeah, I also think that you must kill me directly, scared to death me, originally you said.” Xia Tian patted own chest to say. Nobody sees on his face any with the frightened related matter.

This time had delicate features old person a few words not saying that but sat there pents up anger. You are really an odd person, knows obviously he is so fierce, you also dare to provoke him.” Green Anhui also felt thorough was speechless, Xia Tian this courts death in oneself simply. Volume, I do not have, I very much have also been afraid, you looked that my thermo could frighten on the ground.” Xia Tian answered. You one will run quickly, otherwise that old fogy will not let off your.” Although Senior Brother of green Anhui does not like Xia Tian, but stems from saying of care, after all men he dislike, these might be his future competitor, especially will be away from his Junior Sister near man. „.” Xia Tian nodded, has not said anything. „His was understood must look to have delicate features the old person to trouble, but had delicate features the old person not to be affable.” Fan Zhuifeng helpless saying, he has not thought that Xia Tian annoyed annoys has had delicate features old person such Expert. Has delicate features the old person is half Earth Grade, that strength is not a lid. Earth Grade he dares to annoy, half Earth Grade was anything.” Bai Yu light saying. Amitabha, Donor Xia started act high and mighty.” Zhaoshan river light saying. Fan Zhuifeng hears the words of Zhaoshan river, shows a faint smile, he has not thought that Zhaoshan river unexpectedly will also crack a joke. The service personnel lifted on the third auction goods the stage, the vision of all people again were also attracted the past, as for Xia Tian, they have thought that is person who must die. Therefore they have not gone to pay attention to this matter. Then auctions the third goods, this goods were not hard like second.” Wu has lifted the black cloth directly, when he lifts that flash of black cloth, all people were all shocked. Gold thread soft armor, unexpectedly is gold thread soft armor.

invulnerable gold thread soft armor. This gold thread soft armor invulnerable, the water and fire does not invade, is the self-defense most precious object, the starting price 5 million, cannot increase price less than 200,000 each time.” Wu introduced simply after gold thread soft armor, offered the base price directly. Hundred million!” When everybody prepares to be ready to fight, some first row of people shout suddenly. All people looked to that person, was overbearing having delicate features old person, had delicate features the old person just to lose face, this time he saw a good thing with great difficulty, therefore raised the price of gold thread soft armor directly hundred million. Hears this hundred million price, everybody shook the head. Because one hundred million are this gold thread soft armor limits, although it can sell more money outside, a moment ago what opened the mouth has delicate features the old person. Is that is in fit of temper having delicate features old person. If also some people dare to increase price now, that is courting death simply, has delicate features the old person after is half Earth Grade Expert, just had been provoked one time, if now were provoked again, perhaps what matter that will make. Since had delicate features the old person to pay the similar price, everybody does not need to make with him again. „, I.” At this moment unharmonious sound appeared together, all people looked to that sound master, was Xia Tian, saw that was Xia Tian time everybody is thoroughly speechless. Thinks that he has been deliberately bad, unhealthy person broken fell. „Do you do, do you want to go to itself to court death?” Senior Brother angry saying of green Anhui. „, My money is insufficient, who is rich taking advantage of me selects.” Xia Tian shouts loudly.

Hears his words, everybody confirmed that he is an idiot, now in this situation lends his money is the fools, because he has been doomed dead, offended has had delicate features old person these many times, had delicate features the old person not to kill him damn. Moreover here absolutely does not have his acquaintance, his unexpectedly also feeling all right direct start to talk borrows money from everybody. You , to die happy, goes out with me now, otherwise shuts to me your mouth.” Had delicate features the old person to be angry, he was really angry, this fellow did not have money unexpectedly also to dare with shouting. This is looking for his trouble, many years, many year nobody have dared to look his has troubled, is this fellow unexpectedly dares to be so wild, this and courts death not to have what difference. Really quite fierce, such has the imposing manner including the speech, opens mouth makes me shut up.” Xia Tian continues to say with the expression of exaggeration very: Is embarrassed I not to speak, if there is anything to offend your place, you hit me actually.” Heard the Xia Tian words, all people all collapses. Just started to hear his words, everybody also thinks that he must apologize, but the following this half a word changed the flavor, which this is apologizes, this is clearly finding fault. That director Wu also collapsed, his first time sees such person. They understand that Xia Tian regarded his protective umbrella this auction, therefore he dares so wildly provocative Wu. You think that I do not dare to kill you.” Had delicate features the old person to get hold of own fist, he must immediately unable to control.