Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 537

Bang! Had delicate features an old person palm to pat on the table, his front table patted smashing, his both eyes were looking angrily at Xia Tian, as if must spout the flame to be the same. ! Xia Tian applauds directly: Quite fierce, is quite fierce, pounds on the table with own hand, does not know that who is hurts, may be the table hurt.” Sees appearance that Xia Tian takes pleasure in others'misfortunes, had delicate features the old person to be angry. Hey, above that old man, he destroyed your thing to compensate, your one bottle of water took 200, this table should want 18 million, you felt relieved that said boldly price on line, he was in any case rich.” Xia Tian said very optional, probably is he must disburse money to be the same. But his words said was very clear, has delicate features the old person to disburse money. Volume, Old man.” Wu stares slightly, Xia Tian unexpectedly called his old man: „The kid who does not understand the politeness, that table truly must lose money, 100,000, one will swipe the card paid together has been OK.” Such cheaply does? You do not need to give me the face, 18 million must directly on the line.” Xia Tian continues to say. Shut up, I will have torn to pieces your this blurting out sooner or later.” Had delicate features the old person soon irritating by Xia Tian, although he in words these 100,000 dollars, however was not angry. He wants to vent anger with this table, expresses his present angry degree again, but Xia Tian unexpectedly still adds inflammatory details in that. Old man, he threatens me, he does not make me speak, how does not make me speak I to pat, this is giving you auction to reduce the business, you must send for killing him.” Xia Tian looked that shouts to Wu loudly. You can politely call me for Wu, but is not the old man.” Wu was also speechless: Threatens us cannot control, so long as he does not get rid dozen of people, we will not manage.” Good, you said that I understood.” A Xia Tian face bosom smiles looked that to having delicate features the old person said: You have the son not to have ******** you!” Has delicate features the old person to look angrily to Xia Tian. Your son is your elder brother, your biological father's name was Uncle Wang.” Xia Tian looks that has delicate features the old person to say.

Rushed to burst, this time Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng and the others also collapsed, the spirit that Xia Tian that was not concerned about face has all defeated them. „!” Wu on stage coughed gently two: Please note the civilization.” All right, I am uncivilized, you do not manage in any case.” Xia Tian simply acknowledged that oneself are uncivilized, must curse at people. Has delicate features the old person to wish one could Xia Tian swallow raw and whole now, for these years, never has the person to dare like this to him, moreover unexpectedly opened the mouth to curse at people directly. Your grandson is younger brother's son.” Xia Tian most does not fear curses at people, moreover he will curse at people will not have the dirty words absolutely. I must kill you.” Has delicate features the old person to shout loudly. Your wife is a daughter-in-law.” Xia Tian calm saying. These on the scene came from China regional Expert to hoodwink, first row and the second row of person also all hoodwinked, they were also the psychology very fear, are good have not offended Xia Tian such Top Grade because of themselves. Here they do not dare to begin absolutely, regardless of in other words Xia Tian scolded coarse, they also can only endure. Naturally, they have also been able to scold, but they believe that they cannot abuse each other certainly Xia Tian, moreover they curse at people that also to fall the share. Did not fall the share as for present having delicate features old person the issue, his moral integrity fell not to have, now he felt that own this whole life the face lost completely. Below we start to auction the fifth goods.” The attention of Wu Laojiang people attracted the past. The later several types of things, Xia Tian separately provokes, but this time has delicate features the old person not to be swindled, moreover has thought through, did not pay attention to Xia Tian, whatever Xia Tian thought aloud there. Has saying that Gu Shengta the auction, truly is the good thing.

The following these things are also good. Below starts to auction the 19 th goods, this was also the second goods from the bottom, the person who has not gotten rid of can give it all.” Wu raised to cover black Fang Bu on goods directly. Humph! The eyes of all people stare in a big way, this is a dagger, this dagger seems has a blue assembly line, the assembly line is very exquisite, moreover that assembly line is keeping mobile. Half false Spirit Tool.” Sees time first two rows of person surprised shouting of this thing. The meaning of half false Spirit Tool also missed a rank is false Spirit Tool, reason that it was called half false Spirit Tool, was because presented the deviation in building, has not built false Spirit Tool. Therefore became this half false Spirit Tool. Although is half false Spirit Tool, but it has the false Spirit Tool effect, but it true false Spirit Tool is not hard . Moreover the might slightly will be worse. However is so, this regarding the Profound Grade person and half Earth Grade Expert, absolutely was the most precious object. Because false Spirit Tool, only then Earth Grade Expert has. Wu is very satisfied everybody the expression. This dagger is blue water 2-Japan current dagger, it is half false Spirit Tool, by the person who it hits, the wound by the strength of blue water 2-Japan current is corroded, corruption gradually, starting bid price hundred million, cannot increase price less than 10 million each time.” Wu direct said loudly. 110 million.” Some people shouted out the price instantaneously.

Hey, the old fogy, you buy actually, looks at my this to worry.” Xia Tian looked that to having delicate features the old person said that in his opinion, so long as were has delicate features thing that the old person bought almost turns over to him. Because he and has delicate features the old person to will certainly have a war, lost, all treasure are also doomed entirely to belong to the opposite party. Snort.” Had delicate features old person cold snort. He said that he leaves two hundred million.” Xia Tian referred to having delicate features the old person to say. Hears the Xia Tian words, Wu opened the mouth finally: Please do not break the rule of auction.” Good.” Xia Tian nodded: You a bit faster buy, your idiot, this may really be the good thing, you have bought , if not willing to use, can me, I be willing to use.” The spirit that Xia Tian is not concerned about face went to the reach a high degree of proficiency situation, after his unexpectedly lets have delicate features the old person has bought, gives to him, he with having delicate features the old person is not the acquaintance, and personal enemy. Has delicate features the old person to wish one could his swallow raw and whole. Other people also think that Xia Tian is too not really concerned about face, after Kungfu that he is not concerned about face simply is unprecedented, does not have the future. Two hundred million.” At this moment, had delicate features old person unexpectedly to open the mouth , and has put out two really hundred million. This made everybody very obscure, why had delicate features the old person to listen to words of boy, moreover dared the military counter his person. Afterward everybody understood, having delicate features the old person should has a liking for this dagger, therefore he will directly have patted 200 million. Em, is really obedient very much.” Xia Tian satisfied nod.