Almighty Student - Volume 6 - Chapter 539

Everybody understands **** the meaning of righteousness Master, Master does not endure to see this type of thing takes the auction. But the Zhaoshan river is shutting tightly both eyes, chanting scripture silently, he is not willing to go to the something by auction on stand. Other people, are the eye are fiery including Xia Tian, all people all look on the stage something by auction, they saw the legend, saw changes their lifetime things sufficiently. Meanwhile, in a mountain room. Master, started to auction that thing.” Good, we only needed to make money to be good, be only more money can trade many materials, moreover that thing, once flowed in every in society, certainly will cause unceasing competition.” Master is really the good scheme, that thing regarding us, does not dare to use, class to outside not only can make a sum of money, but can also make everybody compete mutually, has the war, our Gu Shengta makes money.” That thing is a legend, but nobody can use it, outside person underestimated it, has not changed into money a thing of any use, this was really very good choice.” Master is wise, this our income will be certainly higher than several other places.” This time auction scene. All people have all been shocked looks at front thing. Believes that even without me introduced everybody should also understand this is any thing, but defers to the custom I to introduce.” Wu said loudly: crystal jade bone, everybody is the person of practicing martial art should understand that the strength of person is higher, then calcareous in his skeleton will be getting more and more thick, will be the bone will be getting more and more hard, but will increase along with bone calcium qualitative, the bone of person will become more and more transparent, finally can form the crystal appearance the bone, only then Heaven Grade Expert in legend can achieve.” Although everybody understands this on behalf of anything, but from Wu in the mouth heard, everybody surprised.

All people look on the stage in the glass of that seal is lying down arm, this arm is a bone of person, but he is not the arm of average person, but is the Heaven Grade Expert above person can have the arm that. The arm all over the body as if looks like the crystal same jade, clarity that all people look. The skeleton is crystal seems to be same, can see through the opposite directly. The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously. My little darling, Heaven Grade can Expert have such arm? Is impossible, such arm was not the category of humanity, person in skeleton calcareous are getting more and more, truly will create the transparent phenomenon, but wants transparently like crystal, how possibly is Heaven Grade Expert, this Wu is lying absolutely.” Time his father who Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he is young has said the change of person skeleton to him, although has not stated clearly, however the Xia Tian father had looked at his father arm to him, although Xia Tian does not know actually own father is any strength. However should be Earth Grade Expert probably, his arm is the blanch, is not white of normal bone, but is that type white is passing the feeling of transparency. Previous time that Tong, he cut off a finger by Xia Tian Master Yin Nie, Xia Tian had looked at that finger, absolutely does not have his father's that transparent feeling, but wants to be whiter than the ordinary bone. This type mysterious and has the thing of legend, in the normal condition some people will sell how possibly, only if this thing not any use, or they do not dare to use.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings guessed, he knows this type of thing was all people are absolutely long-awaited, including Xia Tian was also, after this thing has succeeded in obtaining, although he has not known how should use, but definitely will have the means. All people do not know that is thinking anything. Wu sees everybody's response, very satisfied nod of: Starting bid price ten hundred million, do not limit the increasing price amount, price high results.” 1 billion! Time everybody who hears this digit has held breath cold air, here 99% person cannot pay this price, only then 1% people have that strength, but this is almost their complete family property.

It looks like the beforehand having delicate features old person is the same, 1 billion are his limit. Now here person not only need look do one have that money, but must face a very major problem, how after that is buys, carries off this thing, here person like is the greedy person is all staring at that arm, they are buy also to find the way to run away from here security. Therefore now this is the most major problem. Buys can also not buy. If not buy, this will be the regret life-long matter, if has bought, had the possibility to make contact with including the life. Scene exceptionally peaceful, even if before was not the treasure time, everybody can also open the mouth immediately, but this everybody thinks that was the most precious object thing, nobody dares to open the mouth actually. How nobody bids, or who borrows me 1 billion, I bought.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all wicked looked to him, he was a model watches the fun does not dislike the matter big person, in this situation unexpectedly also dares to open the mouth, moreover made others borrow him money, making him buy. „The desire that it seems like everybody has not disbursed money, such being the case, that this thing must recycle.” Wu feels somewhat regretted that early knows they were uncertain such high price, this thing was they must let out, now does not let out on the contrary. Hey, Old man, otherwise you were cheap the point to sell to me, did not sell is a pity.” Xia Tian sits there looks to Wu on stage said. You?” Saw that was Xia Tian starts talking, he was really speechless. Has saying that Xia Tian has made a lot of money for them tonight, moreover now has given them under a stair, they must sell this thing, because this is above mission, no matter sells how much money, they must sell this thing.

Reason that sells 1 billion this prices is because they want to increase one for the achievement on. But Wu has not thought that here unexpectedly nobody dares to buy. Only dares to buy is Xia Tian that cannot afford. This scene was really too dramatic. Naturally was I, the words that you sold, here this group of person do not dare to buy, you took to waste, might as well the low price sold to me.” Xia Tian serious saying, he does not have that much money, therefore can only spend the low price to buy. Good, you said actually how much money you do pay?” Wu hears Xia Tian to buy, naturally also wants to sell. My present Cary should also 2 million, this was my complete net worth.” Xia Tian took his card, before these money, Xu gives him, this present is his complete net worth. I have scratched.” Wu instantaneous collapse.