Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 538

Everybody understands that has delicate features old person's the words 10 cents relations of auction with Xia Tian not to have. But Xia Tian unexpectedly said that has delicate features the old person to be obedient. His unexpectedly was not concerned about face this degree, his unexpectedly thinks that reason that had delicate features the old person pats next two directly hundred million completely is because he talked about reason. Idiot.” Had delicate features the old person to stare Xia Tian one. keep it up, I believe your, do not make others rob.” Xia Tian keeps having delicate features old person keep it up inflates, he gives people a feeling, after probably has delicate features the old person pats the blue water 2-Japan current dagger, will give to him to be the same. You shut up to me.” Has delicate features old person angry saying. 300 million.” At this moment, the first row some people increased price. Regarding them, merit law and Martial Arts secondary, because they had, moreover now again practices also without enough time, therefore the average person will not change own merit law, as for the compounded drug of longevity, they later has a lot of opportunities to get so far as, moreover along with the growth of strength, their lives will also increase. However a good weapon completely to be different. That is can promote their strength the treasure. Regardless of your life is much long, if you do not have the strength, you are impossible to live such a long time not dead, but if you have enough strength, that did not have the issue. Regarding these Expert of scene, this blue water 2-Japan current dagger is the most precious object. Whoever obtained has been able significantly to promote own strength. 350 million.” Has delicate features the old person to increase price once more, he knows that he could not deter first row and second row of these Expert, this blue water 2-Japan current dagger was all people wants. You were good, keep it up, diligently, I believe you can be good.” Xia Tian very earnest nod. Had delicate features the old person soon to irritate. 400 million!” The second row of person opens the mouth to say.

500 million!!!” The first row of person said again. Hears 500 million times, now already thorough has seethed with excitement, this is today auctions in these things most expensive one, just started to auction, welcomed 500 million prices. 1 billion! My these much money, if there is skill, took away.” Has delicate features the old person to say loudly. Aggressive, Might, great.” Xia Tian to having delicate features the old person has raised up the thumb. You said that this does have delicate features old person to be irritated by Xia Tian finally?” The Zhaoshan river opens the mouth to ask. If this auction also ten goods, I ensure this has delicate features the kind of group life insurance to be irritated, Xia Tian exasperating Kungfu is I have seen strongly.” Fan Zhuifeng nodded to say. Had delicate features the old person one time to add five directly hundred million, is exceeded the quota, should some people not increase price again.” Bai Yu light saying. Really, in auction market complete silence. 1 billion, this is very high price, everybody does not need to struggle. Wu silently nodded to Xia Tian, although Xia Tian does not understand to respect the old person, moreover he was really too exasperating, however today's Xia Tian truly has added many colors for the auction, made some goods the prices higher. Therefore his innermost feelings compare to thank Xia Tian, but he also knows that will have delicate features the old person not to let off Xia Tian. 1 billion prices, already steady. 1 billion, one time,” 1 billion, twice,” 1 billion, three times, finalized.” Congratulated the first row of gentleman to obtain the blue water 2-Japan current dagger.” Wu said loudly.

Good, has taken finally.” Xia Tian excited saying, he knew in own family these women to want many good weapons. This dagger is the water attribute, with Bing Xin just right matching. Your happy anything vigor.” Has delicate features the old person looks like looked idiot same looks at Xia Tian. All people are also same, others have delicate features the thing that the old person pats his unexpectedly to be also happy that this absolutely does not have any using. All right, first is cheerful cheerfully.” Xia Tian was extremely worried that others pat, words that others pat, he cannot also directly snatch, that a little could not be justified. Snort!” Has delicate features the old person not to remember one cold snort many times. Then this goods are today's next to last act goods, is this Shennongjia auction last goods.” Wu Laojiang everybody's curiosity selected: Actually are last next to last act goods what? I think that should not disappoint everybody.” The service personnel, lifted the thing. All people all stared above black cloth, was waiting for had delicate features the old person to open the black cloth. At this moment the air as if has frozen, Xia Tian is a face curiously is also waiting, his X-Ray Vision eye cannot see through the black cloth, therefore he can only wait. Actually is what?” Wu looked that shows a faint smile to everybody. Nobody spoke. Xia Tian knows that this goods could fly, because had delicate features the old person not to have money, he did not have money to represent him unable to buy, he could not buy to show that Xia Tian could not snatch. Actually everybody conceivable is any thing.” Wu said again. ! A Katagiri sound.

Wu Laoshi in too can hang the person appetite. He is.” Wu raises the black cloth directly, the scene was all of a sudden peaceful, now is a needle falls in the ground everybody can also hear clearly, because the vision of all people were all passed by that goods attraction. The ultimate auction started. This time auction is doomed not to be extraordinary, because this goods have made all people be all shocked. At this time had Earth Grade Expert to come, will be shocked similarly, this time auction has not invited Earth Grade Expert to come, otherwise this goods will certainly make Earth Grade Expert start to go crazy. Side the Xia Tian having delicate features old person is starts the whole body to shiver obviously, vision inside has written all over greedily. Bai Yu and Fan Zhuifeng are dumbfounded looks at that thing. Chanting scripture that the Zhaoshan river starts to keep. My eye cannot be colored, this is how possible, this type of thing should, only then in the legend will have, but why here will appear.” Is impossible, this is how possible, why such precious thing must take the auction.” I must unable to bear, this type of thing was unable to describe with the value completely.” These people on stand have all burst with joy, this goods present time, making all people not know that should say any was good. My little darling, this is forces me to snatch hardly.” Xia Tian dumbfounded looks to this goods, he does not know that now should say any was good, he knows that he cannot afford this type of thing absolutely. Must obtain.” Had delicate features the old person to grasp own fist to say. But Master **** shaking the head that the righteousness is to keep, stood up afterward left this auction directly, he was unable to continue watching.